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I'm partial to all the other dogs on this forum, natch. Since I agree with every word of The Dog's post on another thread and think it bears repeating, here goes:

"It always amazes me at the spectrum of OPINION regarding Year 2000. I believe that ANY number on the scale of one to ten has the capability to cause panic and death, just to what degree, and the circumstances surrounding the so-called number. We could have a "1" on Y2K and if some renegade in a foreign land decides a major US city needs to be a glass parking lot around 01/01/00, panic and death will become a reality.

The key is NOBODY knows what will befall us in 2000. We have lots of OPINIONS, a nebulous mix of facts, lies, predictions, and guesstimations. Only a fool would not prepare for the worst, just in case.

My entire life is put on hold until/if this millenium madness thing blows over because the most important thing to me is the preservation and security of my family. There are so many "luxury and comfort items" I have postponed purchasing this year as a result of my "ass hanging out in the breeze". I will never go back to the way it was. From now on I will be prepared for disaster and emergencies.

And anyone who tells you it is not necessary is a fool.

We are about to embark on a change of lifestyle, like it or not. Our wonderful government is pissing off our neighbor and trading partners on a daily basis. The world economy is in a shambles. It is only a matter of time before our glorious overvalued stock market plummets like a rock due to the outside pressures of the vast economy of the world. I have always been told that "no man is an island". Well no country is an island either. Not in the interconnected world we live in.

I hope Y2K is a non-issue. I hope the Yugoslavia situation is rectified. I hope Russia and China are not too pissed off at us, even though they announced they are forming an alliance. The world is a crazy place. Lots of things can and will happen. Are you prepared for what may come with the dawn???

snoozin' under the kitchen table....

The Dog

-- Dog (desert dog, May 12, 1999."

[A word of encouragement to everyone who feels burnt, ridiculed or just plan uncertain. Your preparations are nothing more than the recovery of a lifestyle that was routine for the founders of this country and, recently, for your then-younger grandparents and great-parents. You're standing in a great American tradition as well as for the future of that same tradition, which is worth defending and upholding. Take heart and complete your Y2K preparations over the next two months.]

-- BigDog (, May 13, 1999


Thanks for the re-post BD. You know it really is that cut and dried. Well said desert dog.

As I tell my canines all the time, "don't eat the yellow snow"! Newbies & Yourdonites, one must tread through a great deal of yellow snow on this forum. I admit I've fallen face-first in it more than my share of times. Posts such as the one above make the trek worthwhile.

-- Bingo1 (, May 13, 1999.

I have been "lurking" around this forum for awhile because I believe that the best prep information is offered here; and because I enjoy reading the discussions. I lived through the "Great Depression and WWII - both with their hardships - and I have done without a lot of things in my lifetime; including food, warm clothing, electricity and indoor plumbing. I have seen this country become the weathiest, most envied industrial nation in the world and I have watched us evolve into a "service" society; relinquishing our manufacturing base to countries overseas.

Could someone please answer this question for me because I seem to be missing some information. What difference does it make if every company in the United States is 100% compliant if we cannot get oil, raw materials, medicinal ingredients, clothing, etc. from the other countries who are not compliant? Wouldn't our economy be in chaos and won't this result in a recession, at best, and a depression at worst?

-- Nadine Zint (, May 13, 1999.

BD, I promise you that my post above was written simultaneously with this one.

It certainly is a mixture of thoughts and emotions that one experiences at this point. The y2k issue has been an interesting one and for me, very educational. As a private individual, my duty is so clear that there is no anxiety involved in the assessment and preparation.

If I were an official with any power, I would be troubled. They have many more subtle decisions to make, yet their information may be no better than what we trade on this forum. For local officals, it's probably safe to say that their intelligence information may be worse than what we trade.

Anyway, you and your pack of hounds seem to have a pretty good handle on things as represented by this post. If I read it right, you may share my concern that anyone who has so far put off prepping needs to be motivated to do it now and that the sources of such motivation may be minimal over the next few months.

So you prep-procrastinators, watch carefully where you stick your head in the sand . . . it just might be a geyser hole.

-- Puddintame (, May 13, 1999.


"Could someone please answer this question for me because I seem to be missing some information. What difference does it make if every company in the United States is 100% compliant if we cannot get oil, raw materials, medicinal ingredients, clothing, etc. from the other countries who are not compliant? Wouldn't our economy be in chaos and won't this result in a recession, at best, and a depression at worst?"

My thoughts exactly!

Puddintame... a geyser hole? Is that water drinkable? Maybe they're preping after all?

BD and Dog... I wish I could change my name to MikeDog or DesignDog or something just to show my support for your views. My mom, who lives next door to me, lived through the Depression and WWII and a first husband who beat her and left her with two young children and then death of my father (second marraige) when I was 13. She really raised her family as a single mom before single moms were fashionable. There is no doubt that we will get through what ever occurs.

Oh, and is it me or are we seeing a trend in people feeling they should have all their preps done before August/September? I've got an interesting vibe...

Mike akna DesignDog =======================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, May 13, 1999.

DesignDog (let me be the first to use the new handle) -

Yeah, Cory H. has commented that most preps really should be done by Sept at the latest. That's my current plan, certainly. June would have been great, but there were "external impacts" to the project plan. There always are...

Hey, mebbe I should become MacDog. MacDog... MacDog... "Then lay on, MacDog, and curst be he who cries 'Hold, enough!'" Hmmm....

