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We are offering the only doula service focusing exclusively on postpartum care in the Colorado Springs, CO area. The service is called After Birth Care. Expectant families in our area are encouraged to call or email with any questions or comments regarding postpartum care. Myra 598-4027 and Dixie 633-1492

-- Myra and Dixie (, May 12, 1999


Myra & Dixie- Would you please tell us all more about what your service offers? How long do you work with a mom? Do they contract for a set amount of time? What do you usually do to help the new family? Do you work as a team to be able to have more job flexibility or because there is such a demand you would be swamped otherwise?

Just a little something to make this a little less like an ad..

It sounds like a wonderful service you are offering- Kirsten

-- Kirsten Gerrish (, May 13, 1999.

Thanks for your response. Sorry if this seemed like an ad, but we really didn't have a "question" to ask. We just noticed that all the postings were centered on childbirth and birth doula issues, and we would like very much to dialogue with people on postpartum issues. One difficulty our business is facing here in Colorado is that people either 1)have never heard of the word "doula" or 2)think it refers only to birth doulas. Anyone else interested in postpartum doulas, please write.

-- Myra and Dixie (, May 14, 1999.

Times are certainly changing regarding the word "doula". It is still a mystery word to many millions of people, I am sure.

However, Kirsten told me just the other day that several states in the Northeast are now listing "Doula" as a category of their yellow pages, and that this is actually spreading through some cities in the Northeast. Thats great!

One nice thing is that most childbirth related websites contain information about or links to doula sites. Since more and more people in America are getting on the Internet every day, I believe Doula's will probably become much more well known over the next few years.

It's nice to have some postpartum doula's visiting our forum.

-- Mike Clemens (, May 14, 1999.

I am a postpartum doula in the Portland,OR. area. All doula's are unique, they all have their own approach while supporting families. That being said, postpartum doulas can be very helpful in many ways. Services usually include assistance with newborn care, support for breastfeeding and/or bottlefeeding, light housekeeping, food preparation, errands, help with older children, and perhaps most importantly, unbiased information for any postpartum concerns. Usually a doula will not do heavy housecleaning, take over care of the baby or children,give medical advice,and hopefully will not insist on one style of parenting. This is such a tender time for a family, I feel a postpartum doula can help parents feel empowered and capable. I hope I have shed a little light on the subject, if anyone has questions feel free to email me at

-- Katherine Howe (, December 01, 1999.

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