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I made a VCD from an mpeg file using Adaptec EZ CD creator and I also attempted to make the same VCD by copying the file structure of a production VCD and renaming the mpeg file to dat. My Toshiba 3109 plays VCD's but it errors out when loading my created disk, it won't even dectect that it is a VCD. I'm using a HP 4020i with TDK (silver disks) CD-Rs. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

-- Brad Imotichey (, May 17, 1999


you have to have easy CD creator deluxe 3.5 and let the product make the VCD for you. Do not make it on your own. Also even though the disk may be silver(not really since TDK does not manufacture them), some DVDs can not read a CDR period. No matter what the color on the bottom. heck come DVDs can not read gold MGM or Warner Bros. discs. it is just the machine itself. but try easy cd creator deluxe and see if that fixes the problem.

-- Will Shakes (, May 18, 1999.

I just picked up one of these players today myself. It won't play my vcds or audio cds that I've made on CDRs. I know for sure that the audio CDs are good because I play them in the car. I think this model just won't read CDRs. I'm replacing this hunk of junk with a Sony first thing tomorrow morning!

-- Scott Johnson (, May 31, 1999.

The ability to read a CDR of RW on a DVD player has to do with the focal length of the laser. For example, my cheapy Pioneer 1st generation DVD player does not support VCD or CDR's. However the new Sony 7700 supports Video CD formats and will play CDR's but not CDRW's. Go figure!

-- Jim VeNard (, August 09, 1999.

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