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North Korea Said Preparing For War - Massing Troops At Border 5-14-99

WASHINGTON -- North Korea continues to strengthen its military and has deployed most of its troops near the border to prepare for a war against South Korea, the U.S. military chief of staff says.

In a statement to the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on defense on Tuesday, General Henry Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Pyongyang has deployed the majority of its more than 1 million North Korean soldiers near the demilitarized zone and Seoul. He said the tensions from this deployment has been exacerbated by Pyongyang's nuclear and missile program.

"Despite its collapsed economy and struggle to feed its own population," Shelton said, "the North Korean government continues to pour resources into its military and to pursue a policy of confrontation with South Korea and its neighbors in the region."More than one million North Korean soldiers serve on active duty, the vast majority deployed within hours of the DMZ and South Korea's capital city, Seoul."

Shelton said the United States must take the North Korean threat very seriously. He said the Pentagon has deployed advanced tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery, attack helicopters and aircraft in Korea.

The chief of staff said the United States has also deployed the Patriot missile defense systems, improved surveillance capabilities and upgraded prepositioned stocks.

"These actions have significantly improved our defensive posture," Shelton said. "Still, the threat remains, and North Korea's substantial chemical and biological weapons capability, coupled with its continued pursuit of ballistic missile technology, will demand our attention for the foreseeable future."

The chief of staff was cautious in plans to develop a national missile defense system [NMD]. Shelton, referring to the repeated failures of a missile system being currently developed, indicated that it was too early to make a decision to supply the estimated $3.8 billion network.

"A threat is clearly emerging; however, the technology to hit a bullet with a bullet remains elusive," he said.. "We will continue to press hard to develop an effective NMD system, very mindful that the growing threat is placing a deployment decision in clearer context."

Shelton said the United States has also built up prepositioned stocks of weapons and supplies in the Middle East so U.S. forces can be deployed quickly to the Gulf region.

-- Andy (, May 14, 1999


Yep, let's see. Our armed services are half as strong as they were in the gulf war. We are deployed in more places, including Bosnia, Iraq and Kosovo. We are actively fighting in two of these three places, plus we have bombed the Chinese embasy and they are torqued. We can't enforce our will on Yugoslovia and there are serious concerns about our Y2K capabilities in the military. We are running seriously low on cruise missles. I'm glad Bill Klinton and the boys are in charge, they will know how to handle the North Koreans run across the border.

-- smfdoc (, May 15, 1999.

Great! This confirms it. No big problem. Now we can all rest easy tonight

-- cw (, May 15, 1999.

"You would hear of war and rumors of war"

There will be a new job opening in the future:

"glass parking lot striper"

North Korea has three-stage capable technology, that was probably stolen from us at Los Alamos. Three-stage means intercontinental; anywhere in the States is vulnerable. They are not very accurate though plus/minus 200 miles. But then accuracy isn't that important when we're talkin' nukes. A couple of airbursts at 5 miles up and no electronics will work, period... screw Y2K. That dose would wipe out anything electronic over the whole country. Hell even your Y2K compliant crap wouldn't matter at that point. We would instantly be in the 1950's, technolgy-wise.

North Korea is going to try something because we ARE tangled up in Yugoslavia.

Just Y2K by itself is starting to look pretty good... :| If only that could happen.......

Got Potassium Iodide???

snoozin' on the doggy bed...

The Dog

-- Dog (, May 15, 1999.

I agree. It looks like this will be the case with mr. k running things. When we have used up our bombs, etc. they (our enemies) will slip the rope around our necks. I think that this problem is a bigger deal than y

-- cw (, May 15, 1999.


we're also tied up in Iraq - wonder what Saddam has planned in the next six months? And Mr. Ghadaffi, Mr. Bin Laden, the Palestinians, the Iranians.

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

I see a 50-50 chance of a draft being instituted within the next six to twelve months (that is, if a second or third "front" in what will prove to be the opening shots of WWIII is opened up). With two boys of "draft" age, that worries this dad a heck of a lot more than Y2K.

BTW, it is probably fallacious to assume that WWIII will immediately (or even perhaps ever) go nuclear. Nuclear is a terrible possibility but there are still some serious uncertainties for any of our adversaries with that approach. But a two to five-year cold-hot war across multiple fronts with lots of feints, alliance-shifting and probing for weaknesses before it turns hot-hot is quite possible.


-- BigDog (, May 15, 1999.

Big Dog - I have a 17 1/2 year old son. A co-worker of mine, who also happens to be the son of a highway patrolman, is 22 and hasn't registered yet. He says if you read the rules, it says "male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service." It is his belief that he doesn't really have to register until he is 25. What do you think?

-- anon (, May 15, 1999.

anon (,

PMFI, but your 22-year-old co-worker has not read _all_ the rules. As stated on,

According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday.
Also, on,
If you do not register, you could be prosecuted and fined up to $250,000 and/or be put in jail for up to five years. Registration is also a requirement to qualify for Federal student aid, job training benefits, and most Federal employment.
However, elsewhere on the page it is stated that
Selective Service will accept a late registration.
Once you reach age 26, it's too late to register. Even though you may not be prosecuted, you will be denied student financial assistance, Federal job training, and most Federal employment unless you can provide convincing evidence to the agency providing the benefit you are seeking, that your failure to register was not knowing and willful.
My advice: If he wants to disregard the registration law, he really ought to get the facts straight so he has a sound basis for his decision. (If his dad catches him doing 50 in a 35 zone, does he think he can avoid the ticket by slamming on the brakes after his Fuzzbuster sounds off?)

-- No Spam Please (, May 15, 1999.

I wouldn't want my son going off to be cannon fodder for Billy Jeff!!!

"Once you reach age 26, it's too late to register. Even though you may not be prosecuted, you will be denied student financial assistance, Federal job training, and most Federal employment unless you can provide convincing evidence to the agency providing the benefit you are seeking, that your failure to register was not knowing and willful."

Oooooooohhhhh dearie me, no FED handouts, the shame, the indignity, OH CALAMITY!!!

The boys (for that's what they are, mere boys at that age) should NOT register for Billy Jeff's foreign fiascos.

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

I was reading some letters I wrote in 1996 to various political and military people advising them to prepare for war here in the US and that I suspected the enemy would include Russia, China, at least North Africa, Iran and any other nation that wants a piece of US, (Cuba?). Back then one Islamic stated that "the Israeli situation will be addressed in the next five years." I have the article in my files, somewhere. They can't do anything against the Israelis unless the US is either preoccupied or...attacked simultaneously.

As they say in the Boy Scouts..."Be Prepared."

-- Mark Hillyard (, May 15, 1999.

Andy said:

"I wouldn't want my son going off to be cannon fodder for Billy Jeff!!! "

Then why do you fault Clinton for resisting the Vietnam draft? Hypocrite.

-- a (a@a.a), May 15, 1999.

Andy, the situation on the Korean peninsula continues to deteriorate. As we discussed in a thread a few weeks ago, a US team will be inspecting the suspected nulcear site at Kumchang-ri next Tuesday. Given that the site most certainly will be found in violation of previous agreements we could not understand why North Korea would allow the inspection in the first place. Unless, that is, that they plan upon starting a war. This would make the inspection a mote point.

There is another piece of evidence which, on the face of it, appears rather innocuous. A few days ago Kim Jong Il made a frontline inspection of a female artillery unit. If the North Koreans are planning an invasion of the South, then it is imperative that their artillery units perform flawlessly. Kim Jong Il's inspection is exactly one of the things we would expect to see in pre-invasion planning. It is worth noting that North Korea has over 10,000 artillery pieces, and most of these are selfmobile. They also have over 2,000 multiple rocket launchers. If the invasion starts then they will blast corriders through the DMZ so that their troops can proceed south. It is hard to imagine 50 artillery rounds exploding per second.

Also, while cruizing the internet in that part of the world I have noticed that things just don't feel right. Can't put my finger on it......

-- No No (, May 15, 1999.

a -- just FYI, BTW, I supported Desert Storm and would have supported my sons fighting there. As for Vietnam, I don't have a problem with Clinton's resistance to it, only his prevarication about it.

