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I work with polaroid manipulations and use an old cheep polariod camera. It doesn't have any light meter adjustments or focusing ability. Sometimes my shadowy areas are very dark and detailess. Please give me some ideas of better polaroid cameras to try. Tootie

-- Tootie Nienow (nienows @juno.com), May 17, 1999


Dear Tootie, I too take SX-70 photos (and manipulate them successfully) with two "flea market" purchased Polaroid cameras (paid $5 ea for them) and neither of them have any controls that work, except for the focusing portion. I do believe the focusing control is the least one must have control over to gather enough info for the photo, for the specific details you claim are lacking currently in your photos. As for lighting the SX-70 film has the capability to create a flash if your camera has one that is operative. My suggestion is to "hunt" for another cheapie camera at garage sales or flea markets and barter with the person selling them, usually they are just happy to get rid of these outdated camera---make certain of course that the camera will accept SX-70 film prior to making your purchase. The camera I purchased are the older Polaroid 1 Step cameras as they will accept SX-70 film and do have a built in flash. However, one must make a small adjustment by placing a #2 denisty filter over the electronic focusing eye or any photos taken will be overexposed, the #2 density filter helps correct this exposure problem. This info is contained in Theresa Airey's book, titled, "Creative Photo Printmaking". Please let me know if this info assists you in obtaining the photos you truly desire. Best regards.

-- Elena Trujillo-Spice (Elena@nuvophoto.com), May 17, 1999.

ebay seems to have some great deals and quantities of SX - 70 cameras for manipulation. Both the Brown/Chrome, and Black/Sonar models (I have one of each). Some listings include the battery flash as well, or I have seen it listed separate

-- j.k. Lawson (jklart90@yahoo.com), August 21, 1999.

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