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Shortly after the Der Boonkah post beginning as follows was posted here. . .

That webboard(stinkbomb2000) seriously needs a disclaimer/warning before entering..

WACKOS AHEAD! This website is part of the US Mental Hospital recreation program. None of what resides here is real, but as a service to the community we allow you access to visit with the patients, careful, they bite! . . . .

This appeared:

Debunking Y2k webboard

Appreciated Thursday, 13-May-1999 02:22:57 writes:

Thanks for the encouragement, we all need it, me as much as anybody. This morning you might have noticed I took down the link to Yourdon's webboard from the main page here. An explanation is in order so here goes.

I refuse to engage the memes. I know they now simply cross-post entire postings of mine in hopes I will be drawn-in, forget it. As I have said before, I 'once' posted there last year. I have not done so but one time(to credit CJS with due credit for his squirrel post at Biffy). So why will I not engage? The answer is rather simple, and it is time for the full truth to come-out. I would encourage all of like-mind to heed the advice. I am not saying one cannot watch(lurk), I am saying it is time to IGNORE the memes. I will try my darndest to ignore any post here directly linking to the memepool. You are free to do so as this board is basically self-moderating by the participants. But do not expect me to be part of any of it.

The virus is now feeding on polly types who want to engage. In the process the meme lives and the polly is drained of life-force. As I hope you know I believe much of this issue is about memes and the Millennium Contagion specifically. When we talk about the likes of North-Yourdon-Hyatt-Cory etc, it IS the issue almost completely.

We are way past the point of debating if one needs to leave the cities etc. This doomsday version will never happen due to any Y2k bug. The trend is clear, we simply do not have any evidence this will amount to what most preparer types are preparing for. There is still many issues involved and it far more germain to be discussing Y2ks' impact to ones 401k plan than what generator one needs. And nothing wrong with having a small generator.

There is no changing the likes of the average Timebomb2000 poster. These folks are infected with a mind-virus. The best one can do for them is to ignore them. Engaging only serves to strengthen the virus. These folks need to hear the doubts from their own kind. I feel this is impossible when pollys disrupt the process, especially on their turf. And I am no angel as even my distant rantings feed the meme if not directly.

I will treat the loud doomer types as I would a troll, ignore them. I have been around long enough to know what even a quiet doomer-meme looks like, they will get similar. These types are as sick as the loud-mouths. I do not expect others to follow this, and do not expect them to. I would only hope some may see the value in patience and maybe decide to do similar. I deleted the link to basically say this board does not even recognize that place in the same breath as Stephen's or Jonathan's websites, we are far better than that. They(timebomb)provide no link here, and I will return the lack of respect. In lurking, if one comes across a newbie, nothing says one cannot suggest a visit here, just ignore the morons, do not engage.

Will this work? don't know. I do know that what we currently see happening to Stephen, Decker, Hoff, Y2k pro, Norm, Maria, you Pat, and even Flint is counter-productive and wastes the lives of some good folks. And I do understand the rush involved in engaging, I am only saying you are part of the problem by doing so. On top of this, you are doing yourself a great diservice, MHO.

Feedback encouraged.....

PS, none of this is expected from Charles as I feel he is in the unique position to effectively kill a doomer-meme all by himself, few of us have this ability. But heed his form, CPR likewise avoids engaging in pointless arenas. It matters more than I think we care to admit.

Doc Paulie


I do not think OutingsR's work is finished. The pollys will continue to post under different names.

Question: apparently, there seems to be a problem with OutingsR posting Der Boonkah material over here, yet they frequently post material from Yourdon and other sites. What's the difference???

-- OutingsR (us@here.yar), May 13, 1999


"Will this work? don't know. I do know that what we currently see happening to Stephen, Decker, Hoff, Y2k pro, Norm, Maria, you Pat, and even Flint is counter-productive and wastes the lives of some good folks. And I do understand the rush involved in engaging, I am only saying you are part of the problem by doing so. On top of this, you are doing yourself a great diservice, MHO."

One can only hope that Doc Paulie's advice will be taken seriously by some of those he names. I certainly don't want to waste their lives by infecting them with my memes. Horrors!

But I'm not holding my breath .....

BTW, you don't think Doc Paulie is Your Mutha, do you?

-- BigDog (, May 13, 1999.

Not MY Mutha, dearie! No, I don't think DP is Mutha. The style is a little too different. Also she/he followed DP's post with: 26585807&P=Yes&TL=926407580 writes:

First off, I only read stinkbomb [MN means Timebomb 2000 forum] for the articles! J

Seriously, I've stopped posting much over there. I think it will be funny to watch them self-destruct on their own now! Ask them to put up or shut up! and they go into circus clown mode. What a crack-up! A HAH HAH ha ha...

I've noticed many of the funniest old-timer meme's have disappeared. Oh well...

I can't imagine anyone but the most clueless buying into that garbage at the PIT, now. The memes used to hoot-n-howl over every milestone post-it #...but now...! forgot Docs new rule...

Anyway...I happened to be online as this thread was posted. Funny how EY was right there to post within minutes of it going up. There is only one other post on there. It summed it up so well, I just left it alone...

100,000? Look at the stats. What a battle.

-- Why are you interested (Hummm@problem.maybe), May 02, 1999


Well, I guess it demonstrates that Phil Greenspun's software doesn't have a message-counter-5K problem...

