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How many of you would go to work for a company that demanded this?

-- OR (, May 11, 1999


No way, no how, no matter how hungry I was!

-- winna (??@??.com), May 11, 1999.

Not exactly the same, but the HMO I used to work for in California (Kaiser), tested an employee ID with a chip. Nurses were tracked as to time in rooms, at the nursing station, breaks bathroom etc etc. They felt like tagged Moose in a research project.....

-- kozak (kozak@formerusaf.guv), May 11, 1999.

Did y'all read the last sentence?

Warwick..."believes that submitting to an implant could be made a condition, for example, of being granted a gun license."


-- Sharon (, May 11, 1999.

There's a public school teacher somewhere who just won an appeal after being fired for refusing to wear an ID that had a barcode on it. I will see if I can find a reference to this story and post it.

-- Wallflower (, May 11, 1999.

This has been a long-dreaded but well worn topic of mine.

Being a Christian, I have long wondered about the "mark of the Beast". With out limited mindset of 30 years ago, it simply implied "tatoo" or some other permanent mark.

Now, with biochip implants, the TRUE realisation of the mark of the Beast is clear.

Biochip implants have been in the works for many years already. The concept has been thoroughly embraced by government and big business cronies alike.

If there is ANY possiblility of conducting a NWO, which would involve trade, employment, social services, and the like, a system of tracking people would be imperative - such as the biochip would provide.

You would no longer have various pieces of plastic in your pocketbook for driving, ID, credit, insurance, Social Security ID, shopping discount cards, memberships, etc. They would scan your wrist or "forearm". No mistake. Unless you've had an arm transplant, the company or government office would know it was you. They would also know how much money you make, what you buy, where you buy it, how many times you go to the bar, where you go to the doctor, etc.

Fun, isn't it? [sarcasm intended] When one of the first companies to start on the development of such a tracking device announced the product, their stock went up 38% that day. That was a few years ago.

Why this is so significant now is that with the impending and possible collapse of economic structure as we know it, what better way to usher in a system that would be totally shunned if introduced to people under present day conditions?

Welcome to Y2K.

Mr. K
***is one of the Christians that would die without a chip***

-- Mr. Kennedy (, May 11, 1999.

I did forget to mention:

Government and big business embrace this concept wholeheartedly and will try to sell the public on the necessity of the implant system to: Protect the children
Stop theft of personal accounts
Stop fraud (which of course, costs us honest people billions, they will emphasize)
Be faster and more efficient with our money accounts: i.e. - work pay, direct draft for ALL purchases, social benefits
Of course, the benefits to US would be so good that we shouldn't have any worry about this - it will be SO good for us - we can stop worrying about fraud, theft, medical records, etc, etc, etc.

The spin from the government on this will be fantastic. Lesser educated people will accept it as the new way to do business. