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Cyber-Terrorism ... always useful to have someone to blame when vital computers tank pre/post rollover...

From Matt Drudge


Chinese hackers have attacked and hacked U.S. government information systems, including the White House network, in response to the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, according to an FBI report.

Bill Gertz of the WASHINGTON TIMES has obtained an e-mail copy of the FBI report: "China Cyber Activity".

The hack and smack is one of the first government-sponsored information-warfare attacks on the United States.

"Much of this activity traces back to Chinese addresses, and much of the reporting of this activity comes from official Chinese news sources," the report said.

"Targets include Departments of Interior, Energy and State, the U.S. Embassy in China, and The White House."

Gertz reports that China is working on the capability to knock out vital computer, information and electronic systems.

The People's Liberation Army has been developing information-warfare capabilities designed to cripple high-technology weapons and support systems.

Last week's attacks included:

*Pentagon computer systems, which were disrupted last week by a mass e-mailing spam that is believed to have originated in China, according to one Gertz source.

*The official White House Web site was shut down after an attempt was made to break into the system operating the page.

*The official Web site of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing was trashed when hackers inserted the slogan "Down with the barbarians" on the main page. On another page, they replaced a photograph of Ambassador James Sasser with the same slogan in Chinese characters.

-- Andy (, May 17, 1999



Just wanted to thank you for this and your previous posts --- I know you get flamed a lot, thanks for sticking with it. In an earlier thread you posted the Imhoffe speech. I have tried to get friends and churchmembers to pay attention, they just WILL NOT. And that propeller falling from Imhoffes plane --- there should be congressional calls for a real investigation, again nothing (other than routine FFA).

I haven't totally "given up" --- but it sure appears our decent to destruction is pre-ordained, or is there ANYTHING that will wake up the American public? If we had the morality/intelligence this country was founded on, Washington would be surrounded by armed patriots demanding Clintons trial. Instead he's still shaking his finger at us "I want you to listen to me ...".

Its just getting to obvious that Clinton WANTS us to be unarmed and our security compromized.

-- Jon Johnson (, May 17, 1999.

Andy: Thanks again for another excellent post. I have also forwarded copies of Inhofe's speech to several friends - responses have included, ":Oh, yea, that - haven't had a chance to read it", or "There's nothing we can do about it", etc. With regard to your above post, this makes me very frightended - we are already so vulnerable militarily, if our communications are fouled up by hackers, we would be sitting ducks. We wouldn't even have to wait for y2k! And NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE! So if the "public" doesn't care about treason and the obvious Chinese threat, is it any wonder they don't give a moment's thought to y2k??????? It might interfere with their trip to Disneyworld!!!!

-- Scarlett (, May 17, 1999.

There is a scathing attack against US hegemony in today's People's Daily:

Also, found following in

[begin] China 'May Wage Information War Against Taiwan'

AFP, May 14, 1999

TAIPEI -- China may launch an "information war", including the use of computer viruses to paralyse command systems, before an invasion of Taiwan, warned a top military leader here.

"A massive information attack may lead to chaos here," Chief of the General Staff General Tang Yao-ming told a seminar.

"And when that happens, it would be the occasion for the enemy to attack Taiwan."

Taiwan's energy, transportation and banking systems could be China's targets in staging an information war, he added.

China, which regards Taiwan as a breakaway province, has vowed repeatedly to take the island by force should it declare formal independence.

The Liberty Times newspaper said the People's Liberation Army had simulated computer-virus offensives in exercises in Shenyang, Beijing and Nanjing over the past two years.

Defence Minister Tang Fei said earlier this month that the island lagged behind China in research into information warfare.

"Efforts by the Chinese communists on computer viruses and electronic magnetic pulses are shifting into high gear," the minister told parliament.

"They are planning to develop a computer virus that would be able to paralyse the rival's command and telecommunications systems."

Gen Tang said he expected Beijing to gain an overwhelming advantage over Taipei in electronic and information warfare by 2010.

In another development, Taiwan has denied reports that it will allow visits by a United Nations arms-inspection group but reiterated its official line that it does not make chemical weapons.

A Defence Ministry statement said that since the island was not a signatory to the UN Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), "it cannot possibly agree to such inspection".

"Yet, as a member of the international community, we will continue to abide by the CWC rules.

"We will by no means manufacture, nor will we own, chemical weapons," it said.

The ministry conceded that efforts had been devoted to the manufacture of protection gear for use in nuclear and biochemical warfare and to the conduct of training programmes.

The China Times Express quoted military sources as saying that Taiwan could make the concession in exchange for not being blacklisted in a UN ban which will take effect in April next year. Local media have warned that Taiwan would be hit when the UN bans shipments of 14 chemicals to states that are not signatories to the CWC.

Reports said four CWC officials, who arrived here on Wednesday to help reduce the impact that the ban would have on the island's chemical industry, had voiced concern about Taiwan making chemical weapons. [end]

-- No No (, May 17, 1999.

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