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Is the re-introduction of the draft next???

Shades of martial law to come...

From Matt Drudge

Air Force plans to begin Stop-Loss

By Senior Master Sgt. Andrew Stanley

WASHINGTON -- After weighing several options, the Air Force will implement Stop-Loss, halting separations and retirements for people in critical career fields who planned to leave the service.

Stop-Loss will follow President Clinton's decision in late April to call up Reserve forces to support the NATO mission in Kosovo. The formal announcement, including a list of critical skills affected and the effective date, will be made within a week, according to personnel officials.

Under Title 10 of the U.S. Code, Stop-Loss may be used to temporarily suspend voluntary separations and retirements. This includes discharges, resignations and Reserve Component transfers to a lesser readiness category. This can also affect promotions of members of the armed forces while a presidential call-up or mobilization is in effect. In this instance, Stop-Loss will last indefinitely, pending resolution of the situation in Kosovo.

However, the Air Force does not intend to hold up any service separations of individuals not critical to the mission.

Maj. Gen. Susan Pamerleau, Air Force director of personnel force management, said, "We must implement Stop-Loss to preserve our operational capability and retain critical skills necessary to perform the Operation Allied Force mission."

Stop-Loss was last used during the massive air strikes of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. This time the Air Force has analyzed immediate and long-term requirements to take a selective approach in choosing AFSCs. General Pamerleau said, "It is necessary to ensure we have the right people at the right location and time to support the mission."

Stop-Loss will also "send a signal to employers that we're not calling guardsmen and reservists while letting active-duty people go," said Maj. Gen. Paul Weaver Jr., Air National Guard director. The general said it was important to point out to employers and the public the "total force" aspect of today's call up.

Otherwise, personnel officials said, most other administrative functions will be unaffected by Stop-Loss, which will also have no effect on military retirees.

-- Andy (, May 17, 1999



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