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Aren't Christians suppost to be honest, especially those who lead others who look to them for truth?

Isn't bias in their reporting to everyone as bad as Klinton's evasiveness?

What is this teaching my/our children as examples?

If they knew things were getting better as far as Y2K is concerned, why aren't they telling everyone instead of propagating the worse? What do they expect to gain by causeing people who trust them to mess up their lives and finances by unnecessary extreme actions?

Could they in some way be profiting from their actions? That is the only explaination I can think of. Otherwise why not print both sides of the situation equally?

If only the worse news is headlined or first to be read (even on the same date there is news from both sides) then doesn't this show bias?

I think it is cruel to scare people worse than they already are if there is information out there that help reasure them it may not be as bad as origionally thought.

Why can't people just be honest?

Why is it that people who can not or will not give a reasonable reply to a question or post, well why do they post rude and juvinile answeres, usually some attempt to degrade the poster as if this in some way negates what the poster wrote?

Is it me, or does anyone else notice that there are about 5 people here who seems to have the job of belittleing any post that has anything positive to say about Y2K? Except all of the Anon posts. And the anon posts could be coming from just one or a few people just to try and bias everyone else.

Anyway, for those who have not had the chance to read this, I thought it only fair that it was not at the bottom of a thread and hidden, but up where you have the opertunity to judge for yourself.


Mr. Parkhill,

You stated several times that you had "contacts" beyond those of Mr. Hewitt or Mr. Poole.


"..The fact is I have access to people & information you don't even know exist. "

Or: Parkhill:

"........ I don't mean this to sound harsh- really- but no, you don't have anything like the contacts I do. I'm talking about way beyond the type you mentioned. Incidentally, people in many of the positions you mention rarely know the overall picture. Heck, I've found that often people don't even know what's going on in their own organizations. "


".... Ah, yes, the old "I'm connected" thing. I'm not getting into a chest- hair contest; suffice to say, I've obviously got a coupla'r three sources of my own. Good ones, too. They disagree with YOURS. :)


".... Nothing chest hair about it; just the way it is. ...."


But Mr. Parkhill, you and I and many others know, the fact of life is that some of your "contacts" are with people with even ** far better sources of information ** then you *** "even you, Mr. Parkhill dreamed of" **. (For an overview of Y2k all are directed to the URLs given below.)

And it is fact, which I am sure you will be more than happy to verify (because one of them appeared on a 700 Club Y2k Special) that Mr. Robertson was briefed privately by two of those "sources" last Summer to the effect that the technical and business impact aspects of the Year 2000 problem were being addressed by the major corporations. He was, in fact, informed that the same Corporations were spending the kind of money it would take to resolve most of the Year 2000 issues, the work was proceeding, the "embedded systems" efforts were not turning up the percentages of problems that could not be solved, that the Utiliites were in the process of getting their houses in order and that was true of the Banks, Security Industries and the Telcos.

And should you not think that I know what I am talking about, I will have either of the two individuals who briefed Mr. Robertson call you directly and jog your memory. But should that be necessary, I will see if that can be arranged with some national level reporters in a conference call for verification because I am certain you will have no problem with your "peers" taking notes, would you??

It is also fact, that Mr. Robertson then re-evaluated his stance on Year 2000 and must have decided to allow you to continue to promote the more, shall we say, "dire" aspects of Y2k in a continual "Watchman-like" manner while not bothering to identify it as "op-ed" in place of what you call "reporting".

It is clear from the subsequent continuation of the CBN/Y2k editorial policy, that information about Year 2000 progress is seldom acknowledged whilst every effort is made to make sure that the readership is informed of all the continuing dangers and perils laying ahead. Poole and Hewitt then, are not the only ones who have noticed not only the "slant" of CBN/Y2k but your continuing efforts to promote that area of the CBN site elsewhere including this forum.

That, of course, is your right and the right of Mr. Robertson. To the credit of Mr. Robertson, it should be noted that one of his closest advisors did make a rather stern statement about "Elmer Gantry-like voices trying use the Year 2000 issue to promote themselves". That didn't make it directly to your Y2k area however even though the Washington Post made some space for it in a somewhat typical unflattering article towards Christian efforts in Y2k subsequently syndicated and carried elsewhere.

Since CBN and the 700 Club are rather large organizations, one must assume (nasty word) that you are given a great deal of "autonomy" within the general framework of CBN to manage the Y2k area and again, it is your right to select what you place therein.

