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Africa Declares Millennium Bug An Emergency May 15, 1999

ACCRA, Ghana (PANA) - A group of high-level African officials and technical managers Friday ended a three-day conference in Accra on the millennium bug and declared the problem an emergency which should be a ''priority of all regional meetings.''

In a six-point resolution adopted by representatives from 45 African states and organisations, the conference urged African governments to identify and commit resources to resolve the millennium problem.

Otherwise known as Y2K, the bug is an expected flaw in computer systems that may result in a complete shut down or malfunctioning of computers at the beginning of 2000.

Most African nations, considered to be emerging economies, are prone to the Y2K problem as a result of the rapid technological changes sweeping across the continent.

''We underscore the need for resolute action in Y2K efforts in all African countries and the region and the rest of the world,'' the participants resolved.

They called on African governments and regional organisations to engage the political and diplomatic machinery to bring the Y2K issue on the agenda of the Council of Ministers' meetings of regional organisations.

Accordingly, the conference resolved to establish an African Y2K Co-ordinating Body in the form of a working group and an African Action Group.

The action group will promote and improve external communications, media exposure, and raise awareness on the actual Y2K situation in Africa, among others.

In closing remarks, Ghana's deputy minister of communications, Rebecca Adotey, welcomed the action body which, she said, would co-ordinate and facilitate the Y2K resolution campaign in Africa.

''Again, the adoption of the resolutions, agreements and decisions on regional co-ordination reflects our consensus and collective resolve on the way forward,'' she said.

Since cross-border issues relating to the Y2K problem will be dealt with by the group, Adotey urged its members to sustain the crusade within their borders.

The conference, the first of its kind in Africa, was held under the auspices of the African Regional Y2K Conference Steering Committee and funded by the World Bank.

-- Jon Johnson (, May 17, 1999


"A group of high-level African officials and technical managers..."

Would that be the Witch-Doctors, the slave-owners, or the guys that cook the meat for the canibals?

-- asitis (, May 17, 1999.

They're going to promote awareness! Oh goody......that's comforting. What, so soon.....i mean there's a good 7.5 months left yet.....

It's this whole 'rest of the world' thing that may cause some severe problems in the west. Maybe like Russia, they're all waiting for us to throw some money at them before they start fixing their problems.

-- Craig (, May 17, 1999.

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