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Hi Folks, for what its worth I going to describe my day to day preps as a work in progress, a window into the daily, very real routine of preparing for y2k. I've just completed a perimeter fence around the property (took my holidays to do that), and I have to finish installing the stovepipe for my cookstove this weekend. Also, just bought a portable camping stove that works with twigs etc, in case it gets too dry to use the big stove. I've been putting off getting some steel pipe to sink a deep well, so I've got to do that, but the bucks are fairly steep. My wife and daughter are starting on the garder, oops have to get some cilantro. And some tomato plants. Also thinking of putting in a plastic greenhouse on the side of property. Too much to do, to little time!


-- Mat (, May 12, 1999



How did you install the pipe for the wood stove? I have a stove, but the chimney is capped at my parents house (where I will be living) and getting my sorta DGI Dad to uncap it or bust a hole in the wall isn't going to be easy.

-- Goombah (, May 12, 1999.

I have a log type house with cedar shake roof. So I just opened up the roof, installed a flashing, then you apply tar and silicon to weather seal the cracks etc. Plus you need double insulated pipe through the roof section.


-- mat (, May 13, 1999.

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