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Hi Folks...

No link on SMH's website (, (but there is a front page page story on Y2K, "Reserve Bank Stockpiling Cash")) so I'll post the article, it's from AAP so maybe somebody else can find a link...

From Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) 17 May 1999

ATMs gobble up cash cards.

Many St George Bank customers were left short at the weekend when automatic teller machines gobbled up their cash cards as the bank installed a new computer system

The bank refused to say how many customers lost their cards

A spokesman said the problem occurred because of the expiry date on certain cards. Canberra resident Mr Steve Pye, who lost his card on saturday, said their would be no replacements until Wednesday for "people like me with no money in my pocket... I'm mad as hell about it". AAP

Expiry date related!?! Gotta be Y2K one would think!

Story is also in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, but that story does not mention the date ralationship.


-- Ron Davis (, May 16, 1999

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