-- BigDog (, May 15, 1999.

OK a,

""I wouldn't want my son going off to be cannon fodder for Billy Jeff!!! "

Then why do you fault Clinton for resisting the Vietnam draft? Hypocrite."

I don't believe I'm a hypocrite for a coupla reasons. If you are going to be a conscientious objector, IMHO, you are either against all killing per se, or you may have a problem with the "war" you are being asked to fight.

For example, had I been of age in 1939 I would have volunteered for the RAF - no problem.

Vietnam? Nope.

The Falklands? Nope.

Northern Ireland? Nope.

Aden? Nope.

Yugoslavia, now? Nope. We have no business over there, it is a charade, illegal, against a sovereign nation. Follow the money here.

Defence of the USA now, against a foreign threat? Yep.

Even though WWII was orchestrated and the Nazi machine was backed by big American and British business, it was probably one of the last "true" wars where genuine evil was being attacked.

I believe Clinton IS a coward. He has proved it over and over - I believe rape is reprehensible and cowardly - I'll say no more on this. Did you ever see the letter Clinton wrote to his ROTC officer? You could tell he'd make a superb politician in the way he squirmed out of the process.

Would Clinton have fought in WWII? Who knows.

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

Have you guys seen this?


Y2k may be the least of our problems. Why didn't they throw him out of office while they had the chance! mb in NC

-- mb (, May 15, 1999.

This is MinnesotaSmith, author of the Y2K-preparatory website Andy, thank you for your informative and timely original post, and I have to tell you I agree 100% with your follow-up posting. As the son of a US Military war veteran, I had always believed in universal military service, something along the lines of the Swiss or Israeli system. I started reading Ayn Rand's stuff in high school, and came to the conclusion that the initiation of force in relationships was unethical, but that no limitations on its use in self-defense were appropriate. That is how I came to have a value system that seems to have many overlaps with yours. If the US were invaded, I would volunteer for service with the expectation of dying during it, but 75+% of the fights the US has gotten involved in since 1945 - what crocks. (I also believe in universal concealed-carry, but that's another story). Prepare well, brother, and thank you again for your posting. MinnesotaSmith

-- MinnesotaSmith (, May 15, 1999.


Where are you? I'm looking for your take on the above link about Clinton and China.

mb in NC

-- mb (, May 15, 1999.

Is Clinton Worth dying for? By James Henry No. 116, 19-25 April 1999 What is the US really doing in the Balkans? This is a question that millions of Americans are now beginning to ask in earnest. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be arriving at the wrong conclusion. Continually fed stories of Serbian atrocities, supported by hours of television footage of thousands of Kosovars forced to abandon their homes, it has been all too easy for Americans to assume that their government is engaged on a humanitarian mission. What has not sunk in as yet is the fact that America is at war  and it is a war  not merely to save Clinton's political skin by driving his scandals of the front pages but to supply him with the kind of legacy for which he desperately craves. A legacy that in his own mind would portray him as a great leader if not actually a hero.

None of this is based on Clinton-hating paranoia (I don't hate the man at all  I just despise him) but on observation. The manner in which he has climbed to the top, his betrayal of friends and his country's national interests, his corruption and compulsive lying, his contempt for the rights and interests of others, his vindictiveness and spite all indicate a personality that literally cannot empathasise with others, who merely sees people as pawns. Such a personality would have no moral qualms about endangering the lives thousands of US troops if it thought it would promote its ambitions.

And what is Bill Clinton's chief ambition? In his book Agenda Bob Woodward relates the tale of Clinton telling his aides how he would have liked to have been president during WW II. This is a chilling and revealing insight into Clinton's state of mind. No sensible and humane man really wants to lead his country into war. He does so out of perceived necessity and nothing else. War means that leaders have to make awful decisions that involve the loss of thousands of lives. Churchill, for example, knew that Coventry was going to be bombed and yet he took no measures to prevent it. Why? Because that would have told Berlin that the British had cracked their codes. Does anyone think he enjoyed making this decision? What kind of man wants to put himself in a position where he has to make life and death decisions for thousands because he thinks it will make him look good? A man like Clinton, that's who.

What does he crave? The kind of legacy that the Churchills of history bequeath their countries. Clinton believed that Kosova offered him such a legacy on the cheap. The none-too-bright Albright assured him that Milosevic would quickly surrender to an aerial assault and thus allow NATO, meaning Clinton, to dictate terms to Milosevic. In this fantasy, Clinton emerges smelling like roses, a genuine leader who humbles his critics, despatches his scandals and establishes a legacy worthy of a national hero. Who knows, maybe even Mount Rushmore figures in his dream.

However, Clinton's dream is in very real danger of turning into a military and political nightmare for the nation. Elsewhere I wrote that Clinton's actions risked "triggering uncontrollable forces" and that "any Serbian leader who gave up Kosovo might as well commit suicide."* I also pointed out that Milosevic would sit tight while accelerating the drive against Kosovo Albanians. This is precisely what he did. How did I know? Because Clinton gave him no choice, unless you consider suicide a choice.

Milosevic knew that the aerial attack would be spearheaded by cruise missiles. He also knew, as would anybody who read an American paper or watched CNN, how many cruise missiles the US had in stock. Well, it is now believed that the cruise inventory may have dropped below 100 because, thanks to Clinton's gutting of the military, there are no cruise missile production lines in operation. This means that low flying aircraft will eventually have to replace them. Something else I pointed out. To make it worse, the risible 'strategy' of using bombing to 'degrade' Serbia's military facilities and logistics have been a dismal failure. After more than 4000 sorties intelligence believes these facilities still largely remain unscathed. Why? Because the important fixed positions are underground, where they have been for 50 years, while mobile units, including hundreds of tanks and ground-to-air missile batteries, remain intact.

So Serbian forces still have anti-aircraft missile batteries, thousands of anti-aircraft guns, not to mention several hundred shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles. Does General Wesley Clark know this? Of course he does and this is why, in my opinion, the pentagon is not releasing battle damage assessments. Clark knew from the beginning of the campaign it would fail to severely damage the Serb military because it had prepared itself decades ago for a massive assault. Only then, the expected enemy was Moscow. Very sensibly, the Serbs have pursued the wait-until-you-see-the-whites-of- their-eyes military strategy. Meanwhile, Serbian forces carry on with the expulsion of Kosovar Albanians.

Clinton and his kindergarten circle of advisers cobbled the thing together in the belief that Milosevic would fold after a week or so. Why shouldn't he? After all, they would. No wonder there is so much discontent in the Pentagon. No general would ever dream of committing forces in this manner. But the commander-in-chief (the man who loathes the military) has done just that. Now our left-wing dominated media is beginning to talk of a "lengthy campaign" and the "necessity for ground troops", constantly relating stories of atrocities and acts of genocide to justify extending the war. Now let me make this clear: This war is being pursued by Clinton serve his own ambitions while the liberal (left-wing) media see it as a means to punish Milosevic for his politics, not for his crimes. Humanitarianism has nothing to do with it. Many of those calling for war are the same people who cheered Pinochet's illegal arrest but just cheered and cheered Castro. The same people who scream for Milosevic's head are cheering Zhu, whose government is guilty of crimes that greatly exceed anything Milosevic has done.

So Milosevic the thug, whose wife is a dedicated Marxist-Leninist, has been selected as the means to provide our sociopathic president with his legacy. That is what it is really all about and that is why a lot of gallant young Americans are in grave danger of going home in body bags. But Milosevic is not going to be a patsy for Clinton and probably intends to give Clinton the kind of legacy he would dearly love to avoid. Clinton gutted the military, squandered the country's moral authority, aggravated conditions in Kosovo and made the world a more dangerous place, provoking Russian nationalism, isolating Macedonia and Montenegro and maybe even destabilising Greece in to the bargain. Some legacy.

Perhaps now Americans will come to realise that the presidency involves more than policies on school uniforms, meddling in medical affairs, making high-sounding commitments about education, etc. Maybe now they will realise that character does matter and genuine moral authority does not spring from poll ratings nor is it a matter of numbers.

