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I have PosterShop 4.0 for Windows and I noticed that I had a font missing from a poster, so I went to add it via the Tools/Fonts/add and no matter what I do, I cannot see any fonts. I've moved fonts to my temp directory, I've looked on my networks, nothing. I know they are all True Type Fonts, but Postershop doesn't see them. Is there a trick to this? and why doesn't Postershop use the system fonts? Can I copy my System fonts to somewhere in Postershop so I can see them??

Thanks in advance....


-- Anonymous, May 12, 1999


As noted on page 9-19 of the PosterShop _User Guide_, PosterShop 4.5 does not support the Widows System fonts, and the only way it supports TrueType fonts is if you save them as curves or objects in a PostScript file.


-- Anonymous, May 12, 1999

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