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Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a Saturday visit in the City? Day or night tour? Subway adventure or carpool?

-- Harry Oei (, May 12, 1999


If you like baseball the Yankees are playing Cleveland at 4:30 on Saturday. Tickets are available through ticketmaster in New York! There are also Broadway matinees and evening performances. If you have never been to New York drive through Grenwich village, Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy, WallStreet,World Trade Center. Walk Fifth avenue,Broadway, Times Square. Visit all of the tourist places. New York has cleaned up its act. It is much cleaner than before and is pretty safe in all tourist areas. Don't lock valuables in your car where they can be seen!Times Square and the theatre areas are safe at night!

-- Robert Mccone (, May 12, 1999.

Hey, I lived in the Bronx for a few months, so count me in on a "tour" of the city. I'm not great with the subway, but I'm sure I could manage.

-- Rick Comisky (, July 02, 1999.

Go and see New York, safety shouldn't be a concern if you keep your valuables hidden, and don't go looking for trouble. On Saturday, inbetween the Gotham games, Atletico Nacional (Colombia) and Toluca (Mexico) will play an international club friendly at Giants Stadium on Saturday, July 24, at 12:30 p.m. The Metrostars play Miami after this game at 3.00pm. The tickets are relatively cheap, I think 15 dollars for the double header. These matches are a success, and last time 45,000 turned up.

-- Chris Slatter (, July 06, 1999.

The Mets are playing at Shea on Saturday at around 1:15PM. I'm heading to that one if anyone's interested. Email me.

-- Martin Lewison (, July 21, 1999.

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