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Hi, Im a 17 year old highschool student and Im going to write a paper on the Y2K problem, but Im having a problem of my own.. I cant think of a good thesis for the paper, it needs to have an arguable opinion and of course something to do with Y2K.. so if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks a lot, Dan G.

-- Dan Grude (danc@golden.net), May 16, 1999


how about "the basis for economic survival in the event of international bank runs"?

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), May 16, 1999.

how about "Think Fast: How to Save Your Life when the Threat is Unknown"

-- Flint (flintc@mindspring.com), May 16, 1999.

"y2k awareness hindered by media/government coverup"will be quite easy to research.

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), May 16, 1999.


You could get a lot of great ideas from peoples responses to Ed Yourdon request ...

Need help preparing testimony for Senate Y2K hearing (Ed Yourdon)

http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id= 000o2K

A hot topic is how the media, large corporations and the government respond to the idea of public Y2K panic.

The Yourdon archives offer a wealth of collected research, unfortunately, theres no research engine ... yet.

Contact the forum host ... Phil Greenspun for help. (Back up the forum URL).


Some future day, they may write an after-action book about Y2K. And the archives can be a useful resource.

Good luck.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), May 16, 1999.

maybe;"the need for personal preparation/responsibility vs.the zeitgheist."

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), May 16, 1999.

"y2k preparedness as a prevention of panic and worry"

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), May 16, 1999.


There are lots of things to write about when it comes to Y2K. I don't know how your family feels about Y2K, but if they are preparing for potential Y2K problems, this might the kind of topic that you could focus on. Try out a thesis statement and see if you like it. For example, "A family that decides to prepare for Y2K problems lasting one month or less should focus on the basics: heat, water, food, and money."

Now if this is your thesis statement, let's say that it will be the last sentence in your first paragraph. The first and second sentence could explain the Y2K problem. The third sentence could explain what could be effected by Y2K problems. And the last sentence would be your thesis statement. Let's take a look at how this might read:

Will the lights go out on New Years Eve? Wherever the Y2K bug is, the roller over from 99 to 00 in the year date could make computers and other things stop or malfunction. Computers and computer chips are used everywhere; the Y2K bug could shut down power companies, water plants, banks, and a lot of other things. A family that decides to prepare for Y2K problems lasting one month or less should focus on the basics: heat, water, food, and money.

If you really like this so far, it is even easier from this point:

Since most homes are heated with electronically controlled gas or electric furnaces, a family will need to include alternative heat in their preparations. If the weather is very cold, having heat may be the first thing needed to stay alive. The cheapest method would be to have a kerosene heater, but using a kerosene heater may require good ventillation. Therefore, heat will escape through the ventillation. A wood burning stove, however, will allow the family to heat their home without losing heat to a ventillated room.

DO you see how easy it is? Now all you have to do is write the next four paragraphs: water, food, money, and conclusion. In your conclusion, you should restate your thesis, restate your semi-conclusions from each paragraph on the basics, and argue against not preparing. Here is an example of a possible final argument: "While some people do not think it is necessary to prepare because they say there is no such thing as the Y2K bug or that the Y2K bugs will be fixed, it is better to make sure your family will be safe if they are wrong than to be cold, thirsty, hungry, and without cash."

Now pick another thesis statement and write your own paper! (grin)

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (info@giglobal.com), May 16, 1999.

Instead of 'a stitch in time saves nine', try 'A stitch too late costs eight', referencing the possibility that a late correction of the code can cause a domino effect. y2k is truly a time issue, and thus a modern day twist on a pre-modern day saying.

-- Daryl (rushmore@dailypost.com), May 16, 1999.

Dear Dan, I can see you have already had alot of suggestions already.Full marks for coming to the Forum but I have a question for you to think about.If after researching your chosen Y2K topic how important do you think it will be for people to :

1.Be capable of finding things out for themselves ?

2.Be able to make their own decisions.

3.Be able to plan for the future ?

Good Luck with your essay


-- Chris (griffen@globalnet.co.uk), May 16, 1999.

I think you may find a good many ideas in this recent post: LETTER: To Senate Y2K Committee.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), May 16, 1999.

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