Political Fundraiser (A Grade Project)

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Ladd Kocinski

Political Fundraiser

I attended a political fundraiser in International Falls in October. The democratic party in Minnesota had a corn and walleye feed at the union hall. Congressman Oberstar, DFL governor candidate Skip Humphrey, Mike Hatch, and Edwina Garcia were in attendence along with Irv Anderson and county chariman Joe Boyle. The center attraction was the govenors race and Humphrey was there to pull in votes for himself. He talked about gun control and people being limited to buying two guns a month. He said he understood hunting and guns in northern Minnesota but that handguns on the streets of the twin cities was not the same situation. All the candidates spoke briefly and Oberstar talked about his accomplishments and the talent each of the candidates would bring to their elected position. It was interesting to talk personally with the candidates and see the local political process in operation. The event was well attended and people were eager to participate. The high point of the evening for me was having a private conversation with Rep. Jim Oberstar. I was able to talk with him about problems in public education and its importance to our country. Vouchers, charter schools, and funding are threatening the existence of a system that has made America the world leader that it is. We cant let this happen. He agreed and I felt a lot better about the future. It was a great experience and Im going again. Without the cohort I wouldnt have thought of doing this. Thank You!

-- Anonymous, May 18, 1999

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