What of the Kosovar refugees? Like it or not, Kosovo is part of Serbia. If Serbia expels part of its population this leaves Western nations with only two choices: a) absorb the refugees or (b) invade kosovar and occupy it on a permanent basis, expelling those Serbs who resist. It would have been cheaper and more humane to have implemented a Marshall Plan for Albania than attack Serbia.

Last week** I wrote that the former course of action would have weakened, perhaps fatally, Milosevic's grip by stripping him of his nationalist pretensions and removing from Serbians any feeling of victimhood. This would have strengthened the hand of democratic forces who might have toppled Milosevic and come to a civilised arrangement over Kosovian autonomy. All of that is out of the question now, thanks to Clinton's selfish actions. I also believe that proposition (b) is also out of the question.

Where or how it will end is now anybody's guess. But the real question still remains: Is Clinton worth dying for?

*Kosovo: to which drumbeat do the Democrats march?

**Clinton, Serbia and the corruption of power

The New Australian

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 15, 1999.

Here is the floor statement of Senator Inhofe, which mb hotlinked to. This should be required reading for every American citizen.

Mr. President, I want you to listen. I am going to tell you a story of espionage, conspiracy, deception and cover-upa story with life and death implications for millions of Americansa story about national security and a President and an administration that deliberately chose to put national security at risk, while telling the people everything was fine.

If it was written in a book, it wouldnt sell, because no one would believe it. If it was fictionalized in a novel, few could conceive it. But it is true.

Now for the sake of my statement today, I am stating that the President withheld information and covered up the Chinese theft of our technology. But Im realistic enough to know that a person with the history of deception this president has will have provided himself with some cover in case he gets caught. So Im sure there is a paper trail that he can allege. The way the President probably covered himself was to include tidbits about this theft buried in briefings on 40 or 50 others items, so the significance of it would not be noticed. But a paper trail would be established.

Anticipating that, I talked to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Porter Goss, and the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time of the discovery of this information, Sen. Arlen Specter. Neither chairman was notified of the W-88 nuclear warhead technology theft. And these would have been the first to be notified. There can be no doubt that President Clinton engaged in a cover up scheme.

Let me read three paragraphs from last weeks op-ed article by Michael Kelly in the Washington Post, entitled Lies About China.

In April 1996, Energy Department officials informed Samuel Berger, then Clintons deputy national security advisor, that Notra Trulock, the departments chief of intelligence, had uncovered evidence that showed China had learned how to miniaturize nuclear bombs, allowing for smaller, more lethal warheads... The Times reports that the House Intelligence Committee asked Trulock for a briefing in July 1998. Trulock asked for permission from Elizabeth Moler, then acting energy secretary. According to Trulock, Moler told him not to brief the committee because the information might be used against Clintons China policy... The White Houses secret would have remained secret had it not been for a select investigative committee headed by Republican Christopher Cox...

But even using the Presidents fictitious paper trail, the earliest either chairman could have known about it would have been late spring of 1997, years after the Clinton administration learned of it and, of course, after the 1996 elections. I start, Mr. President, by listing a few things which we now know to be true, factual, incontrovertible...and not classified.

For years, the Clinton administration covered-up Chinas theft of top secret U.S. nuclear weapons data. They never informed the Congress or American people about what had happened or its significance to our national security.

Let me tell you what President Clinton did during this period time:

During this period of time, the President misled the American people on numerous occasions about the threat posed by strategic nuclear missiles in the post cold war era.

During this period of time, President Clinton made statements on over 130 separate occasions, such as the following: For the first time since the dawn of the nuclear age, there is not a single solitary nuclear missile pointed at an American child tonight. Not one. Not a single one.

During this period of time, he knew that China was targeting up to 18 intercontinental ballistic missiles at American children.

During this period of time, President Clinton signed export control waivers which allowed his top campaign fundraisers aerospace company to transfer sensitive U.S. missile guidance technology to China.

During this period of time, he shifted the prime satellite export responsibility from the State Department to the Commerce Department, making it easier for China and others to get sensitive military- related U.S. technology .

During this period of time, President Clinton hosted over 100 White House fundraisers as part of a larger aggressive scheme to raise campaign contributions, many from illegal foreign sources, primarily including sources in China. Among guests permitted to attend these White House fundraisers were a convicted felon and a Chinese arms dealer.

During this period of time, John Huang, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, James Riady and others with strong ties to China were deeply involved, with the Presidents knowledge, in raising Chinese-tainted campaign cash for the Clinton campaign.

During this period of time, John Huang, who had been given a security clearance without a background check, was permitted to receive numerous classified CIA briefings, both during and after his stay at the Commerce Department.

--And during this period of time, President Clinton was successfully stopping the deployment of a national missile defense system, exposing every American life to a missile attack, leaving us with no defense against an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Mr. President, Chinas theft of secret data on the so-called W-88" nuclear warhead may be one of the most serious breaches of national security in our lifetimes.....More serious than Aldrich Ames. Perhaps more serious than the Rosenbergs.

The public needs to understand that this story is true. This is not about partisanship. This is not about some ancient history of some long gone Cold War.

This is about the real world here and now. This is about national security in its most important aspects. This is about protecting our freedom and our existence as a nation. This is ultimately a matter which concerns the life and death of every citizen.

The W-88 is the most advanced nuclear warhead in the U.S. arsenal and is carried on top of Trident SLBMs (submarine-launched ballistic missiles).

This is the cornerstone weapon of our nations nuclear deterrent. As many as eight of them can fit atop our submarine-launched missiles. As many as ten can be put atop our largest land-based missiles...or on Chinas land based missiles.

We are talking about a miniaturized warhead--Much smaller in size than the Hiroshima atom bomb but ten times more powerful.

As you can see from the chart, which appeared in the NY Times, Mar. 6, 1999, the Hiroshima bomb was huge and unwieldy. It was 10 and a half feet long and weighed over 4 tons8,900 pounds.

By contrast, the modern W-88 warhead is compact. It is only 2 and a half feet long and weighs only 300 pounds, but is at least 10 times more powerful.

The technology on which it is built is super top secret and represents billions of dollars and years, if not decades, of investment on the part of dedicated scientists and engineers working in the supreme American national interest.

Some might ask why does America have this weapon? Because it is part of our responsibility as a world superpower to have the most advanced, efficient and credible nuclear deterrent, not only to protect our own freedom, but that of our allies as well.

It is part of our policy of peace through strength. While we do not intend to ever use nuclear weapons, it is a fact of life in a dangerous world that we must be prepared to deter any potential adversary and any potential weapon any adversary may have.

The W-88 allows for multiple warheads to be placed on one missile. With this technology, China will now be able to put up to ten warheads on a single long range missile. Each warhead targeted at a different city. Each city subject to an explosion 10 times as great as that which destroyed Hiroshima at the end of WWII.

You know, Mr. President, Im from Oklahoma. In 1995, a 4,800 pound truck bomb exploded outside the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City. The building was destroyed, 168 people were killed, and 674 were wounded. This was a horrible event, the worst act of terrorism ever on American soil. That bomb had a force of 1,000 pounds (one-half of one ton) of TNT.

By way of contrast, the Hiroshima atom bomb had an explosive force of 15 kilotons (or 30,000 times as large as the Oklahoma City bomb. The W-88, while smaller in physical size, has a force of 150 kilotons (or 300,000 times as large as the Oklahoma City bomb) And by carrying 10 of these on one missile, 3 million times the force for the Oklahoma City bomb.

The more compact W-88 warhead makes possible what is called MIRV (multiple independent reentry vehicle) technology, something China was thought to be many, many years away from developing on its own. And they stole this technology and President Clinton covered it up.

We also used to think North Korea was many years away from building long range multiple-stage rockets.

Listen, Mr. President: On Aug. 24 last year, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Henry Shelton, wrote me a letter saying he was confident we would have 3 years warning of any new long range missile threat. Seven days later, on Aug. 31, North Korea launched a three-stage Taepo Dong I missile, that scattered a small payload off the coast of Alaska.

