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Srattle Times started a 10 part series on Y2k today. First one today was 2 full pages on the food supply. Check it out.

-- Martin Thompson (, May 16, 1999


Here's a direct link to the food supply article:

"A vital link in the food chain"

-- Kevin (, May 16, 1999.

Hey, that's a very heartening article.

I'd sure like to see some details on the facts they provide, but most everything sure sounds rosy in the food processing and distribution area.

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, May 16, 1999.

I work in the ag industry with small family farmers and ranchers. To produce the crops, one needs seed, water and nutrients and a plethora of machinery to milk, till, apply, plant, irrigate, cultivate, harvest, bale, move, etc. It is a process very dependent upon the "weak links" of the transportation and the chemical industry. (They have been told power is now "not a problem," so have all gone back to sleep or making hay.)

I see the embedded system issue as the big one in agriculture. Many small agriculturalists are oblivious to it and see it only as a mainframe or PC problem. If they are aware of the embedded system problem, they often presume that if it doesn't show a digital read-out of the year, it isn't a problem.

Ask them if they're compliant, they will most likely say "yes," if they are aware of y2k at all. They do not understand that it is a problem that may effect machinery. (Hence the USDA's read that only 1/3 of farmers may have any risk exposure.) See for an interesting story on the surprise of young leaders in ag that they may have a problem.

Farmers and ranchers, by nature, are a "wait and see" crowd. They have not heard from any "official" source that they may have a serious problem. Besides, they are all hard of hearing because of years working with machinery. It is my experience that ya got to holler at 'em so they can hear the message.

I only know of one local farmer who has tested his computerized pivot wheel irrigation system and one dairy farmer who bought a generator. They think I am over-reacting to the problem and I don't bring it up anymore, by my leadership's request.

12 maids a milkin......

-- marsh (, May 17, 1999.

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