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Thought I'd pass this along. (Apologies if this is old info--I'm new to the issue.)

Listings of state (and D.C.) compliance information from state CIOs is available at

Some of the states look like they're making okay progress. But some truly disturbing cases as well. The status is broken down into percent complete of the stages assessment, renovation, validation, implementation, and compliance.

**D.C. is 5% complete with remediation and validation** (no, that's not a typo). The last two columns are blank, and there is a comment at the bottom of the page that D.C. started its project in June 1998.

My feeling is that some places, companies, etc. may experience few problems. But unless *all* places are 100% complete, there is cause for concern about y2k (this includes the rest of the world as well). And it seems, as a whole, we aren't even close...

-- Misha (, May 13, 1999

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