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I am looking forward to buy jounal, wildlife and natural landscape or scenery photographs for printing onto stationery. Hope you can assist. Thank you.

-- Abdul Rahim B. Abdul Wahab (Rahim@madrasah.edu.sg), May 15, 1999


For the kind of usage that you have stated, nobody would want to BUY photographs. They would, however, pay for the RIGHTS to use the photographs for your stated purposes.
Photo stock agencies is usually the place to approach. Tell them what sort of photos you want and your type of usage and they will show your the photos and the price.
Or you can approach some photographers themselves directly if you know them or have seen their work on the net that is suitable for your usage.

-- Wee Keng Hor (weekh@singnet.com.sg), May 15, 1999.

he's right... u can normally buy rights to print... and normally only for a given print run. that's the normal contract. it is rare for ppl to sell ALL RIGHTS to a photograph. this normally happens to base amatuers... hope u're a nice enough guy not to take advantage of that. offer the guy a sum for reproducing his photo on stationery for a particular period; or a particular quantity; or some other such limit. remember... if u pull a fast one on him now... and he finds out later... u can potentially be up for a lega suit, even though he agreed. in singapore the courts favour the underdog... u r guilty until proven innocent. and industry practise becomes the norm and standard in such a case.

-- Martin Lim (bizarreone@pacific.net.sg), May 23, 1999.

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