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The following is a subscription e-mail from GardenWeb. I love this site--excellent information, forums answer all questions, no spam, e-mails infrequent. Note the last item--camping forum!

After you've looked at GardenWeb, please add a comment or two here, otherwise this post will get kicked into the ozone for lack of interest! Be nice to have it in the Food archive so newbies can see it.

Here's a brief update on what's new at GardenWeb. GardenWeb has three new forums this month. The first is on community gardens. Second is a forum just for irises! And last, but not least, a forum on dirt! Well, we couldn't really call it "the dirt forum," but it does cover soil, composting and mulches. See the complete list of forums at: The Garden Bazaar directory now has more than 175 garden-related businesses listed! You can search by category, or just browse through the entire directory. GardenWeb's Garden Bazaar can be found at:

We have two new merchant sponsors: GARDENSCAPE LTD. is a vendor of fine garden tools by mail. And CALIFORNIA REDWOOD SIGNS is a firm that makes beautiful hand-carved signs for the garden. See the complete list of sponsors at: Michael Vincent of Oxford, Ohio, won last month's Mystery Plant Contest. The correct answer was Pimelea arenaria, which doesn't seem to have a common name. A new contest has just begun at: Several hundred new listings have been added to the plant name dictionary. The Plant Database is located at: DON'T FORGET that the Sembremos Seeds of Hope Project has a matching grant in effect through July 1st, so if you can help, now is the time to do it! For more information, visit the Web page at: The Calendar of Garden Events has had dozens of new listings. See what's listed in your area! And don't forget, if your plant society, public garden, garden club or other gardening group has an upcoming event, make sure our readers can find out about it by adding it to the calendar at:

There are now almost 400 listings in the GardenWeb directory! The directory is divided into general categories (membership organizations, arboreta/botanical gardens, etc.) and can be searched or browsed. The directory can be found at: And make sure your NON-PROFIT organization is listed in the directory so our users can find you! The form to input your organization's entry is at: At That Home Site!, there are new forums on parenting teens, swimming pools, dieting and a craft exchange. See all the home forums at: And at Nature.Net, we've just added a forum on camping, so if you enjoy spending time outdoors, be sure to stop by. The Nature.Net forums are located at:

-- Old Git (, May 15, 1999


Looks like good sites. This should keep me busy for a while. Duffyo

-- Duffyo (, May 15, 1999.


I will be putting this in the Prep Archive


-- Brian (, May 15, 1999.

Thanks, OG. A great web site.

I was thrilled to find that they even have forums in different languages. I've been trying to increase my knowledge of horticultural terms in Spanish. It seems that many of the people writing to the Spanish forum are in Mexico, which is great! I'm in a climate that's more similar to the climate in parts of Mexico than in most of the US. --GG


-- Gal Gardner (, May 15, 1999.

I spent many months at the GardenWeb forums until I caught the y2k bug. The organic gardening and herb forums are particularly useful for y2k purposes. Check the archives, and then ask if you don't find your answer. Keep an eye out for any postings by Traute the BioGardener - she has an incredible range of experience.

-- Brooks (, May 15, 1999.

Garden Web

This is a great resource. Thanks Old Git! Keepin' it on top... mb in NC

-- mb (, May 15, 1999.

Thanks for Garden Web and Nature Net; they are just what I've been looking for. Thanks again.

-- VLGemini (, June 02, 1999.

Gardenweb is definitely MY favorite site on the 'net! What ever the question, someone has an answer for it. The people are just wonderful!

-- Vicky George (, July 06, 1999.

I can't get enough of the Garden Web. Love the forums and the day isn't complete until I've checked in. Thank you, thank you.

-- Woogie (, July 06, 1999.

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