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It occurs to me that the stage is set for a major shift of wealth and power during the upcoming y2k transistion period. With the U.K dumping tons of gold on the market, this proves that the y2k is not good. there plan is to keep the price of gold depressed so the wealthy can buy it up cheap, then The final transfer of power to a one world entity will be complete when the banks fail next year. There will be no protection for the homeowner from losing his home to the one world order bank that will emerge after the y2k dust settles. This bank will goble up finacially failed Govts and finanical institutions. They will be a transnational bank that will have bought up significate assets that will leave them in a position to take over control of most of the world with out firing a shot. although they may create a few little wars to trim down the size of the herd. there goal is absolute power and control by economic slavery. Stay free buy Gold and diamonds now, sell your inner city property and get todays dollars than convert them to hard assets. The challenge is on. Those who prepare will be able to buy property in post y2k for pennys on the dollar and survive the bankers harvest,just like it was done during the Great deppression. Get liquid and stay they until the dust settles. God bless you and stay well Pray for peace daily.

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware, May 17, 1999


Agree with most of what you say Mike - good advice, not too sure about the diamonds though - I'm buying physical gold and silver, would have sold a house if I had one. If things go 1929 houses/cars will be worth pennies on the dollar as you say. The whole range of scenarios needs very careful thought. Good luck.

-- Andy (, May 17, 1999.

No, don't do diamonds. Metals, yes, because you may find someone who is willing to trade with you. Diamonds have a much smaller market. Actually diamonds were very good for Austrian jews escaping Hitler. They mounted them up in cheap costume jewelry, and put them on their little girls, and sewed them into clothing. They were used as concentrated, portable wealth for use in starting over. Their value depends upon what jewelers will pay for them, and that depends on whether those jewelers will be the few remaining in business. I bet that if things go 1929, diamonds and jewelry in general (except for wedding bands, perhaps) will not be in very high demand, and you will not do well selling jewelers those stones in that kind of environment. Also, most folks pay way over wholesale, and when jewelers buy stones from folks who walk into their store to sell them, they never pay full wholesale but quite a bit less. It would be very, very hard for regular folks to come out on the winning end on this type of a deal.

no on diamonds.


-- nobody (, May 17, 1999.

"There will be no protection for the homeowner from losing his home to the one world order bank that will emerge after the y2k dust settles."

Please explain this one.

-- Johnny (, May 17, 1999.

The worlds biggest banks are so highly leveraged with dirivatives that when the y2k meltdown and gridlock occur they will be scrambling to stay alive financially along with the govts that owe them money. They will seize property quickly to from the unemployed homeowners to satisfy debt payments in a bid to prevent hostile takeovers. This will result in millions of people losing there homes through rapid process forclosures. Enforced through martial law. the groundwork is already laid. Only those who prepare adquetly will not be swept away. This is why the congress move so rapidly in installoing the anti-litigation bills. Family proactive defensive measures is highly called for in these times.

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware mike @ conservation .com), May 17, 1999.

Y2k Mike,

"They will seize property quickly to from the unemployed homeowners to satisfy debt payments in a bid to prevent hostile takeovers."

How are they gonna satisfy debt payments if they are foreclosing on everyone? Real estate prices would plumment and the asset would be worth nothing. How are they gonna kick everyone out of their houses and then who are they gonna sell to?I just don't see how this can happen to everyone. Nothing about foreclosure is quick! Unless you signed a quit claim deed or maybe a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

-- Johnny (, May 17, 1999.

This is MinnesotaSmith, author of the Y2K-preparatory website No on diamonds; the De Beers consortium has their price permanently jacked up way above what they should be. If you have to go for diamaonds, get high-quality industrial diamonds. Frankly, I like platinum; it's critical as an industrial catalyst, and even more concentrated in wealth storage than gold.

-- MinnesotaSmith (, May 17, 1999.

Platinum is overlooked by many and stands to make great gains because there is high risk of supply cutoff. Diamonds ARE inflated and are not as practicle as metals, although you would have more concentrated wealth in portable form.Staying out of property transactions until the new year is only good sense. These are recurring themes and people need to sit up and take notice!

-- Gia (, May 17, 1999.

I read somewhere, wish I'd kept the URL, that precious stones other than diamonds, if large (1 ct ? plus) would be a better bet than diamonds. Diamond market is highly manipulated.

Re all assets. The asset is the wealth. (Fiat) money is the yardstick, but it is expandable/shrinkable (not constant). If you own a portable generator, now, outright, it makes no difference if in one year the "price" is "$500" or "$50,000" or "$5" or "Japanese Yen $25,000".

This is the problem with modern "money" -- it is politically controlled/manipulated -- no longer a store or value or a constant measuring stick.

Honest money is not paper, unless it is backed unit for unit by real goods (commodities). Gold and silver historically have served, for good reason. Check out any of the internet "goldbug" sites.

-- Z (, May 18, 1999.

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