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I did start off talking of cast iron cookware, more interesting then being flamed by those who are waiting for my answer to Cory to start in. (though if they ever knew what do, or can do and have done, they probably would feel uncomfortable. Not that I would blame them, even for striking out because I am what I am, but it makes it very awackward for me, and I normally do not let people know my abilities. so read my post on cast iron cookware, where I eventually get into why.. I think. shrug. Must say something if I would rather talk about cookware and outhouses then to riase to "rays" bait and post what he wants me to post.

-- Cherri (, May 15, 1999


From mon Cheri's post:

"The awareness was raised. The world did and is checking these areas, there are no problems- hardware wise- it still goes back in most cases that there is a PC that has the BIOS problem to be fixed."

If that is, as you say "my response to Cory", we are in worse shape than I imagined. Otherwise, Cherri, you are a ignorant troll and you know not of what you speak.

-- a (a@a.a), May 15, 1999.


I read your post on cast iron cookware, your work experience, and your opinions. I'm not sure its adequate as an answer to Cory's challenge, but it may be a start. I'm glad to hear that you think Boeing aircraft have no Y2K problems. This opinion as you tell in your post is based on your intimacy with Boeing aircraft systems and experience in Boeing. Based on the kind of "insider opinion" that many people here welcome and will consider, I don't see your opinion on Boeing systems as one that will be outrightly challenged and/or ignored. Some might appreciate if you went into further detail about how Boeing systems on aircraft are up to the test. If you disclosed more about your position and experience, perhaps, this information could even be verified here.

In regards to your brief discussion of embedded chips and your opinion that there is nothing wrong with any embedded chips anywhere... there is more protesting the supposed ignorance of embedded chip worry-ers than an actual description of the embedded chip and why Y2K concerns about embedded chips are misunderstandings (as you argue). In other words, your discussion of embedded chips is a rant rather than a real explanation. We could benefit from your explanation. I, for one, would welcome it. And if you can convince me in non-technical terms, I will be glad to free myself of some Y2K worries... as will several others.

I realize that you may be mad about how Ray dealt with that post in question and other possible mistreatments of your opinion in the past. I don't know if what you said before has brought this upon you or if you have been treated unfairly. Whatever is the case, try to stay above it, say what you have to say, say it clearly, and there will be people who will read and consider what you have to say. I continue to hope for an essay from you that truly can challenge Cory's assertions. I hope you will take the time to write it well and clearly articulate your opinion, knowledge, and experience. Start with a simple thesis statement, summarize your points and the points that you seek to see debunked. Follow this with a careful elaboration of each point and appropriate explanations, details, and case studies to illustrate and clarify your points. Finish with a conclusion in which all your points are restated as clearly as possible and conflicting suppositions are answered.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 15, 1999.


I will start by admitting that I usually ignore your posts. So when I read your "cast iron cookware" response I was more than a little surprised at your lack of eloquence and your inability to formulate coherent written thoughts. If this is the best response you can come up with to Cory's challenge, then I suggest you quietly slink from view and spare yourself further embarrassment.

-- Nabi Davidson (, May 15, 1999.

Nabi, very weird -- if you look at Cherry Bomb's previous posts, like the following from BFI, then you find she can be somewhat coherent at times.

This is so true, someone can give a "personal opinion" that 40 billion "embedded chips" exist with the chance of 10% or less may have Y2K failures due to date issues and all need to be checked, and the whole world is suddenly scared that anything that uses electricity has the potential to fail and goes off the deep end in fear. Even though later the "opinion" is said to have been proven too high. And remember this was not stated as fact, but disclaimered as "my opinion only". Now Grandma is afraid of her waffle iron, nuclear power plants are suspect of meltdowns and you don't know if your curling iron will fail in 2000. (Quoted by)

-- OutingsR (us@here.yar), May 15, 1999.

I smell a rat :)

-- Andy (, May 16, 1999.

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