-- Ed Yourdon (, May 02, 1999.

"If fifty-thousand people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing"

I guess that goes for 100K as well.

-- (.`.`@.`.`), May 02, 1999.

The most ironic (or would that be moronic?) thing is they want the 'pollys' to go do they accomplish this? BY MAKING EVERY OTHER NEW THREAD A POLLY TRASHING or BAITING ONE! LOL! [OutingsR note -- Please file last sentence under "disgustingly flthy pot calling slightly scorched kettle black"]

Clueless meme {insert aprop. name}:"lets all ignore the pollytrolls"

Other memes: "yeah, should we do this?"

Hired hands {take your pick}:"I know...lets ignore them by making every other post a 'lets ignore or bait the pollys' topic!" [OutingsR note -- "hired hands"? Hey, is OutingsR supposed to get paid for this? Yippee! Whre do I send the bill?]

meme pool {in unison}:"yippee!! that will work!"


Mutha Nachu

No, you old Mutha you, wrong-o! OutingsR saw Der Boonkah's dozens of repros of Yourdon posts with attendant ridicule and unkind names, so OutingsR learned and did the same thing here. See how it feels? There was no plot (paranoia raises its ugly little head!), OutingsR did this all by himself. Or herself. Or theirselves. Ach, you Mutha, you're only saying that because OutingsR is watching you!

-- OutingsR (us@here.yar), May 13, 1999.

Thank you, OutingsR.

One can only hope!


-- Diane J. Squire (, May 13, 1999.

What absolute hypocrites.

Ask them to back up their position and they whine and rant and attack.

I could care less if they post here. Actually, I feel it is their absolute right to do so. Yet, one would think that if they post here they would at least be able to back up what THEY contend and admit when THEY are wrong.

Thanks Outings.

Mike ===================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, May 13, 1999.

Hi OutingsR,

keep up the good work! those poor kids over in their boonkah have finally discovered that they aren't wrong - the rest of the world really doesn't love them! LOL

the second most humorous part of all this, of course is that this 'paulie' poster can't even use the term 'meme' correctly - methinks he's adapted a bit of 'cybernetic' jargon because he thinks it sounds cool, and doesn't have any real grasp of the underlying concepts...and he's one of their putative leaders! LOL!

But the truly most humorous part of all this is the 'paulie' poster's panicked concern that GI arguments are more convincing! Oh horrors! the truth is getting out in spite of the y2k kiddies best efforts to the contrary! ROFL!

Thanks for the giggles! Arlin

-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 13, 1999.

Wow- BACK through the looking glass we go! As traumatic as the trip is, I wonder how many times it can be safely made.

It is SO FUNNY to see the flip side of all this displayed with such photographic-negative clarity. Yeah, yeah, I know how serious it is and that PEOPLE MIGHT DIE or on the other hand PEOPLE MIGHT WASTE TIME AND MONEY ON USELESS PREPARATIONS and that NOTHING MIGHT HAPPEN AFTER ALL or that IT MIGHT BE THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT even if PLANES DON"T FALL FROM THE SKY.

Let's not ALL get our eyebrows too close together too much of the time, OK? It causes headaches... .

-- Lee (, May 13, 1999.

Doc Paulie is Chittum. He's been here using different aliases since Nov. 1998. I'm glad he's getting tired of this game of his. CPR thinks it's a plot that polly posts get shot down so quickly here. No plot -- it's just obvious to everyone this forum has been under attack since November.

-- Full Name (, May 13, 1999.

Dandy work, Outings. What puzzles me is: what's innit for Chittum? He's the one that's convinced we're up against another civil war soon?

-- Lisa (, May 13, 1999.

Doc Paulie is a grown man who happens to run a Webboard about Y2K which I (and Paul Davis and Cherri and a few others here) happen to frequent. Since it's his Webboard, he can do what he wants with it -- just as Ed Yourdon can do what he wants with this one.

On the Biffy thing -- Biffy is being moved to a nice new server. The guy who created it is graduating and loses the use of the SMU server at that point.

I'm not part of any "plot" to destroy this forum. I've told you before; if I see bad information, I address it -- on any forum.

-- Stephen M. Poole, CET (, May 13, 1999.

Stevie-Poo -- "Doc Paulie is a grown man who happens to run a Webboard about Y2K..."

Izzat why his public e-mail address, openly available on Der Boonkah, is -- wait for it --

You said "I'm not part of any "plot" to destroy this forum." We-e-ell, good old grown-up Doc wrote on May 3, 1999, in not untypical style, 25756674&P=Yes&TL=925676182

"That list of doomer predictions-dumb/ass statements etc? Think it time to have a little fun at their expense? Listed one myself at an old board which is so dead now I merely wanted to see if anybody was home. This once was a very busy board. I might post it over at that guy Zog's board, for fun of course. Anyhow welcome to the 2%'s club! And don't forget, we still have alot of craziness ahead. I figure we have only seen the tip of the iceberg on the nutshow so far---stay tuned..."

True, this was not addressed to you, howsomever, you were posting there at the time. There are similar posts from various of your fellow Boonkahrians -- this is the crowd you hang out with, Stevie-Poo. Now you don't mean to tell ol' OutingsR that Doc wasn't trying to get the crowd to disrupt doomer forums, like his favorite -- this one -- do ya?

-- OutingsR (us@here.yar), May 14, 1999.

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