All of this only confirms what the Rumsfeld Report explained to us last year. We remember the Rumsfeld Commission which was chaired by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. This bipartisan commission, appointed jointly by Republicans and Democrats, included nine of the nations most distinguished, qualified and informed experts in the field of assessing foreign missile threats. They concluded unanimously that when it comes to advanced missiles and weapons, with countries willing to buy, sell and steal technology, we live in an environment of little or no warning. Which means we must immediately be prepared.

Last year, you may remember how it was revealed that the Clinton Administration had changed the approval process for high technology satellite transfersand how waivers were granted for American companies so they could launch satellites in China. This ultimately resulted in China acquiring advanced US missile guidance technology, making their missiles more accurate and more reliable. President Clinton personally signed the waiver allowing China to acquire this missile technology. Let me repeat, President Clinton personally signed the waiver allowing China to acquire this missile technology.

Executives of these two corporations that benefittedLoral and Hughes were among the largest financial contributors to President Clintons campaign effort. But this is not important, Mr. President, because the motive for aiding and abetting our adversaries could be money, or it could be some kind of perverted allegiance to these countries, or it could be a total indifference to the security of the lives of Americans. The motive is not important. The fact is President Clinton did it and he knew exactly what he was doing.

Now coupling the transferred missile guidance technology with the stolen nuclear weapon technology, China can threaten US cities with accurate, reliable and horribly destructive multiple warhead nuclear missiles.

This is not science fiction fantasy, Mr. President. Two years ago, a high ranking Chinese official actually said that China was prepared to hit Los Angeles if the US would take steps to defend Taiwan. No American should assume these are idle or impossible threats.

Now by helping China develop their long range missile program, President Clinton was also helping North Korea and other rogue nations with theirs. Let me read three paragraphs from last weeks Washington Times article entitled, China Assists North Korea Space Launches.

China is sharing space technology with North Korea, a move that could boost Pyongyangs long range missile program, White House and Pentagon officials told The Washington Times... Another Pentagon report on a 1996 Chinese booster that failed to launch a U.S. satellite concluded that U.S. national security was harmed by the improper sharing of technology with China by Hughes and another satellite maker, Loral Space & Communications Ltd...

Keep in mind, President Clinton signed the waiver to give the Chinese this technology. The article concludes: In 1994, the Pentagons Defense Intelligence Agency reported that it believed China had helped design the Taepodong 2 missile (this is the North Korean missile) because its first stage diameter is very close in size to Chinas CSS-2 intermediate range missiles. So it is factual to say that President Clinton knew he was giving our missile technology to North Korea as well as China. I take this moment to remind my colleagues once again that America today has no defense whatsoever against such a threat. The Clinton administration todaydespite its rhetoric--opposes to the deployment of any national missile defense system.

It was 16 years ago this month, on March 23, 1983, that President Reagan announced his intention to develop a national missile defense system to protect America. We have come a long way since then. Our technology has improved, we know what to do to meet this challenge.

Had we kept steadily on the course the President Reagan set, we would have a missile defense system deployed right now. Instead, we have an Administration which killed the Reagan-Bush Strategic Defense Initiative program, which vetoed missile defense bills passed by Congress and which is wedded to the outdated ABM Treaty, which Henry Kissinger, the architect of the treaty says has outlived its usefulness.

Clinton today is obsessed with maintaining the philosophy of the old ABM Treaty at all costs. He is locked into the mentality of a world with two lone superpowersthe United States and the Soviet Union.

The theory is that if both sides keep their populations defenseless, then neither side would dare attack out of fear of a devastating retaliation. This is what they call mutual assured destruction (MAD). It is a theory that Dr. Kissinger believes makes no sense in the modern world where many countries are getting their hands on long range missiles and weapons of mass destruction.

President Clinton is solely responsible for the fact that we are totally defenseless against an incoming ICBM from China or anywhere else.

From news reports, this is some of what we know about Chinas theft of our nuclear secrets:

Apparently a spy at the Energy Depts Los Alamos weapons lab succeeded in transferring data on this highly classified W-88 warhead technology to China in the mid-1980s.

But our government did not find out about it until April 1995. (This is a critical date. We did not know about the theft until April 1995.) Detection came when experts analyzed data from then-recent Chinese underground nuclear tests and saw remarkable similarities to the W-88 U.S. warhead. Later in 1995, secret Chinese government documents confirmed that there had been a security breach at Los Alamos. 1995.

Deputy National Security Advisor Sandy Berger was first briefed about it in 1996. President Clinton did not respond then because he was obviously a little preoccupied with what he considered more important matters at that time.

After all, there were White House fundraisers to host, foreign campaign contributions, satellite transfers to approve, high technology trade with China to promote, andof course-- an election to be all costs. Mr. Berger was well aware of all this. We know he sat in on all the key campaign strategy meetings in 1996.

This was also the time when President Clinton was running around the country telling audiences that for the first time since the dawn of the nuclear age, there is not a single, solitary nuclear missile pointed at an American child tonight. Not one. Not a single one.

Of course, everyone cheered, believing it to be true.

Of all the lies this president has told, this is the most egregious of all.

He repeated this misleading, deceptive lie over 130 times between 1995 and 1997, right at the very time he and his national security advisors knew that this horrible breach of nuclear security had occurred and was under investigation. It was also at that very time that he knew that up to 18 American cities were being targeted by Chinese long range missilesmissiles that had and have the potential of killing millions of Americans.

And during this time he said it 130 times: For the first time since the dawn of the nuclear age, there is not a single, solitary nuclear missile pointed at an American child tonight. Not one. Not a single one.

So while the American people consumed his misleading and dishonest public statements--helping to secure his reelectionnothing was done for over a year about the security breach at Los Alamos.

The likely suspect spy was identified in early 1997, and the FBI urged that he at least be transferred to a less sensitive position.

But inexplicably, he was allowed to keep his sensitive job at Los Alamos for another year and a half. This was the spy responsible for the theft and President Clinton kept him in that sensitive job for another year and half. Finally, he was fired by Energy Secretary Richardson last Monday (March 8, 1999), but only after he was publicly identified in news reports as having failed two previous lie detector tests.

In all of this, was Congress ever informed? No. As a member of the Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, I certainly was not. And as I said earlier, I talked to the chairman of both the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee and they were not informed.

Did the President ever take the appropriately aggressive and timely steps which should have been taken to protect the national security interest, in the wake of this matter? He did not.

Why? Why the delays? Why the lack of consultation and communication? Why the seeming indifference to this very, very serious breach of national security?

We will be asking some tough questions about this in the days ahead, and I note that the Armed Services Committee will be holding hearings on this issue soon. The Senate Intelligence Committee will hold a closed hearing on Wed. Mar. 17.

The American people need to know what is going on here.

The Presidents National Security Advisor, Mr. Berger, has a lot to answer for here. He had better be prepared to answer questions from members of Congress honestly, forthrightly and without intention to deceive, mislead, or change the meaning of words. Otherwise, he should resign now and take the rap for President Clinton.

I am convinced we have not yet scratched the surface of this national security scandal exposed by these most recent revelations.

This administration obviously wanted nothing to interfere with developing good relations with China. While it was soliciting and accepting campaign contributions from China, it was dragging its feet on investigating the most egregious espionage operation China had ever succeeded in pulling off in the U.S., a breach of security which could potentially put the lives of millions of Americans at great risk.

This is without doubt the worst example yet of how this administration has put its own selfish motives above the national security interest of the country and above the protection of American lives.

The American people and the Congress must demand the President be held accountable for this gross dereliction of duty.

I guess the question is, what can we do? Im not sure there is anything we can do except inform the American people and let public outrage solve the problem. And why are we in Congress so limited in what we can do?

The Founding Fathers never envisioned we would have a president who would do these kinds of things and act in these ways. This is why the Constitution gives the president great latitude of action in carrying out his duties and why he is protected from the other branches of government by the separation of powers.

John Adams, on his first night in the newly constructed White House, wrote to his wife, and spoke of the expectations of all the founders during that time: May none but honest and wise men rule under this roof, he wrote.

There was an assumption the American people would always elect presidents with a basic level of morality, honesty and integrity, who out of patriotism would always put the welfare of the country above any personal ambitions for power or glory.

