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What are some of the objects in Aeon Flux, like that weird flat border-train in Thanatopia (lame security measure?) or the chair/vent/god-knows-what that Aeon tapes down in The Demiurge? Getting some sleepless nights here...

-- Telemental Harbinger (, May 15, 1999


I think the border train is some sort of transport of manufactured items, maybe the very devices that Sybil helps to manufacture. It does appear to be in an industrial area, so this seems logical to me. As for the other item, it looks like some kind of flimsy table with 3 legs, but who knows... it doesn't seem like a little coffee table could hold the tension of an entire building, maybe it's bolted to the floor.

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 15, 1999.

I think that since most of the backgrounds came from dreams, or were created to simulate a dream-like quality, a lot of those wierd objects were there just for the flying hell of it. Take, for example, the boy on the swing-set on a train in The Purge. WHY is that there? Would it even be logical for there to be a bottomless car with a swing in it? And how did that piggy bank get up there, anyway? And just how the hell does that coin inside magically become the key to open the door? Who can say?

-- Frostbite (, January 24, 2000.


-- bob fredrick berdinskie (bob@gateway.netscape), April 22, 2001.

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