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"SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Computer Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL - news) said its estimate of its total external spending associated with Year 2000 issues has increased to $13.2 million compared with $4 million previously, due to increased costs.

Apple said in its 10Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it has so far incurred $6.4 million in incremental external spending, associated with Year 2000 issues, through March 27, 1999.

It now estimates that it will spend an additional $6.8 million, primarily as a result of increased costs, to address Y2K compliance of certain Apple branded products.

``This estimate does not include the costs that could be incurred by the company if one or more of its significant third party vendors fails to achieve Y2K compliance,'' Apple said in its filing. As its Y2K plan unfolds, Apple also said the actual future incremental external spending may prove higher."

-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 11, 1999


Arlin, sink my evening  ;^(
" ... to address Y2K compliance of certain Apple branded products."

uh-oh, thought they were immmune ... back to Web site. { Bummer.}
Hey, of all companies, what are *they* doing lagging behind and squeaking under/on/over the wire?

After superbowl 'Hal' etc. Shame shame! Hhhhmmmmpppphhhfffff!

Y2K seems to have infected everybody with lame-brain strain.

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

-- Leska (, May 12, 1999.

and asking for SO much more money SO late in the game......karen

-- karen (karen@karen.karen), May 12, 1999.

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-- Diane J. Squire (, May 12, 1999.

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