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Make of this what you will....... from Jeff Rense/sightings

US/NATO Total Invasion Of Yugoslavia About To Start?

Note - We CANNOT confirm the total accuracy of this message but it comes from usually reliable sources and we are passing it along for your information.

From: Aleksandar Slavkovic [] Sent: Thursday, May 13, 1999 10:05 AM

To: Subject: FYI - forward it to your mailing lists


This is a warning. There is a possibility that NATO is preparing a staged massacre of Albanian refugees to get the excuse to attack Yugoslavia from all sides and in that way defy the decisions made by the US Congress. We could witness new Markale.

There are indications that NATO is preparing the ground offensive on Yugoslavia as a whole and not only on Kosovo. According to the information received from Macedonia and Albania all the Albanian refugees are evacuating from the border areas and are being replaced with NATO troops. Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania were all forced to sign the documents allowing the NATO troops to launch the ground attack from their territories. CNN has sent three full crews to Albania equipped with satellite broadcasting equipment. Knowing their reputation they always get sent to the crisis area "before" anything starts so that they can prepare for the coverage of the "unexpected" event. There are also indications that NATO is preparing to arrange a false "massacre of the innocent Albanian refugees" that will be used as a excuse for the attack. Our sources say that it will be probably done as a bombing of a refugee camp in Albania or Macedonia.

-- Andy (, May 14, 1999


More unverifiable claptrap from the 90's version of McCarthy. If Norm posted stuff like this, you'd be all over him like a cheap suit....

-- Y2K Pro (, May 14, 1999.


This will be eminently verifiable if it happens won't it?

Wait and see.

I happen to have an open mind. This is information - possibly claptrap - but information nonetheless. To be factored in.

Try it sometime.

-- Andy (, May 14, 1999.

My understanding is that BJ Clinton's NATO attack can only muster about 16,000 "men" right now. Not nearly enough, IMHO.

Still, something must change. The current rate that NATO resources are being consumed (bombs mostly) is not sustainable.

-- Anonymous99 (, May 14, 1999.

Y2k Pro,

Might happen. Political embarassment breeds weird warfare and nobody avoids political embarassment like WJC. Tony'll go--no choice. We've done it before. Gulf of Tonkin ring a bell?

-- x-lrp (, May 15, 1999.

>Jeff Rense

We all witnessed his and your concern for factual veracity during the 8:33 military intervention anti-Clinton propaganda ratio episode.

-- N Spam Please (, May 15, 1999.

I stand by that ratio Meerkat, you haven't proved otherwise have you?

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.


Actually, I did prove otherwise by posting a list of many-more-than-8 military interventions between WWII and the Clinton administration.

You, OTOH, have never posted any list of specifics to back up that claim, have you?

- - -


See what I mean about concern for facts?

-- No Spam Please (, May 15, 1999.


Go ahead -- _post a list_ of the 8 pre-Clinton military interventions and the 33 by-the-same-definition-of-"intervention" military interventions during the Clinton administration.

Go ahead. Post it. So the rest of us can count them.

Post it. Go ahead.

-- No Spam Please (, May 15, 1999.

No I haven't - still waiting for a reply from Jeff Metcalf at KGO radio in San Francisco.

As you well know.

So you are saying Meerkat (aka nit-picker extraordinnaire) that WJC has been an isolationist since he took office?

Ha ha ha, you make me laugh. You have repeatedly shown MK that you cannot grasp the big picture, that's why you're happiest pushing bits around in a cubicle.

Good luck pal.

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.


>No I haven't

And you never will, will you? Because you know that was a falsified ratio, propaganda made up to make Clinton look bad.

>still waiting for a reply from Jeff Metcalf at KGO radio in San Francisco.

Nice excuse. Can't you do any research yourself? I wrote my list of post-WWII items from memory. Once I opened my almanac, I found more.

>As you well know.

Yes, I well know that you continue to use that excuse to avoid admitting that the 8:33 ratio is bogus.

-- No Spam Please (, May 15, 1999.


you ARE a pain, but to keep you happy I will e-mail Mr. Metcalf again and see if I can get a reply for you. On the original thread I posted Jeff Rense's assurance, to us all actually, that the ratio was indeed correct.


-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

>Jeff Rense's assurance, to us all actually, that the ratio was indeed correct.

Oh, that's some assurance all right! I never did see Rense list the 8 or the 33 either.

Real concern about facts, that is. Yup.

-- No Spam Please (, May 15, 1999.

