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There are great things coming to Doula.Com! We have aquired some new web hosting space with some nice new capabilities, and we'll be putting it to use soon! So keep an eye out.

We are now offering a new service just for doula's on the Internet -- free web hosting and email addresses. You can now request your choice of email address - "", and/or to host your website here - "".

So is your doula website still found under your Internet Provider's address? Time to move it! Why be when you could have or :)

Of course, there are some terms and conditions --

(1) We are trying to build a community of childbirth related activity. So free websites must be childbirth related! We would be proud to end up hosting personal doula websites, doula groups and organizations, childbirth educators, midwives and other childbirth related websites.

(2) Because it's free, sites are limited in size to 5 Megabytes. This includes all email and website content. ( This is a huge amount of space compared to the average doula website. )

For our own protection, these terms I've listed above are subject to change at any time without notification to you, and we provide no warranties of any type on any services!

For your protection, your privacy is very important to us and we will guard it. We will never give out any information you give us without your permission.

For your websites protection, you can relax knowing the web and email servers are in an environmentally and power protected secure facility, and are connected to the Internet through multiple extremely high speed providers.

If you are interested in a free website or email address, just send us an email at

Thanks, Mike

-- Mike Clemens (, May 14, 1999


Iwould like to have a web site the community I live in is a little slow in getting the idea about Doula's. I need all the help I can get.

-- fran slafky (, April 07, 2000.

I would like more information about all this... I am a doula in a small community, and have no idea how to get my name out there. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

-- Wantina (, October 01, 2002.

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