This president knew he was covering up information vital to the safety and well-being of every Americanthat China had stolen from us the advanced technology which would give them the capability to kill millions of Americans in multiple cities with just one missile. He knew it.

In 1945, World War II was ended when atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Each explosion destroyed an entire city, killing tens of thousands. The death toll at Hiroshima was about 75,000 from that 15 kiloton nuclear bomb.

Just think...that with the technology that the President has transferred to China and what China has stolen and the President has covered up, China is now capable of producing a 150 kiloton bomb small enough to fit ten of them on top of one missile, each bomb targeted at a different American city with accuracy and reliability. Just extrapolating the numbers, that--in theory--is enough destructive power to kill as many as 7,500,000 Americanswith just one missile.

And, due to this president who stopped our national missile defense effort, we have no defense. We have a president who acts as if he doesnt care...about us.

So finally, Mr. President, let me repeat the six proven incontrovertible facts:

1. President Clinton hosted over 100 campaign fundraisers in the White House, many with Chinese connections.

2. President Clinton used John Huang, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, James Riady, and others with strong Chinese ties to raise campaign money.

3. President Clinton signed waivers to allow his top campaign fundraisers aerospace company to transfer U.S. missile guidance technology to China.

4. President Clinton covered up the theft of our most valuable nuclear weapons technology.

5. President Clinton lied to the American people over 130 times about our nations security while he knew Chinese missiles were aimed at American children.

6. President Clinton single-handedly stopped the deployment of a national missile defense system, exposing every American life to a missile attack, leaving America with no defense whatsoever against an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Again, it doesnt matter whether President Clinton did these things for Chinese campaign contributions because the motive for aiding and abetting our adversaries is not important. The fact is President Clinton did it and he knew exactly what he was doing.

Im not a lawyer, Mr. President, but I have to ask, could President Clinton have been tried for impeachment for the wrong crime?

Why am I here telling the truth about the President? Because no one else will. They know this president will lie with such conviction that the American people will continue to believe him and they dont want to take the risk.

Yesterday at the McLean Bible Church, the sermon was about risk. They all came back from Canaan with reports of certain defeat...except for Kaleb who said we could win. God left the Israelites to languish in the desert and sent Kaleb to the promised land. But with all these lessons we just dont learn.

Henry Ward Beecher said it a different way. He siad, I dont like those cold precise people who in order not to say wrong, say nothing...and in order not to do wrong, do nothing. So somebody has to tell the truth about this President....We cant all be appeasers. An appeaser is a guy who throws his friends to the alligator in hopes that the alligator will eat him last.

Hiram Mann said, No man survives when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails, and those who cry appease, appease are hanged by those they tried to please.

Truth will ultimately prevail...its just stubborn. Winston Churchill said, Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is.

Mr. President, everything I have said during the course of the last 30 minutes is absolutely true. I hope America is listening. Weve got a nation to save.


-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 15, 1999.

Thanks MinnesotaSmith - a very worrying situation, I don't have any sons but if I did....

Mb - yep, as I think a pointed out, espionage by the Chinese has been rampant since the Reagan years, there is much more information on this aspect of the game in the political intrigue archives...

Nikoli, a superb article, do you have any more by this author? Is it online?

Awaiting developments ... :(

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.


Here's a little tidbit which relates to you post. Last week it was reported that the politicos, military officials, and bureaucrates in Serbia were moving their families out of the country. NATO official gloated that this indicates a collapse of morale within Serbia. I don't buy it. I suspect, rather, that it portends a significant escalation in the war. Just where the escalation will come from or where it will occur, I don't have a clue. The most plausible scenario is a coup d'etat in Montenegro. But, it could be almost anything, anywhere. Next few days should be enormously interesting.

-- No No (, May 15, 1999.

No No--that is indeed an ominous development. NATO seems determined to escalate this into a worldwide conflict, first the bombing of the civilian convoys, then the Chinese embassy and hospital, now more convoys of civilians and an entire Albanian village. I really believe we have already entered WW-III, it's just not widely recognized yet.

Andy, the story came from There are links to other stories and to the New Australian homepage from there. I found them through a hotlink from another forum.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 15, 1999.

Thanks Nikoli,

from another thread

Make of this what you will....... from Jeff Rense/sightings

US/NATO Total Invasion Of Yugoslavia About To Start?

Note - We CANNOT confirm the total accuracy of this message but it comes from usually reliable sources and we are passing it along for your information.

From: Aleksandar Slavkovic [] Sent: Thursday, May 13, 1999 10:05 AM

To: Subject: FYI - forward it to your mailing lists


This is a warning. There is a possibility that NATO is preparing a staged massacre of Albanian refugees to get the excuse to attack Yugoslavia from all sides and in that way defy the decisions made by the US Congress. We could witness new Markale.

There are indications that NATO is preparing the ground offensive on Yugoslavia as a whole and not only on Kosovo. According to the information received from Macedonia and Albania all the Albanian refugees are evacuating from the border areas and are being replaced with NATO troops. Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania were all forced to sign the documents allowing the NATO troops to launch the ground attack from their territories. CNN has sent three full crews to Albania equipped with satellite broadcasting equipment. Knowing their reputation they always get sent to the crisis area "before" anything starts so that they can prepare for the coverage of the "unexpected" event. There are also indications that NATO is preparing to arrange a false "massacre of the innocent Albanian refugees" that will be used as a excuse for the attack. Our sources say that it will be probably done as a bombing of a refugee camp in Albania or Macedonia.

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

I have read the post copied from the Why is this not being discussed anywhere else? I have not seen it in AP, Reuters, ect. Anyone else seen this anywhere?

-- smfdoc (, May 15, 1999.

Do not forget that while the North Koreans are massing their forces along the DMZ, our Pacific Carrier Battle Group is sailing around the eastern Mediterrainean and the Adriatic, using its resources to bomb Serbs and Kosovars as part of Klinton's Balkan Debacle. And the Pentagon has announced that it will be unitl the end of summer earliest, before another carrier battle group can be deployed into the Pacific. And besides the aircraft carrier shortage, resupply and additional air and land forces aren't available because they have all been deployed to the Balkans.

If there is any more tempting time for the North Koreans before next January, this windfall of events is. If they wait to attack in January, they face winter difficulties. But they would face a US force and South Korean army possibly hamstrung by Y2K failure. But if they attack before the return of the carrier group, they can catch the US and South Korean forces in a situation of no real chance reinforcement or resupply before they are effectively cut-up by the North's forces.

The Korean situation looks like the prescription for a really humiliating military defeat for the US and its close ally, South Korea. And the US won't be able to do anything until it's too late, because our forces have been cut, overextended and undersupplied for the last six-plus years.

And as far as the draft being restarted; it's a given, be there war or peace. I recently had a conversation with a local Draft Board commisioner. Did you know they are still operating local Draft Boards? Seems that all the military services are so far behind their recruitment needs, the push is on for a peacetime draft to provide manpower for meeting minimum manning requirements. Look for it soon, too. Very soon.

It's cheaper to draft men (and women) than it is to compete in today's job market. And if you leadership wants to have the mechanism in place and tested to support Y2K needs, why not use a peacetime draft to get the system running?

Two hints to the wise:

1. If you're eligible and haven't registered, you need to. The penalties for failing to register are nothing compared to those for draft-dodging.

2. If you're really worried about getting drafted into the Army and being sent somewhere to fight, volunteer. Volunteer for the Coast Guard, Air Force or Navy in that order. Better to somewhat control your fate by serving in a branch of the military where you're not primarily cannon-fodder and there are job choices available to volunteers. Draftees get few choices about their military job. Infantry is the job most draftees are sent into.


-- Wildweasel (, May 15, 1999.



AP, Reuters, at the end of the day, are controlled, sad to say.

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.


The US forces on the Koreab border are gonna be mincemeat, no???

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

smfdoc--Jeffrey Nyquist has been all over the Koreans for quite a while now. This buildup started way back in December, long before the Kosovo situation blew up. Clinton was well aware of this potential disaster before he commited our forces to another front and pulled out the Aircraft carriers supporting our troops in Korea.

