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Ladd Kocinski

Prosource Contractors Update Conference

I attended a conference in Duluth in March to update my Minnesota contractors license. This license is mandatory to teach my class because we construct a residence onsite. This meeting lasts eight hours and covers approximately one hundred fifty pages of new and existing codes, and requirements for building in Minnesota. Prosource Educational Services put on the session and it was well attended by contractors from all over the state. These sessions are valuable to anyone actively involved in construction because as new materials and laws come on board, the participants are kept abreast of them. Legal ramifications and liabilities are also discussed in the area pertaining to law. The conference is quite intense, as there is a large amount of information to cover on many different subjects, materials, and practices related to the construction industry. An attorney is present to discuss legal questions and a state building inspector covers code questions and acceptable building practices and methods. These question and answer periods are very valuable because many participants will wonder about the same problems and people who have experienced these are there to offer expertise. I look forward to attending this session because it deals completely with actual materials, problems, and laws that I use everyday in my classroom. I would eagerly attend this conference even if the State Department of Commerce didnt mandate it. This is one session that is worth every penny of its cost.

-- Anonymous, May 18, 1999

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