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Ladd Kocinski

Grade Contract

My contract for an A grade includes teaching my expertise to the cohort twice for the year for my major projects and I also have two smaller projects. I attended a political fundraiser in October at the union hall in International Falls. It was to promote the governors race and Skip Humphrey was in attendance along with Jim Oberstar, Mike Hatch, Edwina Garcia, and Irv Anderson. My second small project was attending a conference. I traveled to Duluth to a Prosource Educational Services eight hour session for renewal of my contractors license. This is an intense program pertaining to new and upcoming materials, codes, and changes involving the construction industry in Minnesota. This is mandatory for me to teach my construction class because the students build the house on site. A small description of these is posted and is also in my portfolio. If you have any questions or need more information from me please let me know. To the best of my knowledge I have all my assignments completed. Thankyou!

-- Anonymous, May 18, 1999


Hi Ladd, Tim and Patty, The meeting took place on Friday as you know and the results are as follows: You do need to include some evaluation in your research and some suggested ways are: 1.) How will your curriculum be evaluated? 2.) How did you decide what artifacts to include? 3.) What are your specific curriculum outcomes? (Student evaluation is only a part of this process.) 4.) A rubric needs to be developed on the last page to further explain your evaluation process. 5.) There is a MN Electronic Curriculum available on the MNCFL site under Grad Standards. These items need to be included in your proposal before submitting to Ed Lundstrom. This is all part of the learning process to make your research work the best it can be! Thanks, Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, June 06, 1999

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