Andy, do you know if that sightings story predates the actual bombing of the Albanian village? I blew a fuse on too much media propoganda yesterday and called primestar and told them to come get the crap out of my yard. If I want to spend 60 bucks a month on lies and fantasy I'll just get it from blockbuster.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 15, 1999.


I read your last few comments after my first post went in. One thought comes to mind, my military security training and the levels of severity associated with classified materials.

Top Secret Nuclear info was always held to have the risk of "EXCEPTIONALLY GRAVE DAMAGE to the security of the United States". I fear we may get to see that proven in the not too distant future. Maybe not this year or even next year, but I don't give it much hope beyond that.


-- Wildweasel (, May 15, 1999.

WW, agree wholeheartedly. I don't think we have rats ass of a chance of escaping a nuclear attack over the next three years.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 15, 1999.


Your comments on timing are very interesting. If the Korean thing goes down, then the US will be faced with the nasty prospect of counter-attacking in the middle of winter. Any thoughts?

-- No No (, May 15, 1999.

Andy, having looked at a couple of Korea scenarios fleshed out by a couple of decent strategy authors (titles and auth's escape me at the moment) mincemeat or at least speed bumps. the considered opinions I have seen suggests that they have to hold out for about 17-22 days, assuming we drag all of the reserve airlift capability, reserves etc. into action AS SOON AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. If they don't make at least the 17 day mark, we will get back to Seoul, but the journey will start at the front of landing craft.


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 15, 1999.

The piece I posted was probably written before the 14th of may.

It struck a chord with me ref. the CNN teams flying out - the same thing happened in Irag - I remember Christianne Amanpour on a rooftop, live, waiting for the first incoming cruise missiles on prime time TeeVee. CNN had flown out and set up shop days before on this hotel rooftop. They knew EXACTLY when and where the first missiles would hit.

Amanpour drove for 12 hours non-stop from jordan or wherever to get to the hotel "in time".

I believe that CNN will also be the prime propagandists for Clinton in Kosovo too. It's all too pat, too orchestrated.

On Korea, I believe Clinton wants the North to attack. He has left the door wide open for them. The US forces there will be sacrificed, annihilated.

Why would he do this?

His masters' plans include amongst other things, promoting world political and military instability.


there will be so much chaos, financial, wars, computers, "terrorism", you name it, that the US will meekly accept martial law, even demand it.

"Protect us" please, we want our jobs back, our SUV's, our McDonalds. But what will they sign away for this?

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

"Andy, do you know if that sightings story predates the actual bombing of the Albanian village? I blew a fuse on too much media propoganda yesterday and called primestar and told them to come get the crap out of my yard. If I want to spend 60 bucks a month on lies and fantasy I'll just get it from blockbuster."

Yep the propaganda is something to behold.

What bombing af an Albanian village? I'm not up to speed on this as much as I would like, working long hours and sleeping in my off time...


-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

This comes from Jeff Rense's site: (Please help with hotlink)

It sounds especially belligerent. The rhetoric indicates that Kim Jong Il realizes that he has no place in a world envisioned by NATO. All leads me to believe that this thing actually may go down. Got TP?

[begin] N. Korean Radio- War More Likely Since US/NATO Attacks Began

North Korean radio said in a commentary on Saturday that the threat of war in the Korean peninsula had increased since NATO began its military action against Yugoslavia. Excerpts from the commentary follow: The danger of war has grown more acute on the Korean peninsula since the US-led NATO forces began air- striking Yugoslavia. The United States' notorious war maniacs and government-patronized media clamoured for heightened vigilance against us and preparations for any contingency, driving the situation to the brink of war. A few days ago US Secretary of Defence Cohen uttered gunpowder- smelling rash remarks when he testified at the US Congress, saying that the US Department of Defence is closely watching the situation on the Korean peninsula, that the bomber planes of the US mainland are in a posture for instant sorties to the Korean peninsula whenever necessary, and that the Department has taken diverse complementary measures to maintain strong deterrence on the Korean peninsula. The chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff also raved that he has already taken various measures to cope with North Korea's provocation and that the United States is able to take countermeasures instantly... USA "lighting fuse" of a new war The US imperialists deployed the Apache helicopters, which are planned for use in military operations against Yugoslavia, to the puppet army's air assault exercise in Hongch'on in the South Korean part of Kangwon Province, which is close to the Military Demarcation Line. Facts show that the US imperialists' military exercises have reached a very dangerous level. Meanwhile, the puppet clique is encouraged by these US manoeuvres and ordered the puppet army to assume full military readiness concerning the Yugoslavia situation and has frantically accelerated war preparations... These urgent military moves ... clearly show how the US imperialist war maniacs are recklessly running amok to light the fuse of a new war of aggression as they did in Yugoslavia. Source: Central Broadcasting Station, Pyongyang, in Korean 15 May 99 BBC Monitoring (, based in Caversham in southern England, selects and translates information from radio, television, press, news agencies and the Internet from 150 countries in more than 70 languages. [End]

-- No No (, May 15, 1999.

Re: Korea. Korea is not a 'close ally.' American presence is not to defend Korea. American presence is to have American presence in Asia. Japan will not tolerate more American military presense and no one else will tolerate it. The Philippines threw the USAF and USN out about 8 years ago.

If the Joint Chiefs are truly concerned, why have the dependents of American servicemembers not been quietly evacuated from Korea? The removal could have been justified as budget cutting and done at an even and quiet pace.

There are more civilian workers, wives and children of servicemembers in Korea and Japan than there are front-line combat people.

-- PNG (, May 16, 1999.

Make of this what you will...

Yugoslavs Charge NATO Jet Insignia Deception And Ploy 5-15-99

Note - This email adds to the theory that there may be some type of event, or series of human rights abuses and events, staged just prior to NATO declaring the need for a ground invasion of Yugoslavia. We cannot verify the material in this report but post it as in indicator of the type of information now coming from Yugoslavia. Use discretion when reading this and stories from ALL sides in this conflict.

From Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World Dear Friends,

We are writing You this letter because media blockade that western governments applied on our country will prevent You from knowing about the terrible massacre that yesterday took place on Kosovo and Metohija. NATO found new way in "preventing" the humanitarian catastrophe caused by their bombs, on 14.05.1999 NATO airplanes for the second time bombed the Albanian refugee convoy which was moving from the Macedonian border back to inner Kosovo. People who were going back to their homes were brutally bombed with cluster bombs. More than 100 people were killed in this incident, bodies burned beyond recognition were scattered around village of Korisa where this crime took place. Eyewitnesses said to television that they were just beginning to sort their life to normal and were happy to return to their houses when hell from sky fall upon their heads.

In relation with this tragic story we would like to inform You about a rather disturbing e-mail from Croatia. A women from Croatia eye- witnessed that for the last few days NATO pilots are practicing on Croatia,s "Galeb" and "Jastreb" airplanes. These are the jets that stayed in military arsenal of Croatia after braking of former Yugoslavia. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has jets of same type in their arsenal. The aim of this operation is bombing of refugee camps in Albania and Macedonia. NATO's idea is to paint the planes in FRY Air Force colors and insignia, bomb the refugee camps and blame the Serbian side for that. The purpose of this plan is to get a REALLY good reason for the ground troops operation and to get public opinion in favor of such operation. Several facts confirm this information: 1. For days NATO has intensified the relocation of refugees from the border regions of Albania and Macedonia further inland.2. The arrival of NATO airplanes into Albania and Skopje is not covered by TV reports as before (business associate in Macedonia confirmed that the number of transport aeroplanes arriving to Skopje has significantly increased).3. Christian Amanpour (CNN) has arrived to Albania. Besides Croatia Air Force there are few sources from which these types of planes could be available. It is well known that several collectors from USA bought these planes from the Air Force Museum in Belgrade. Some of the African countries had these planes in their arsenal because they were very reliable and relatively cheap types of plane.