Thus, one may in fact, question the efforts of Mr. Parkhill, without getting into one's views of Mr. Robertson. If Mr. Robertson holds the overall view that it is better to continue to maintain the "Watchman mode" over Y2k because of other views he holds concerning "The End Times" that is clearly his right. And it is his right to give you the lattitude to proceed to present the views on Y2k as you do.

What is *not* your right and is being called into question here, is to insist that you are "factually reporting" the Year 2000 issue in a "BALANCED" manner when that is simply not the case. One need not cite the repeated instances of the use of "unamed sources" or Non-credentialed so-called self appointed "experts" you have given bandwidth to.

Just the example of your "grunt" above serves as a nice example. You suggest (rather adamantly) that because of your "contacts" that others can't "dream about", you have the real story for all.

Now, it is true that you do not come out and state that. Rather, you use the verbiage to lead people to that conclusion and as in so many other efforts of yours, there are some clear contradictions evident that leads me and others to realize that you are dealing in polemics not FACTS. And polemics merge with propaganda for a cause but again, that is your right. To fight for those causes that you believe in to the best of your ability. Some might call that a form of extremism but that would be polemics upon their part.

You go on to give a "story" about a "grunt" (working programmer in techspeak). While charming, even that story "misleads" though it is rather typical of the very slanted gloom bias or "treatment" CBN is giving Y2k. Below, I give the Infomation Week URLs, (an I.T. Trade publication which has hardly been so-called "pollyanna") that come from sources FAR better than yours. This current issue available online, is a snap shot of the current Y2k efforts where your efforts are clearly an "opinion-editorial" assemblage aimed to supplement the views of Mr. Robertson (as well they perhaps should be IF and only IF, they were identified as "op-ed" rather than "factual").

This is not a **recent** development but rather a long term effort dating back to last August and September (1998).

Last Summer, you and Mr. Robertson both were informed by the above mentioned "contacts" that the picture for Year 2000 was getting much better and much faster than CBN was leading people to believe and which CBN/Y2k to this day continues to NOW ***mislead*** people with. Note that I use the term "NOW MISLEAD" deliberately. The picture might not have been as clearcut last Summer as it is now. One could make the argument that prior to the release of the Senate report (itself a out of date report), one was justified in presenting a darker version of Y2k. That is not now the case and I would suggest here and now, you KNOW THAT and thus, the term "MISLEAD" is justified when applied to your current efforts.

One could go into even this example you give of the "grunt" knowing more than the I.T. and Management knew as was revealed subsequently by the Auditors. Even here the bias and slant is used to fortify your now rather weak case. If anything, the story could read, "Management Bozos find more Year 2000 problems and call in Swat Team to mop up previous errors. Stay tuned."

But no, you continue on to "extrapolate" and suggest that there are "many" more companies in this same shape. That speaks for itself. And you have spoken THUSLY, time and again here and on your web site. The overall viewpoint of your site leaves the impression upon any reader that there is not one single area where business, government and the public efforts will be without problems which could be so. But, where you cross the line is the effort you put into questioning ALL the remediation work and deliberately cast doubt upon by allowing readers to draw the conclusions that the Y2k task is to impossible to manage. THAT is clearly false and you know that IF indeed, you do have ANY contacts in high, low or medium positions.

And you need not counter this with demands for specific instances of your efforts because I would respond by merely telling anyone to go read all the articles on CBN/Y2k for themselves and judge for themselves. For, in this case, it is indeed true that "What you are speaks far loudly than what you say (or write)".

However, while the "grunt" story is a charming story, the bottom line of the story is that the deficiencies found for the $700,000 expended lead to more corrections re: Y2k. Since you give us the story that the audit was completed, it should be clear that the work to rectify the deficiencies found is ongoing.

It is also fact, **that** this is the working mode for most companies and not just for Year 2000 remediation. Problems of the scope of Y2k are not solved and ended in one fell swoop but subject to a continual monitoring process until reduced to the minor annoyance level. While your "grunt" might have little regard for his bosses the fact is that they managed the business in such a way that most likely the Y2k beast will be reduced to mouse size.

