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Sorry to post this on this forum (please forgive) but since I feel as though I know many of you (and I KNOW a LOT of you know much about computers) I'm wondering if some of you might be willing to provide me with a much needed assist solving a major scanner installation problem using Windows 95.

The only thing this has to do with Y2k is that the problem is keeping me from tasks needed for my business, i.e., work=money for preps and/or keeping a roof over our heads.

I've literally spent days on the phone (and have been charged for the privilege!) with both the computer manufacturer's and scanner manufacturer's tech support, and they are completely baffled. The next thing I plan to do is write letters to the CEO's of both companies.

Before I do that, if you can and are willing to help, guys and gals, please drop me an email?

Thanks in advance. Please don't post to this forum, since this is so O.T. I don't want to suck up any more server space.


-- FM (, May 13, 1999

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