What are your must-have items for lacation shooting?

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Beyond the sharpies and tunnel tape, what are some of the items that find you absolutely need to have with you on location? Do you find it is always up to you to have these items, or does the photog usually provide it?

-- Sean (sharkma@prodigy.net), May 12, 1999


Three years as a wedding photographer's assistant:

A yamaka [sp?], tic tacs, a swiss army knife, a pen. Those were the things which most impressed my boss.

-- John O'Connell (oconnell@siam.org), May 12, 1999.

When I used to go on location,as an assistant, we used to wear well stocked photo vests. These vests contained many of the little items that would come in handy on a shoot. Tape, markers, extra slaves, small tools, etc. Try to put yourself in the position of shooting for yourself, and what would be good have with you, and what could break or get lost and include it in the vest. You've got to be part MacGyver, part Einstein, and part David Copperfield on location.

-- Roger W. Morganstern (dodger@gis.net), July 31, 2001.

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