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Survey objectives This survey is the first of four surveys being conducted to monitor the public's awareness and understanding of the Y2K problem. The specific objectives for the surveys are to measure the following:

7 Awareness, source of awareness of the Y2K problem

7 Level of concern about the Y2K problem

7 Understanding about what could happen as a result of the Y2K problem

7 Confidence in availability of various services after 31 December 1999

7 Understanding of when Y2K problems may take effect

7 Length of time it is expected to take to deal with Y2K problems

7 What plans have, or may be made to deal with effects of Y2K problems and reasons for not making plans

7 Who is responsible for providing information about Y2K problems

7 Where the information would be found

7 Confidence in various sources of information about Y2K

7 Awareness of the Y2K Readiness Commission and confidence in information supplied by the Commission

7 Importance of receiving various kinds of information about the Y2K problem

7 Expected impact of the Y2K problem on households

7 Expected impact of theY2K problem on New Zealand economy


Survey method The survey was conducted by telephone in the period 22nd March - 9th April with a sample of 1,000 households. The sample was selected at random from the telephone directory


Summary Awareness, source of awareness and level of concern about the Y2K problem

The level of awareness of the terms Y2K Problem, Millennium Bug or Millennium Time Bomb was very high. Some 96% of respondents had heard of one of these terms. A further 2% had heard of it when prompted. Of those who had heard of the Y2K problem, 78% had heard about it on TV, 71% had heard about it from newspapers, 47% had heard about it on the radio and 29% had heard about it at work. Other sources of awareness were mentioned by fewer than 25% of the sample.

Level of concern about the Y2K problem

Of those who had heard of the Y2K problem some 51% said that it was a problem that concerned them in some way. Of those 9% were extremely concerned, 16% were very concerned, 44% were somewhat concerned and 31% were a little concerned. This is a relatively high level of concern which suggests that there is a need for information to help reduce this anxiety.


The messsage is getting out there. I see increasing numbers of people with preps in shopping baskets. My overall impression was NZers are getting the idea. The more people that prepare the safer things will be for everyone.

-- Bob Barbour (r.barbour@waikato.ac.nz), May 17, 1999

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