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Just re-posting this as it struck a chord with me.

"I work at a company - believe me when I tell you youve heard of it - and weve had some major failures of "compliant" applications. We are so far behind on testing certain FUNDAMENTAL processes that I dont see how we can possibly finish in time. Do you think Im going to tell the world about it? Of course not! The last thing I need is right now is to lose my job. Besides which, my company has enough lawyers, guns and money to - well, I dont even want to think. Our PR machine is massive and ever vigilant. And lets not forget something else. When it comes right down to it, do I want to be the person to cause the inevitable bankrun/stock market crash? Hell, I cant even take it when my brother gets mad at me for suggesting he buy firewood. Mr. Poole, you have a rosy picture of the world and the people in it. Everyone is honest, everyone works hard, everyone is loyal. No one is afraid, no one is greedy, no one makes mistakes. Youd better pray to God youre right.

-- Very Concerned in Silicon Valley (, May 11, 1999."

As an ex-VISA employee, I think Very Concerned works for VISA.

His/her mention of a banking meltdown gave the game away.

"Suppose I had the balls to come out publicly about my company with some information that would point towards a major banking meltdown."

If anyone is interested in a previous thread on this - check out the "VISA is toast" thread in the Banking archives.

Care to comment Very Concerned? - perhaps we used to work together :)


Using AMEX and buying Gold and Silver ;)

-- Andy (, May 14, 1999



>Using AMEX and buying Gold and Silver ;)

Ummm...why use Amex if you think Visa is going to fail? If Visa does fail it'll be MONTHS before they come after you looking to get paid (if at all).


-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), May 14, 1999.

Um, just in case you didn't know, this is the same teenage prankster (NotaLot2Lose) that is taunting Mr. Poole on another thread. Yeah, right.

-- Betty (, May 14, 1999.

Tech 32,

yeah you're right, if one goes they will all go, I just like AMEX, never any problems (so far), pay the bill every month, no outragous interest rates.

-- Andy (, May 14, 1999.

Andy, could you elaborate a little more on your comment about if one goes they all go? Thanks in advance!

-- Globular (, May 15, 1999.

I was referring to credit card companies - the big ones, VISA MC AMEX DISCOVER etc, they are all linked, it's a house of cards...

-- Andy (, May 15, 1999.

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