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I have been lurking for awhile . I have found this site very useful and informative. Iwas listening to the radio in the car when I heard an advertisement for NCR they claimed to do work for 75% of the worlds banks {ATM's , and the like}, and many of the bar code scanners in retail stores and supermarkets. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about NCR and how far along they were in their remediation process and if they had any idea on their embedded chips

-- Richard bush (, May 14, 1999


I work on the Y2K project in a bank. We have NCR machines, and much of the compliant status in an ATM derives from the software that drives and monitors the ATM. This is the banks' EFT vendor. Much of the remediation and testing has been done for many of the EFT vendors, both for my bank and the colleagues that I have talked to. Also, NCR has on their website a white paper that describes exactly what configuration you need to make the ATM Y2K compliant, for I believe their current product line and a few older ones. These have been tested by NCR, as well as having to be tested in the Banks' environment with its EFT software. Then it is just a matter of installing the needed configuration, testing the configuration, testing the ATM for Y2K, and rolling out the upgrades. (My bank is in the last stage. Target date of June 21.)

hope I helped.

-- newlurker (, May 14, 1999.

I've done several NCR POS terminals. I can say those I've done (designed and written the firmware for) are compliant, but of course this applies to the terminals *only*, not to any software that might be running on them.

-- Flint (, May 14, 1999.

Attaboy Flint,

like the way you couched your statement :)

-- Andy (, May 14, 1999.

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