This kind of scenario was already seen in Bosnia. In august 1995 somebody shelled biggest market place in Sarajevo called Markale. There were more than 70 Muslim civilians dead. CNN led by Christian Amanpour and other western media immediately accused Serbian side for this massacre. Not for a long time after this NATO bombed Bosnian Serbs. A year after that when the war in Bosnia was over Muslim government in Sarajevo admitted that they were responsible for this crime and that they did it in alliance with western media. They killed their own people in order to give NATO justification for action against Bosnian Serbs.

We would like to apologize You for any inconvenience this e-mail might caused You, but media blockade of our country led us to this desperate step in order to help our people and our country who were satanized by that same media. Please visit web-site Sincerely Yours,

Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World

-- Andy (, May 16, 1999.

Question for PNG,

Good point.

What happens if US servicemen's families are killed in South Korea?

What will the US public's reaction be?

-- Andy (, May 16, 1999.

Some points here (in reverse order, 'cause it's late and I need to get to sleep soon):

PNG - sorry friend, but the American forces in Korea are intentionally meant to be a 'tripwire force' (i.e. they die bringing the US into any war on the side of South Korea) and are publicly advertised as such in military circles. The reasons no civilian evacuation has been initiated are most likely twofold: a. any attempt to do so would have to be done in the open and would crank up tensions ENORMOUSLY, and might lead the N.K.s to try a preemptive strike in order to prevent what would be seen as an upcoming attack. Remember you're dealing with rank paranoids up there. b. the current federal administration is clueless concerning the koreas.

Chuck - I think your analysis is a bit overly optimistic - three weeks might cut it if there wasn't a major altercation elsewhere drawing off men and material. As it is, I'd suggest a minimum of 45 days to any sort of effective reinforcement...can you say large scale Reserve and Guard mobilizations? a real 'come as you are war' to use an old cliche'.

WW - agree with your analysis entirely. *sigh* some good folks are very likely gonna die over there because of their commander in chief's incompetence.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 16, 1999.

Arlin: I agree on the tripwire concept among military minds. It's the political will to back-up the tripwire that worries me. The military still answers to the political will of the Commander-in-Chief. Korea is politicallyexpendable. The American people and the U.S. Congress don't give a rat's ass about South Korea. Just as we know they didn't give a rat's ass about the people of South Vietnam. The military people there are cannon fodder in waiting.

The strategic thinking that allowed (and allows) accompanied tours to Korea and Japan is foolhardy.

But the U.S. built 'Little America' everywhere with schools, school teachers, daycare centers, GS-15 email pushers, sports arenas, golf courses, travel agencies, car dealerships, gambling casinos/slot machines, video stores, fast-food franchises and contracts with U.S. companies for telecommunications, internet access, clothing boutiques, family counseling centers, bowling centers, flower shops, bookstores, legal services, tax services, etc.

The U.S. miltary presence of today is not the presence of yesterday. It is a business. The civilians outnumber the military members. The base commanders are business managers and focus more on budget and 'community relations' matters than on operational matters.

-- PNG (, May 16, 1999.

I did read that the US civilian presence in South Korea did go through an evacuation exercise in the past week or so. They were airlifted to Japan in the exercise. I can't remember where I read it, but it was on the net.

-- marsh (, May 16, 1999.

Have you all thought about him just "wanting" to give up South Korea... Think about it... ***IF*** the chinese really control clintoon then it would be in *their* benefit to see us getting slaughtered.

Billy gets his wishes once again...

-- STFrancis (, May 16, 1999.

I don't know what kind of evacuation exercise they have planned, but for those troops in the forward firebases it will be non-existant. They will have so much incoming rocket and artillery fire all they will be able to do is hide in bunkers and foxholes until they are over run. Also the N. Koreans have dug hundreds of tunnels under the DMZ over the years, stopping just short of the surface. The seismic monitors the U.S. has deployed to monitor these will be useless during an artillery barrage and our troops will find themselves already surrounded and cut off when the barrage lifts. There are also thousands of N. Korean agents in S. Korea who will be actively blowing bridges and cutting communication-power lines coordinated with any attack. If past history is any indicator the N. Koreans will sacrafice thousands of troops to blast through the DMZ, and I would estimate they could do it in a single day given the troop strength available to them. At any rate the one thing they cannot do is get bogged down in a bottle neck, stalling their attack and allowing the U.S. to re-enforce. When they come it will be an all out blitz with multiple corridors, probably utilizing naval landings to move masses of troops around the DMZ to link up with ground units on the far side. I know they don't have a Force of landing craft, but any moron can run a dozen or two freighters packed full of infantry aground, and suddenly you have a division behind you. S. Korea is going to be nearly parylized to respond by the millions of refugees jamming the roads fleeing south as hundreds of thousands of N. Koreans pour through multiple corridors blasted through the DMZ. Excepting mop up operations I think they can take the entire country in four or five days. Ian Flemming has a really good novel called Red Oktober which details this invasion scenario. the bottom line is we couldn't have stopped them even with the carrier groups, but at least we could have bought time for some of our forces to retreat and evacuate. Now they'll all just die.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 16, 1999.

And yet another state of the art weapons system from Russia with Love. To be added to the list, Worlds' fastest attack submarines, World's most advanced mobile or stationary ICBM, Worlds'only funtional and deployed Anti missile defense system, World's largest and most advanced nuclear missile cruiser, World's longest range anti aircraft missile system with anti stealth capability, World's longest range and fastest fighter bomber, World's largest fleet of ICBM equipped boomers, Worlds' only missile launched vertical attack torpedo, and now, TA-DA--DRUM ROLL PLEASE, FROM YOUR FRIENDLY SOVIET WEAPONS LABS AND THE GOOD FOLKS AT IMF......

Scientist Claims Russia Has Built Uniquely Fast Submarine Missile 5-15-99

MOSCOW, May. 14, 1999 -- (Agence France Presse) Russia has built a uniquely fast submarine missile which can travel at more than 200 knots (230 miles /368 kilometers per hour) and penetrate the defenses of all the world's fleets, a report said Thursday. Itar-Tass news agency was quoting the head of the REGION state research institute, which developed the missile, as it was preparing to celebrate Friday its 30th anniversary. The new missile is both fast and very effective from a technical and tactical point of view, Itar-Tass said. It has a built-in target- seeking system which would foil all attempts to escape the missile or repel it, Yevgeny Shakhijanov was quoted as saying. "Our missile can deliver a quick and devastating blow to the hull of its target and can be used in very shallow water," he said. "When it is seeking its target, the missile operates with its engines off," he said. ( (c) 1999 Agence France Presse)

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 16, 1999.

Key thing about my Korea experience is that we spent lots of time practicing using nuclear weapons to stop a North Korean invasion of the South. If tactical nukes are used by US forces, then about fifteen minutes after the North begins an attack their staging areas, forward and main supply areas and key choke points would be vaporized. After that it would be a mopping-up operation against any forces that got across the DMZ.

But that was back in the late seventies and again in the late eighties when I was stationed in Korea. As we know, things are dreadfully different today. I doubt news that North Korean troops were in downtown Seoul would prompt Klinton to give authorization to use nukes which are stationed in South Korea for stopping such an invasion.

I wonder what South Korean leadership thinks their chances of getting long-promised protection under the "US nuclear umbrella" really are these days. And what other countries bound to us in treaties would do if they see us failing to defend our allies as pledged. How long would they stay in any agreement with us if we let South Korea burn?

I'm afraid we might see a dreadful repeat of the overrunning of US forces at bases throughout South Korea. The atrocities committed then may be repeated to our young men and women stationed there now, and upon their families. For those who don't know, do some research on what happened at Osan Air Base when it was overran. I'ts a very grisly and heartbreaking story, and it doesn't need a replay.

Strangely, if there's a wildcard involved in an invasion of the South by North Korea, it's what will the North Korean troops do when they get across the border and start finding, even in the least wealthy households, all the trappings of life in modern South Korea: cars, TVs, stereos, refrigerators, extra clothes and shoes and plentiful food? Will they keep attacking south? Turn into a looting mob which tries to take everything home to the North?

Or would they spontaneously regroup and begin attacking North to get at the leaders who've lied to them for years about how bad things are in South Korea and why they needed to fight a war to "liberate" the poor South Koreans and "raise them" to the living standards of the North Korean people. If there is one nation's leadership which has lied to its people more than ours, it's North Korea. If we think we have a population that might go on the warpath against its leaders if the truth gets out, North Korea might be the only place in the world where it's more so.


