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We recently started to use a 10mil Poly Carbonate by Azon as a backlit media. The media is printed on the back and viewed from the front wich has a textured surface. We are getting fairly good color matches on the back side of the media where the ink is actually printing. But from the front side where you view the final image all the colors seem to have a magenta cast. We tried to write a profile on this media using the x-rite but it seemed to only make the colors darker and further off the mark. I hope someone out there has had some experience with this and can offer some assistance.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 1999


Profiling backlit medias is very difficult without the proper device. The problem you have is that you need to read the ink densities through the substrate. Doing this without a backlight is problematic because you aren't reading the correct densities.

The least-expensive and by far the best solution is the new X-Rite DTP-41T device. Not only does it work with normal medias, but by flipping a switch it reads backlit and transparent medias through a built-in light. The results are astounding.

-- Anonymous, May 20, 1999

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