What should the final report look like after running test2000? Its in German and I cannot understand. Thanks.

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I ran the test2000 on my computer, however, the final result looks chinese to me because the answers are in German. Please send me a copy, or put a copy of what the results should be when this has completed its run. You may also consider giving advice if this is good or bad results. Thanks for your assistance. Jennifer.

OOOPS... my e-mail is trendhar not trendharwar, please delete the first request. Thanks.

-- Jennifer Millingen (trendhar@bellsouth.net), May 14, 1999


Please use one of the other tools on the Y2K websites, whose are in english. The next update of the Homepage will include NORTON 2000 - a tool for PC-RTC and BIOS-checking with an included FIX in case of problems.

-- Martin Loesch (martin.loesch@wuerth.com), May 24, 1999.

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