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If you can make the time, please read:

The Year 2000 Threat To the Electrical Grid, by Dr. Klaus Ragaller, ABB Year 2000 Task Force

As you read it, ask yourself what kind of concerns in the electrical grid might parallel 911 systems?

What might be drawn from excerpts like the following?
The main risk in the network control centers is a loss of system overview, eg due to an excessive number of alarms or wrong alarm sequences. Another risk is the loss of communication to one of the substations, making it impossible to operate certain breakers by remote control. While this once again has no direct consequences, in combination with other events it could lead to the system state becoming critical.
There are no "cookie-cutter" 911 systems. However, it might be easy to identify the critical functions within 911 systems that, if degraded, could be managed with a contingency plan.

A generic functional contingencies checklist could easily be customized for use in individual agencies and unique jurisdictions.

-Tell the truth, and tell it fast.


-- Critt Jarvis (, May 16, 1999

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