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Hi everyone,

Well, last month I started calling local service agencies to ask about Y2k status and need for preps (gently introducing practicality of encouraging community prep education) and was invited to come to a "Y2k Workshop" tonight being held prior to the open/public meeting in chambers. I am wanting to bring support materials to share that simply, clearly and diplomatically educate the reader as to Y2k risks and need for community preps.

So far I have compiled:

"Eyewitness Account" of Paster Johnson of Florida Tom Atlee's testimony before the Calif. State Senate Yesterday's NY Times article re: CAP Gemini report on large co's Various materials from the Coalition 2000 website Also picked up some tidbits from that Navy War College stuff

I am looking for additional material which (hopefully) will not alienate me from working with this group but accomplish the goal of motivating them towards taking a hard look at the critical services in our area and encouraging personal preps.


-- Kristi (securx@Succeed.Net), May 18, 1999


UGH!!!!! I guess I should have hit enter twice after each item on my list - it looked ok when I was typing it in. Sorry for the lousy formatting.

-- Kristi (securx@Succeed.Net), May 18, 1999.

I am sorry this is not hot, cutting and pasting into browser works...this page has links to the full GAO/OMB report also. YOu could also go to the articles archives at There is also that Utne Reader Guide/Cassandra Project (just search on Utne Reader I guess) publication to assist in beginning the awareness raising process gently without getting branded a fringe radical survivalist freak. When I went to my Y2K community meeting in Iowa there was lots of "3 day winter storm talk." Be prepared to discuss how winter storms do not typically strike the entire country/planet at the same time is my advice Good Luck

-- (, May 18, 1999.

You might want to have a look at the Y2K Press Clippings site and print out a few applicable current news items. I used a few of these when I met with some folks a while back. Always useful to have news of Y2K "issues" (county, state, federal, international, etc.) from credible, mainstream sources to back up local discussions.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), May 18, 1999.

How about On resposibility ( Adm. Rickover) asked in Electric Utilities and Y2K O&A Forum . And " U.S. Intelligence Comunity Warns Congress of Dominoes from category "Dominoes" on Gary North site, 3-29-99 . Eagle

-- big jerk (jerk, May 18, 1999.

This is a good article about community preparedness from tml

"Getting Ready for Y2K"

-- Kevin (, May 18, 1999.

Here's the link to an American Red Cross brochure:

-- Kevin (, May 18, 1999.

A Westergaard 2000 article:

"FEMA And State/Local Government - Countdown to Y2K"

-- Kevin (, May 18, 1999.

There's also this Washington Post article:

It's their front page article from February about the Senate report.

-- Kevin (, May 18, 1999.

From yesterday and today's forum, bring a printout of the threads about "Big Business Lagging", and "Why I Am Still Pessimistic".

These two summarize things very well, and are not so long that they kill you with details.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 18, 1999.

"NY Times: Big Business Still Lagging Behind..."

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 18, 1999.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. The suggestions will be very helpful I am sure.

I have heard that the sup's are skeptical about Y2k and potential problems but had a great conversation with the OES man for the county about a month ago which led to this invitation, so am hoping he is willing to step up to the plate.

Thanks again!

-- Kristi (securx@Succeed.Net), May 18, 1999.

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