-- Wildweasel (, May 16, 1999.

Weasel, if BJ were to call out tac nuke strikes in the Korean scenario you have outlined, and supposing those strikes were tactically successful in stopping the invasion, what do you see as the geopolitiacl "fallout" or strategic response from other powers, etc. ??

- Curious Bluepoint Himalayan Showcat

-- Blue Himalayan (bh@k2.y), May 16, 1999.

Here is todays worldnetdaily article by Nyquist who now writes for them. He earlier reported that N. Korea had its special forces slip into Japan recently ready to destabilize its infrastructure.

Is a military offensive being contemplated?

) 1999

"Only the offensive leads to the attainment of victory over the enemy," wrote Col. Sidorenko, a Soviet military strategist in the 1970s. "As a type of combat, the offensive has incontestable advantages over the defense." Why is the offensive so incontestably superior?

Sidorenko explained, "The attacker has broad capabilities for launching surprise strikes, for the rapid exploitation of the results of nuclear attacks. ..."

On Dec. 15, in a Washington Times op-ed piece, J. Michael Waller broke a mainstream media taboo. He noted that Russia's new hard-line leaders had been "spending their time and money preparing for ... nuclear war against the United States and its allies."

Waller's statement, of course, is correct. As crazy as it sounds, the Russians have been preparing for a Third World War, even as Russia's leaders have warned that such a war may be imminent. In recent years, the Russians have built huge underground shelters, bunkers, and nuclear-proof cities. Under Yamantau Mountain in the Urals, the Russians have built an underground city the size of metropolitan Washington. But that is not all the Russians have done.

According to Bill Lee, a former official with the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Russians have 10,000 to 12,000 ABMs defending their country. These ABMs have been deceptively described to the outside world as Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs), but as Lee told me in Washington last February, many of these so-called SAMs can carry one-megaton warheads far above the earth's atmosphere. Lee also explained how a special type of nuclear warhead, which puts out x-ray radiation, could be used in these "SAMs" to kill American nuclear warheads as they travel towards Russia, along flight-paths outside the earth's atmosphere. Inside the earth's atmosphere, explained Lee, "the Russians would use interceptor missiles with neutron bombs. The peculiar characteristics of this warhead give it a better kill radius against warhead electronics."

Another peculiar move in recent months, the Russians have been upgrading 180 MiG-29s to what they call the MiG-29 SMT. The upgrade involves the addition of a fuel tank and in-flight refueling capabilities that would give the MiG-29 intercontinental range. Why the Russian Federation would need a jet fighter that could fly to Chicago is something curious. If you put this together with the stockpiling of strategic metals, food, and fuel, a more ominous picture begins to unfold.

Since the NATO bombing began against Yugoslavia, Russian war preparations have accelerated. Over 80,000 Russians have volunteered to fight the West. Last month, the Russian Defense Ministry called up a draft of 170,000 recruits. Russia also called up a large number of naval and marine reserves, which have been used to man Russia's Black Sea Fleet.

In terms of naval deployments, the Russians have mobilized their Northern, Pacific, Baltic and Black Sea fleets for unprecedented training exercises, which have been held almost continuously since 27 March. These exercises have involved marine amphibious landings, missile launches, and mock air-strikes.

But Russia is not alone in preparing for war. China, too, has been engaged in a serious buildup of forces opposite Taiwan. There is also China's invasion of the Spratly Islands, which are located more than 800 miles from China yet 140 miles from the Philippines. In January, Manila was alarmed to discover that the People's Liberation Army was erecting gun and anti-aircraft emplacements on Mischief Reef. The Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, Guan Dengming, insisted that China was merely constructing "shelters for fishermen." But a leading Philippine official countered this, saying, "We strongly believe a fortress is being built. ..." Philippine Defense Secretary Orlando Mercado stated that concrete buildings in the Spratlys "are beginning to look more like military structures rather than the so-called fisherman's refuge the Chinese claimed it to be." Mercado further accused China of bullying the Philippines, referring to recent Chinese moves as a "a creeping invasion."

As it happens, Taiwan's lifeline runs near to the Spratlys. On Jan.12 of this year, Taiwan President Lee, taking note of Beijing's obvious attempts to encircle his small island country, called on his fellow citizens "to raise their vigilance against the military threat from China." Four days earlier, on Jan. 8, Chinese President Jiang Zemin laid out the mission of the People's Liberation Army in a speech: "We must resolutely safeguard the unity of the motherland and the nation's territorial integrity."

Unity, of course, is the war cry of the Communist Chinese against the Nationalist Chinese on Taiwan. President Jiang also warned that the Chinese People's Liberation Army should prepare itself for two things: nuclear war and internal uprisings. Soon thereafter, in mid January, China conducted bomber and missile exercises in which Chinese forces practiced targeting American troops in the Far East. The Chinese have also announced radical changes in military doctrine. The Chinese Air Force was placed in "offensive mode" in January, and China's army doctrine was altered to one of global war-fighting.

Chinese war preparations have also been unmasked, more recently, by the United States Congress. The House select committee's long-awaited report, slated for release this week, describes the emergence of China as a serious military threat, claiming that: 1) China has stolen five of America's most modern nuclear warheads through "pervasive" spying at U.S. nuclear laboratories; 2) China has stolen satellite and missile technology; 3) China has illegally acquired supercomputers, telecommunications equipment, jet engines and sophisticated machine tools.

Meanwhile, in a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on defense, America's top general said last Tuesday that North Korea was continuing to strengthen its military, which is mobilized and poised to attack South Korea. According to General Henry Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, North Korea has deployed most of its one million troops near the South Korean border to prepare for war. "Despite its collapsed economy and struggle to feed its own population," explained Shelton, "the North Korean government continues to pour resources into its military and to pursue a policy of confrontation with South Korea and its neighbors in the region." Shelton further said that the threat from North Korea is serious.

In recent months the North Koreans, who are close allies of Moscow and Beijing, have declared, "The United States will [soon] be reduced to ashes and will no longer exist. ..." North Korean headlines from the first week of 1999 proclaimed that: "U.S. Imperialist Aggressors Will Be Unable to Avoid Annihilating Strikes." Another North Korean newspaper stated that the Americans would be wiped "from this planet for good." In the New Year's message of the North Korean government, the Communists called on their citizens to "love rifles, earnestly learn military affairs and turn the whole country into an impregnable fortress."

South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung, fearing the Communist threat, warned his people to be ready for a surprise attack from the North.

While the Far East appears on the brink of war, the Middle East is equally bad. Intelligence International has reported that Saddam Hussein recently sent a memorandum to "senior staff in the party, state, and the army." The memorandum says that war is imminent. It says that "the showdown with the United States is not far away." Further along, Hussein promises a "crucial confrontation that will end in Iraq's favor." Saddam's memo also stated: "Iraq will confront -- with determination, vigor, and a devastating response that will be remembered throughout history -- the latest U.S. attempt to inflict harm on it."

Small countries like Iraq and North Korea could not, by themselves, defeat the United States in any kind of war. However, if Iraq and North Korea are supported by the Russian-Chinese alliance, then we are talking about World War III. In that event, all bets are off. Presently the United States is not prepared for a global war, and is certainly unprepared to fight a nuclear war.

From the statements of Iraqi and North Korean officials, one might get the idea that these small countries know that something is about to happen. The Iraqi and North Korean statements, as quoted above, seem to indicate that weapons of mass destruction will be used against the United States and its allies.

"A massed nuclear strike is a strike inflicted by a large number of nuclear weapons simultaneously," wrote Col. Sidorenko in his book, The Offensive. "Its goal is the destruction of enemy means of nuclear attack, the inflicting of destruction on the main formations of his troops, and disorganization of the rear, economy, and troop control."

Is a military offensive against the U.S. being contemplated by Russia, Iraq, North Korea and China?

To this question there is only one right answer. Let's not get it wrong.

-- BB (, May 17, 1999.

-- Andy (, May 17, 1999.

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