Hi Folks!

Looks like we're on for this SUNDAY,MAY 23rd at 1300 (1:00PM for those not accustomed to military time) at the BIG CHICKEN in the middle of Marietta,Northwest of Atlanta about 1/2 hour,right off of I-75 at the intersection of Hwy 120 and 41.I can't resist it Robert, I just gotta type what you added on the other post! Get on Hwy 41 in Chicago, turn right(south) you'll find it sooner or later. If you're in Flordia, head north on 41, you'll find it too.

BTW Robert, I got an e-mail from the BIG DOG,looks like he can make it. I plan on sending one back as soon as I'm done here. I would assume this is strictly an informal get together.I'll be driving a black '94 Dakota truck with a camper shell on the back.

For all those that responded to the earlier thread - GA. OUTLOOK - Question For Robert A. Cook - presently in the Uncategorized archive, hope ya'll can make it too! Looking forward to meeting some of the regular old-timers (on the forum that is). Anyone else interested in talking about "it" and Preparing in general feel free to come on down or up whichever the case may be.

As an after thought, I'll see if my brother-in law would come along,him and my sister are down from North Dakota for a couple of months. You see I'm single,have a soon to be 16 year old son who gets it, but does'nt like to talk about it! Fixing to buy his first car and you know what's on his mind! Can't say as I blame him, I just want him to enjoy everything he can for the next 7 months! It saddens my heart to see all our young ones living day to day with all of lifes expectations awaiting them, yet not knowing or caring what may lie before us. But we must keep the ole stiff upper lip and carry on as they say! Take care and God Bless Ya'll!


-- SEMPER FI (, May 17, 1999


Is this for sure, Rick? If so, I'd like to join you guys. I'm in Peachtree City.

-- Sandmann (, May 17, 1999.

Hmmn, for P'tree City - head north on 41 or 75 or 85 or old national hwy (yes - there is life further north than the airport1), get off on 41 the other side of Atlanta in Marietta.

Figure 60 minutes based on how long it takes to get up here from my B-in-Law's house down there. (This is based on using a regular car at the usual GA interstate speeds - - the golf cart trails in P'Tree don't quite get all the way up to 285, and since the usual driver on 285 is flying slightly above the ridiculous speed zone, a golf cart at 6 mph might be "slightly overwhelmed" by a pickup truck doing 85 mph....)

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 17, 1999.

Looks like I can make it too. See y'all there.

-- Flint (, May 17, 1999.

Sorry I can't make it this time. I hope to the next time.

Let me know who you decide the government mole is!

-- GA Russell (, May 17, 1999.

Newbies in Atlanta traffic -- be advised that 20 mph over the posted limit is the median freeway speed for automobiles. Holding to the posted limits (55 mostly, 65 occasionally) will annoy more people than you want to hear about. Go with the flow.

I'm driving a '95 Odyssey, beige I think they call this color.

-- Tom Carey (, May 18, 1999.


I don't live ANYWHERE NEAR Georgia and I know about that chicken!

Have fun!


-- FM (, May 18, 1999.

Top of stack - See you Sunday, 1300; but for you army types, the big hand is on the ....

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 21, 1999.

I wish I could join you; I know a great fish vet in Marietta and stop by and see him whenever I am down there for business or pleasure. Let me know of possible future get togethers, I may be able to find an excuse. If you find me a web site client (grin), I'd be there, today!

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 22, 1999.

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