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), May 13, 1999.

What is this, the bleachers? All we're missing is Hanford and Minifield.

errrr if you aren't from Cleveland, suffice it to say this looks like a Browns Backers convention, in the DAWG POUND.

And I simply couldn't resist....


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 13, 1999.

Aaah, this forum's goin' to the dogs...

-- Spidey (in@jam.commie), May 13, 1999.


You may be the only one who has it right, you've hit on the problem.

It makes some of the "preparation" out there seem foolish. If you are even close, the problem won't be TEOTWAWKI in Jan, it'll be teh really great depression, in June or 2001, or 2002, and who do you see that is preparing for that sort of thing?? Most people are (foolishly) preparing for being X number of months without food and electricity, after which they expect everything to somehow (magically) be returned to normal.

What you see IS the problem.

-- walt (, May 13, 1999.

Well, we could just append "Dog" to everyone's handle ..... (tho, as I've mentioned before, I should really be LittleDog, since I'm only 5' 5" in reel life). Chuck: will the new Cleveland football team still attract Dawgs?

My own confession is that I've been stuck at 90% of preps done for the past 30 days, yet some of that last 10% will make a serious difference in a number of untoward circumstances. Yes, get on the stick of off the bone or whatever and DO IT.

Done by August 15 at the latest makes a heck of a lot of sense to me.

-- BigDog (, May 13, 1999.

GRRRR!GRRRR! HI folks,just could'nt resist the temptation. Tired of lurking around on this here forum, thought it was about time to get a handle and throw down my 2 cents worth! I agree 100% with you BIG DOG and the rest of the pack! Fellow americans that continue to sit on their hindquarters and fail to do nothing are just asking for a world of hurt. Even if the rollover results in a non-event(which I seriously doubt that will happen), look at the SNAFU that's occurring right now! Take it from someone that's been where the SHTF and survived,absent a few pounds of flesh in various places and still plagued with dreams that no one should ever have. Anyone that does'nt adhere to the 3 B's will definitely not make it. I'll break it down for you, BEANS,BULLETS,and BAND-AIDS! Yep,suffice it to say I'm definitely pro-gun. Weapons saved my life many times as well as some of my amigos. Word to the wise folks,never run out of ammo,taking anothers life by knife or by hand is very messy and personal!

At any rate,keep up the good work folks,we all must come together once again to thwart the evil that lurks in the months ahead. Sad to say, it used to be that way, meaning that we used to communicate with each other alot more. Maybe it's time to revert back to the good ole days,I for one would welcome it with open arms! I would like to personally say thanks to the following:BIG DOG,THE DOG,PUDDINTAME,DIANNE SQIURE,GREYBEAR,CHUCK a night driver,ARLIN ADAMS,BARDOU,TAZ,OLD GIT,and of course DiEtER(BTW where's he been?)There's many others as well,GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


-- DEVIL DOG (, May 13, 1999.

What does a dog do on his day off? ( Love You dogs!)Mine are taking me out for a walk. Have a nice day! Aloha!

-- Justin Case (justin, May 13, 1999.

Justin Case...

Well, usually lay in the sun, scratch a few times, watch the pups play, drink something cool and just try to forget our worries. However, it's beginning to get dark and I hear my neighbors rustling around. Time to get together..... MILLER TIME!!....sorry, I mean time to form a pack.

The simile is apt. The y2k problem may be as big as an ox or a moose but a pack working together always seems to eat. Maybe not enough, but everybody eats. Maybe us highly intelligent two leggers can learn something?

-- Lobo (, May 13, 1999.

Not to push this dog thing too far (it's too late for that, I 'spose), but I don't view it is accidental that a number of us chose canine handles (truthfully, I didn't calculate it or spend much time on it, it just seemed like fun). There are elements of watchfulness, protection, faithfulness and loyalty that man's faithful companion exhibits which are entirely relevant to Y2K.


-- BigDog (, May 13, 1999.

Are you fellas saying that without oil the water won't run?

So I suppose the hydrants won't work then either?

What's a poor city dog to do?

-- unregistered (, May 13, 1999.

We ARE a loyal bunch. Finding something that's worthy of our loyalty -- that's the challenge.

The Pack is back! And I'm proud to do my scratchin' in good company!

(Now was it Jim Hightower who quoted his Daddy saying, "There ain't no skyscraper so high and mighty that some l'il dog can't raise his leg to it....")

-- jor-el (, May 14, 1999.

To the top

-- (, May 14, 1999.

Thanks Big Dog, I thought no one was reading what I was writing...

I personally picked Dog as an identifier long ago; before the Internet was even a gleam in the scientist's eyes. I feel I am working like a dog, but I am running in place, maintaining my head above water in a sea of taxes, bills, payments, drafts, etc... The "desert" part is where I live and love.

This is the law of any project:

-- Dog (, May 14, 1999.

Your not going to believe this but, my CAT just jumped down on my keyboard while I was composing my thoughts and sent my previous message unfinished. I AM going to stalk the cat....

Anyway, the law of the project:

It takes 20% of the time for the first 80% of the project, and it takes 80% of the time to finish the last 20%.

I am a forsaken gun owner also; practice with the .45 once a week. And that's all I will say about those.

All dogs should heed the rules of the master though, if you are going to do something the master thinks is bad, don't let him see you do it.

STALKIN' the cat...

The Dog

-- Dog (, May 14, 1999.

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