INFORMATION WEEK: Y2k under Control

By spending tens of billions of dollars, IT organizations think they have the year 2000 issue in hand

Financial Services: Swift Action now means no panic later Financial firms try to speed up Y2k slowpokes and ease public concerns

Transportation:Signs of Y2k Imbalance Date change prompts early shipments, but most of travel industry appears ready

Government Gets Ready The Feds say they're on track; state and local agencies are more difficult to gauge

Telecom: Phones keep ringing Carriers are investing heavily to make sure the phone network is Y2k compliant

Utilities:Industry downplays concerns over Y2k Companies say most gas and electric systems appear ready for the future

Mr. Parkhill, the time has come to remind you of something from a Book we all would do well to read more often and for longer periods of time:

"Their foot shall slide in due time."



-- DOOT (, May 13, 1999.

-- Cherri (, May 13, 1999


Hi Cherri, I admit that due to the length of your post, I did not do a complete job of reading it. But in all fairness, I find Drew Parkhill's post to be very informative and also, I find him to be deeply concerned over this issue. Perhaps you should go to and research a little further. He has many links to other sites and posts here on occasion, as well as Pastor Chris's forum. Keep up the good work Drew, as I for one do Not find any misleading at all. I'm not flaming Cherri, just stating fact.

-- consumer (, May 13, 1999.

Hi Cherri, another week gone by, how is the article you promised Cory on April 7th for his DC Weather report coming along? When do you plan to submit it to Cory?

Ray, anxiously awaiting your PROMISED article !!

-- Ray (, May 13, 1999.

Ray, Cherri is never going to submit the article, obviously.

This is now the second direct thread (and stems from a third one) that Poole and, now, Cherri are using to try to attack Drew Parkhill (while extending the attack to CBN itself).

It's indicative of their efforts to destroy this forum that they are reduced to repeatedly attacking the most reputable journalist covering Y2K. Attack me, I'm far more deserving than Drew.

I doubt any regular or lurker really takes them too seriously at this point. But if you must, go back and read the thread that attacked Drew in the first place:


Cherri, why don't you take Doc Paulie's advice and stay away from this forum? Maybe it WOULD give you enough time to write the Hamasaki article. We're not holding our breath, though. Despite all the good news, it's taken you five weeks so far and nada.

-- BigDog (, May 13, 1999.


You write

Hi Cherri, I admit that due to the length of your post, I did not do a complete job of reading it. But in all fairness, I find Drew Parkhill's post to be very informative and also, I find him to be deeply concerned over this issue. *** Consumer, you say you did not read my post entirely, then you say "in all fairness" and talk about his post. That is fair? Perhaps you should have read all of my post.

such as this part;

Last Summer, you and Mr. Robertson both were informed by the above mentioned "contacts" that the picture for Year 2000 was getting much better and much faster than CBN was leading people to believe and which CBN/Y2k to this day continues to NOW ***mislead*** people with.

-- Cherri (, May 13, 1999.


I work for a manufacturing company (no, I won't say what company, but you can check my information) that ships goods to the nation's largest retailers. I'm the Y2K Director. In the F&D Reports we get from Information Clearinghouse Incorporated (800-789-0123) that tell exactly where our customers are in their Y2K remediation, I'm noticing that nearly every company's deadlines are slipping closer to 3Q1999 and 4Q1999. Most started out with late 1998 and early 1999 deadlines. In short - they've fallen behind.

You mention a lot of "industry" reports. A lot of these are simply association or industry PR blurbs given for mass consumption. I compare these with what I know from our business partners and the 10- Q reports I see. I see that yes, some companies are doing very well in their Y2K efforts. I also see that many companies are keeping very silent about their efforts, or they are very quietly slipping in the project milestones. Who wants *that* bannered in a headline?

I have a great deal of respect for Drew Parkhill. I find his reporting accurate and even-handed. I can't speak for CBN, though he works for them, but I've had it with the attacks on his integrity today.

Besides your obvious ability to read, Cherri, which is something the rest of us share with you, what expertise/knowledge/first-hand- experience do you bring to the table in regard to Y2K? I live it day- to-day, and I don't agree with you. We can disagree. I know people working on this in other companies who differ in their opinion about this, but I don't run around casting scandal on their reputation.

The judgment with which you judge is how you will be judged - paraphrased from the same book.

Be careful with your words.

-- Brett (, May 13, 1999.


A few observations, if I may.

