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The Dept of Commerce has produced and released a video about Y2K.

(description from the site: ):

Broadcast Video (57 Minutes)

The 57-minute broadcast quality video has been developed for U.S. Public TV Stations. This informative, educational program is designed to present the public with a balanced view of the Y2K problem, and to promote remediation and contingency planning, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

You can order the video and/or CD-ROM help kit (its free!) from: 1-800-Y2K-7557

The description of the CD-ROM kit is at:

I have the CDROM but have not seen it yet (I use a Mac, its "Windoze only", what a surprise!)

I also have a pre-release version of the 57 minute video. (VHS only, those of you with Betamax are out of luck)

I expected it to be pablum, I was rather surprised.

They have a real point/counterpoint thang going on.

There is NO standard boilerplate about what the Y2K "bug" is. I kept waiting for it and it never appeared.

The only real bad part is RAILROADS. The person in charge simply says that everything is "event driven" and then they show a train approaching the crossing as the gates go down.....(what about all those boxcars with barcodes on them, and the computers that activate the switches that are located in Atlanta or Florida or wherever...nothing)

It's a free video, order it and write up a review and post it here.

It may not ever get on PBS

-- PLONK! (, May 11, 1999



Thanks for the info.

-- Kevin (, May 12, 1999.

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