Meerkat wibbled

" >Jeff Rense's assurance, to us all actually, that the ratio was indeed correct. Oh, that's some assurance all right! I never did see Rense list the 8 or the 33 either.

Real concern about facts, that is. Yup."

Why don't you contact him and lecture him as you've done me on two threads now on this 8:33 ratio?

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

My understanding is that it will be late summer or early fall before ground troop war can begin. It will take that long to assemble the troops and the intense logistic chains necessary, if NATO's intention is to actually, "win".

-- Mitchell Barnes (, May 15, 1999.

Anyone else not like the assumption here??


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 15, 1999.

Yep Chuck, me,

Why the Apaches? I expect a full scale attack sooner rather than later. Clinton wants a drawn out war. To go in with insufficient manpower will achive this end.

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

Use discretion with this please...

Yugoslavs Charge NATO Jet Insignia Deception And Ploy 5-15-99

Note - This email adds to the theory that there may be some type of event, or series of human rights abuses and events, staged just prior to NATO declaring the need for a ground invasion of Yugoslavia. We cannot verify the material in this report but post it as in indicator of the type of information now coming from Yugoslavia. Use discretion when reading this and stories from ALL sides in this conflict.

From Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World Dear Friends,

We are writing You this letter because media blockade that western governments applied on our country will prevent You from knowing about the terrible massacre that yesterday took place on Kosovo and Metohija. NATO found new way in "preventing" the humanitarian catastrophe caused by their bombs, on 14.05.1999 NATO airplanes for the second time bombed the Albanian refugee convoy which was moving from the Macedonian border back to inner Kosovo. People who were going back to their homes were brutally bombed with cluster bombs. More than 100 people were killed in this incident, bodies burned beyond recognition were scattered around village of Korisa where this crime took place. Eyewitnesses said to television that they were just beginning to sort their life to normal and were happy to return to their houses when hell from sky fall upon their heads.

In relation with this tragic story we would like to inform You about a rather disturbing e-mail from Croatia. A women from Croatia eye- witnessed that for the last few days NATO pilots are practicing on Croatia,s "Galeb" and "Jastreb" airplanes. These are the jets that stayed in military arsenal of Croatia after braking of former Yugoslavia. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has jets of same type in their arsenal. The aim of this operation is bombing of refugee camps in Albania and Macedonia. NATO's idea is to paint the planes in FRY Air Force colors and insignia, bomb the refugee camps and blame the Serbian side for that. The purpose of this plan is to get a REALLY good reason for the ground troops operation and to get public opinion in favor of such operation. Several facts confirm this information: 1. For days NATO has intensified the relocation of refugees from the border regions of Albania and Macedonia further inland.2. The arrival of NATO airplanes into Albania and Skopje is not covered by TV reports as before (business associate in Macedonia confirmed that the number of transport aeroplanes arriving to Skopje has significantly increased).3. Christian Amanpour (CNN) has arrived to Albania. Besides Croatia Air Force there are few sources from which these types of planes could be available. It is well known that several collectors from USA bought these planes from the Air Force Museum in Belgrade. Some of the African countries had these planes in their arsenal because they were very reliable and relatively cheap types of plane.

This kind of scenario was already seen in Bosnia. In august 1995 somebody shelled biggest market place in Sarajevo called Markale. There were more than 70 Muslim civilians dead. CNN led by Christian Amanpour and other western media immediately accused Serbian side for this massacre. Not for a long time after this NATO bombed Bosnian Serbs. A year after that when the war in Bosnia was over Muslim government in Sarajevo admitted that they were responsible for this crime and that they did it in alliance with western media. They killed their own people in order to give NATO justification for action against Bosnian Serbs.

We would like to apologize You for any inconvenience this e-mail might caused You, but media blockade of our country led us to this desperate step in order to help our people and our country who were satanized by that same media. Please visit web-site Sincerely Yours,

Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World

-- Andy (, May 16, 1999.

From the London Sunday Mirror... Hmmmmmmm


MORE than 100 refugees were feared dead last night in the worst Nato bombing blunder of the Kosovo crisis.

Western jets were accused of blasting a village with six missiles in a terrifying night strike.

Unknown to the pilots, it was packed with 500 Albanians who had been hiding in nearby woods for 10 days.

The attack lasted just 10 minutes - but it left a toll put at more than 100 dead and 200 wounded.

Nato spokesman Jamie Shea said an investigation was still going on.

Hundreds of civilians - Serbs and Albanians - have died in other Nato blunders which include attacks on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, a passenger train, a bus and a refugee convoy.

-- Andy (, May 16, 1999.

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