1. IMHO, the last thing this forum needs is yet another thread begun with the intent of pouring gasoline onto this raging inferno of opinions. Yet this is exactly what your opening question may very well accomplish.

Cherri: "Aren't Christians suppost to be honest, especially those who lead others who look to them for truth?"

I understand the question is rhetorical. It is purely inflammatory. How unfortunate.

2. Rhetorical question #2:

Cherri: "Isn't bias in their reporting to everyone as bad as Klinton's evasiveness?"

Is there a man or woman alive without bias? Come on Cherri, help me out here.

No reporter worth their salt would claim to be unbiased. Drew? What say you? A good reporter (or forum participant) attempts to identify his/her bias when covering a subject using, among others, the tool of introspection.

Cherri, good points get lost quite easily when the poster incites emotional response in the reader prior to putting forth said points.

It's obvious to me your blood was boiling when you keyed in your post. Been there, done that.

Well Bing, that was a waste of time & bandwidth! :-) Click!

-- Bingo1 (, May 13, 1999.

Cherri, you must not have seen the post below yours which announced that Debunking Y2K not only removed the Yourdon link from its site, but also strongly urged its contributors to ignore Yuourdon posters. 26576577&P=Yes&TL=926407580

Appreciated - Thursday, 13-May-1999 02:22:57 writes:

. . . I would encourage all of like-mind to heed the advice. I am not saying one cannot watch(lurk), I am saying it is time to IGNORE the memes. . . .

The virus is now feeding on polly types who want to engage. In the process the meme lives and the polly is drained of life-force. As I hope you know I believe much of this issue is about memes and the Millennium Contagion specifically. When we talk about the likes of North-Yourdon-Hyatt-Cory etc, it IS the issue almost completely.

. . . There is no changing the likes of the average Timebomb2000 poster. These folks are infected with a mind-virus. The best one can do for them is to ignore them. Engaging only serves to strengthen the virus. These folks need to hear the doubts from their own kind. I feel this is impossible when pollys disrupt the process, especially on their turf. And I am no angel as even my distant rantings feed the meme if not directly.

I will treat the loud doomer types as I would a troll, ignore them. I have been around long enough to know what even a quiet doomer-meme looks like, they will get similar. These types are as sick as the loud-mouths. I do not expect others to follow this, and do not expect them to. I would only hope some may see the value in patience and maybe decide to do similar. I deleted the link to basically say this board does not even recognize that place in the same breath as Stephen's or Jonathan's websites, we are far better than that. They(timebomb)provide no link here, and I will return the lack of respect. In lurking, if one comes across a newbie, nothing says one cannot suggest a visit here, just ignore the morons, do not engage.

Will this work? don't know. I do know that what we currently see happening to Stephen, Decker, Hoff, Y2k pro, Norm, Maria, you Pat, and even Flint is counter-productive and wastes the lives of some good folks. And I do understand the rush involved in engaging, I am only saying you are part of the problem by doing so. On top of this, you are doing yourself a great diservice, MHO. . . .

Doc Paulie


-- OutignsR (us@here.yar), May 13, 1999.

Hi Cherri,

sorry to see that informed Christians who draw conclusions different from your own are perceived as such a threat. Have you always felt this way, or is it something specific to y2k?

Arlin Adams

-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 13, 1999.

Hi Outings!

it sure is nice to see the trolls actually admit that they're losing like that...even if it is one of the more psychotic of their group doing the admitting.

Keep up the good work!


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 13, 1999.

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-- J.R."BoB"Dobbs (, May 13, 1999.

Yo Bob! What exactly are you on man??? Ahhhh . . . a double dose of prozac for the subgenius please.

. . . and who left that cell unlocked huh???

-- David (, May 13, 1999.

J.R."BoB"Dobbs-WHAT?? On second thought, nevermind. Linda

-- newbiebutnodummy (, May 13, 1999.


What say I? Basically, the stuff I said before. And, as Yardeni said after the LA Times flap over his increased optimism, "I'm not the issue. De Jager's not the issue. Y2K is the issue." Some people will, and some people will not, like any news organization.

And yeah, I still like facts- not spin, not acting as a cheerleader, and not unbridled doom. Y2K is what it is; it will come, it will pass, and I guess, *sigh*, people will find other issues to get emotional about & call names over.

-- Drew Parkhill/CBN News (, May 13, 1999.

