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With internet moving so rapidly in Singapore, in no time, E-commerce, E-mail in every household, video conferencing, sale of product thru the web....digital will eventually be controlling our future, no matter whether we like it or not! Photography will eventually be digital - that's my bet? It's already happening now. Should we create a section specially for digital photography? I think it will be interesting to know of any digital creation and problems. Pro and cons.... how can we get mileage from digital that will help us in our work and business? Cost saving.....(very much I think)? No matter we like it or not, it's something that will have to be discussed later.Hope to have some contribution. Tommy

-- Tommy Ng (cupid22@singnet.com.sg), May 14, 1999


Digital Photography Course for Beginners

The course is divided into three modules and is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to get started in Digital Photography. Participants are given hands on lessons, learning how to make great pictures, crop, print, transfer photos to the computer. They will be able to share their photos with friends, colleagues and family members using the Internet.

Participants need not have to own a digital camera or a computer when attending the first lesson. The course instructor will give guidiance to acquire the most appropriate digital camera according to individual needs.

Participants without computer knowledge/experiences are also welcome to attend the course as one to one personal coaching on the fundamental basics on computer literacy will be provided prior to commencement of the course at minimum cost. Individuals interested in the course are advised to start with Module One before proceeding to Module Two and Three.

Course Content: 1. Basic Digital Photography Technique 2. Picture Composition 3. The Digital Darkroom 4. Getting the shot 5. Understanding Lighting 6. Holiday digital photos 7. Creating Black and White 8. Using Coloured filters 9. Prints Scans and Special effects 10. Making online photo albums

Module One: 5 sessions Module Two: 5 sessions Module Three: 5 sessions

Course Facilitator/Instructor: Current Editor, Photographer & Teacher for well known PC Magazine with 15 years experiences.

Course Fee: S$199.00 per Module Total Number of sessions per Module: Five Time/Date: Every Tuesday 7pm to 9pm (Two hours per session) Total Number of Hours per Module: 10 hours

Certification: Certificate of Completion for each Module will be awarded to students who have at least 80% attendances.

For more information and brochure call or email Inoue School of Language and Art Pte Ltd 1, Sophia Road, #04-01 Peace Centre Singapore 228149 Tel: (65)63333318 Fax: (65)63333308 Email: photography@inoue.com.sg

-- Inoue School of Language and Art (photography@inoue.com.sg), May 22, 2002.

The digital age is at hand. With so many photography activities around here such as forums, competitions and locally published magazines, awareness is the theme.

Recently came across a photodigital forum too.

Enjoy: http://digiphotoclub.com

-- Wen Li (wenli@hotpop.com), April 03, 2004.

yes i think digital little bit castly from the anloge photography, in future years it will redused from the anloge, today also i have face this. because i will give one negative print 12x8 size in indian Rs.30/-, that same size digital print i will give a cd JPEG formet file they will charge 20/- so it reduced, and time saving is must for future photography, so i like digital photography. Because i a photographer, now also i will working a large farmet digital&laser lab in india, at tamil nadu. thank you manivannan, visit our web site: www.kumbakonamsvps.com email:praveen_digital2003@yahoo.com

-- Manivannan (praveen_digital2003@yahoo.com), December 03, 2004.

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