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Has anyone tried to fit two 6x12 shots in a single 4x5 sheet by cutting a darkslide in half and using it as a mask? Is there any problem with the dark slide dropping down when in the upper half of the holder, getting the horizontal alignment correct (assuming the edge you cut youself is always oriented away from the edge of the sheet), or light creeping in under the darkslide along the edge you cut yourself? It would certainly save on film costs, and be convenient for organization as one can have the bracketed shot on the same sheet of film.

-- James Chow (, May 18, 1999


Light bleed was my problem when I tried it in 4x5. In 5x7 going to 6x17 I found it easier to use andthe light bleed was non existant as I had a larger area separating the two exposures. I solved that one by shooting only one long frame per sheet. It may seem more wasteful that way but after ruining a shot by trying to save a few pennies I found it is a lot better doing one shot per sheet and getting it right than the worry before processing & the inability to re-shoot some things after I found the screwed up negative.

-- Dan Smith (, May 18, 1999.

I have made several "split darkslides" using 4x5 film holders, and they seem to work just fine. Basically, the darkslide is cut (use a Dremmel, it works great!) into a "L" shape. The top portion of the darkslide is left intact, as this keeps the light trap working properly. I have never had a problem with the cut darkslide dropping down, even with older film holders. Also, I've never had any light leaks. (I am cautious about this, though....anytime I'm using a split darkslide I keep the dark cloth over the back of the camera - just in case.) It is really nice to be able to get a bracketed shot on the same piece of film, as it cuts down on the time needed to process film.

-- Adam DeKraker (, May 18, 1999.

If I remember right has a darkslide called their panoramic which is what I think you're talking about.

-- ryan olson (, May 18, 1999.

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