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Does anyone have a current link for the Richard Tomlinson website? I have got to see this for myself.

-- Agent #0987 (Lurking@EyeSpy.You), May 13, 1999


Don't know about his website. However when I did search on Excite using his name I came up with this interesting tidbit about how he was supposed to have been on Swissair 111 but was detained in N.Y. by authorities for some reason. The flight later crashed. The article went on to say that he gave testimony to french judge about MI6 being involved in Princess Di "accident".

-- Gia (, May 13, 1999.

I have seen all the news articles. This guy has balls. I hope he chain emails this infonin .txt format to everyone in the world before he disappears(use imagination). Could you imagine all the cool spy tricks you could learn from this guy? I wonder what insider info he has on the 'State of the World' today. Good Luck Richard Tomlinson.

-- Agent #0987 (, May 13, 1999.

Bond----James Bond!milosev.htm

No home pages, but here is pretty good search site>>

-- R. Wright (, May 13, 1999.

Tomlinson might as well paint a bullseye on his chest and walk in front of a train, thus saving everyone a lot of trouble and himself the possibility of a distinctly more painful leave - taking from this life. He's just made himself a target for every intelligence collection service in the world, to say nothing of all of the media twits *and* the friends of all of the agents whose names he posted.

dumb, just dumb...


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 13, 1999.


I agree. It's one thing to blow whistles about a mass detriment/events to society, and another to just plain old kiss and tell.

-- R. Wright (, May 13, 1999.

Kiss and tell just hurts feelings. Letting the public know that your stay-safe-at-home bosses are bumbling incompetents (which a couple of other ex-agents have done in recent years) merely loses the bosses their jobs (and then only if it's impossible to pretend that it's a lie!)

Willfully betraying your onetime colleagues to people who want to torture and kill them, that's quite something else. You could start with "unforgiveably nasty traitor" and work up from there.

-- Nigel Arnot (, May 13, 1999.

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