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Nice post, "spun".

But hey, I guess you kinda missed the fact that NERC specifically listed each exception in their latest report.

Some coverup, huh?

-- Hoffmeister (, May 11, 1999.

Yes Hoff-- BUT they already lied about it.

Awh... what a tangled web we weave

when 1st we practice to decieve


1st time fooled shame on you

2nd time fooled shame on me


once a liar, always in doubt


to err is human, to decieve is wicked


Thou shalt not...


white man speak with forked tounge

Help me out here Hoff

A lie is, a coverup,is a lie,is deceit, is a lie,is a fib, is a lie, is a fabrication, is a lie, is to palter, is a lie, is to equivicate, is a lie, is to prevaricate, is a lie are you still with me Hoff

Now,.... maybe you will.... take something on the face value of it, after you find out the person doin' the tellin has already lied(in one fashion or another) Maybe you have that kind of trust. I DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems to me that this is going to be the very reason, regardless of Y2K, the very reason, the very reason it all is falling apart. We can't be "sure" we're being told the honest truth, by the people that put their hand on that Bible and swear an oath before God and man, to uphold the truth. That, the fear of God is not enough, not enough to keep them from lying. So, how can those being goverened by such as these, know who is and who isn't telling the truth, *what* is or is not really true. That oath to God is just a ceremony, to the liars.

Survey says.... We don't

You say this, he says that, I don't trust either of you. The really sad part is, if he's lying, and I'm prepared for it, I've got a chance. But if your lying and I'm not prepared for the consequences, I lose, my family loses, we all lose. So in a way that makes you the problem, now doesn't it.


Either way, no matter if he's right or he's wrong, I can't lose

But if your wrong, God help me.

Don't give me that load of crap, we'll be the cause of the run on the banks, the cause of the shortages, the cause of the riots, the cause of martial law.

I just found out about all this. I already didn't have any money in the bank, I already knew how to survive without the frills.

But you, you've known and didn't help to get the word out. You knew the risks to those of us on the outside. You and those like you. Even worse, you're still doing it.

It really is all I can muster to keep from hating people like you. You play with with others lives without thought. No, I don't trust you, or Poole, or Decker, just to name a few. You have nothing to offer except you "hope" you're right, I'm sure you're convinced you are. Unless you have been given the gift of Seer, or Prophet, how do you "know" it is going to be a non event. You are a liar!!

I'll take a win-win situation, over-If he's right then he's wrong- risk anyday.

I have not heard one of these people preparing here say "I know, without doubt what is going to happen". Just the opposite.

You claim, that you know they are wrong, therefore you "know" what is *not* going to happen, You are a liar!! You don't know what will happen or what will not happen.

They just feel, personally, that it probably will. They want people to take a win-win position.

Gee, kinda a no-brainer there huh. !!!!!I can't lose no matter what happens!!!!

I guess it more like the "White's + and the Wong's"

We're White, you're Wong!!

-- spun@lright (, May 12, 1999


Gee, I wish you'd posted this in the thread to which you're responding instead of starting a whole new thread.

-- No Spam Please (, May 12, 1999.

I did

-- spun@lright (, May 12, 1999.

LOL! Good one spun!

-- Andy (, May 12, 1999.


You need to post this over on De Bunker site. It will raise their site traffic 10%, and probably crash the sys. when the pollys ( all 5 or 6 of them ) start foaming and thrashing around,,,great post.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 12, 1999.

spun, when whatever you're smoking wears off, please give folks a link back to msg_id=000oVP -- it's only polite.

-- No Spam Please (, May 12, 1999.


-- Hoffmeister (, May 12, 1999.

...And I see there is not one response to Hoff's response....It just seems Mr. Spun decided to spin off a new thread. Seems like a shitty thing to do: repost instead of respond. Hoff has some good points. Maybe you should read them...

...Back to lurking

-- newlurker (, May 13, 1999.

Mickeymouse spun all night -

I love it! check this out, you said "once a liar, always in doubt" along with much other prattle.
how do you account for the failed predictions of the past few months. Yourdon claimed "we will see come April 1..." North said the Euro would fail. Hamasaki said we would see the JAE by now. The list goes on. Using your own scale, this means NONE of these "experts" can ever be trusted again.

"A lie is, a cover-up,is a lie,is deceit, is a lie,is a fib, is a lie, is a fabrication,
is a lie, is to palter, is a lie, is to equivicate, is a lie, is to prevaricate, is a
lie are you still with me..."
You said it! Now, make sure you apply this with an even standard not the double one which exists on this NG.

Again, why no proof when people make the assertion "the grid will go down". Or "fire trucks won't start". Or the Caddy hoax. AND many, many more. Better yet, why are individuals allowed to prognosticate outside their expertise?

I have not heard one of these people preparing here say "I know, without
doubt what is going to happen"
. You haven't? allow me:


Stay tuned. Next year, some things just won't be able to keep a lid on
'em. -- Diane J. Squire

I won't help manually in the jit
problems after rollover, I didn't create them. -- R wright

"Unfortunately, this pathetic behavior will bring a lot of misery and death to
newbies who might seize on his mindless propaganda as an excuse not
to prepare."  AND

My only solace is that a large number of these "don't prepare" shills are going
to be flushed out and taken down like the sick animals they are, come Y2k.
I'm not joking or exaggerating-- Prepared

The US is 700,000 programmers short at this point
in time and what do we read every day??? -- Andy (that one is more of an outright lie)

It is a technical, then business problem, until the businesses go bankrupt
because they thought/acted like the above ridiculer. After all the
businesses faltering and the economy affected for the worse, then the
problem is more obviously a social unrest problem. -- Leska

It is not getting done, It never HAD a chance to get
done. And it will NOT be done in time to avert a calamity. -- Paul Milne

a, that would be the big crunch. Inverse of big bang. Which is gonna
happen. -- Lisa

This names just a few. Is there anyone as ignorant as you on this forum?

-- Nivek (cisumsexim@ten.tta.tendlruow), May 15, 1999.

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