BigDog commented:

"Ray, Cherri is never going to submit the article, obviously. "

BigDog, you're right on. I don't think she has the ability to compose even a half baked article. Funny how these folks feel no obligation to follow up on commitments made.

What a sorry lot those two are!!


-- Ray (, May 13, 1999.

Bob's got kind of a "Harlan Ellison does William Burroughs and final edit by Dr. Bronner" vibe going there. Yowza!

If the post was any farther off-topic, we'd have to track it from the Johnson Space Center, but it does have style...

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), May 13, 1999.

Closing tags. Trying to be just a bit tooooo clever...

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), May 13, 1999.

Cherrie, this is the way people talk in the real world who have strong opinions. Frankly I find Drew Parkhill very informed and I respect his opinions. Pat Robertson lost any credibility with me when he used his pulpit to pass out voting guides, to religious right churches, whether they wanted them or not. Now he owes thousands in back taxes for constantly using his not-for-profit organization for electioneering. What kind of an example does that set? Unfortunately we do not live in Utopia.

And I wouldn't worry about "Klinton's evasiveness." Children pay much more attention to the examples set by parents and teachers than they do politicians. You should set the examples for your kids.

-- gilda (, May 13, 1999.


What's a corpulator?


-- Jill Dance (, May 13, 1999.


it's a hit of acid.

-- R. Wright (, May 13, 1999.


I guess I need to be an English Major to post here? First of all, a gnome ate the majority of my post, if you care to go back and see, there is no period at my first post. I was attempting to finish and say "I am no flaming you". You showed your TRUE colors with your response. By my statement "In all fairness", I should have said, "In all fairness to Mr. Parkhill". There, satisfied? Furthermore, I've posted here LONG before you Ever came about, therefore as others here know me, I am not usually a 'brawler'. You started the thread off on the wrong foot in the first place. Stay with the subject, which is Y2K, not to be confused with flaming Mr. Parkhill or the station which he works for.....DREW>>>> I love ya baby, keep up the GREAT JOB...many here appreciate you.

-- consumer (, May 14, 1999.


Thanks for the kind words. I guess being blatantly lied about & falsely professionally maligned about is perhaps something one just has to get used to. Incidentally, contrary to the crap above, almost everyone I've dealt with on Y2K considers us excellent. Bruce Webster singles us out for praise in his book (he still tells people how good we are, months after he wrote the book). And so on, with others. But I guess we can't pleeze everyone.

Thanks again.

-- Drew Parkhill/CBN News (, May 14, 1999.

Oh, & gilda- thank you too. I appreciate your nice words. Didn't mean to overlook you.

BTW, consumer- aren't you from Ohio?

-- Drew Parkhill/CBN News (, May 14, 1999.

Hi Drew: Yes I am from ohio, Cleveland's West Side, to be exact. I just do not understand how come my answer's keep getting chomped up....Is there a little game of pac-man/pac-woman, Laughing, hoping this one will stick. Drew, BTW, I do appreciate All your efforts. God Bless you.

-- consumer (, May 18, 1999.

Cherri -

I would maintain that there is "no" absolutely "good" news coming out to indicate anything at all showing that the troubles from y2K are being solved or prevented. Even the worse predictions held that 80% of everything would be remediated, and now it appears that fewer than 80% of the biggest businesses may miss the deadline.

To the contrary, despite the misinformation from the national media and from the administration - including each of the info week articles cited - these misinformation releases actually show that schedules are slipping, many more "big" company's than hoped are going to miss the deadline completely, and many, many more communities and local governments are doing nothing, doing little, and far behind schedule.

The one point of good news is that individual electric company's appear to be closer to finishing - but still, no national test is even scheduled. No natural gas distribution test is being discussed, and local water systems, local power systems are ignored in the national picture.

No, it is not CBN that is misleading the public, Christians, or anybody else. It is the deliberate policy of the Clinton administration, led by Wall Street and the banks, and fed by the national media, who are misleading the public.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 19, 1999.

I do not know if you all realise that aside from the questions I asked at the beginning of the post, the rest was written by someone named DOOT. I started it as a new thread so it would not be hidden on the bottom of a long thread.


Anyway, for those who have not had the chance to read this, I thought it only fair that it was not at the bottom of a thread and hidden, but up where you have the opertunity to judge for yourself.


Mr. Parkhill,

-- Cherri (, May 21, 1999.

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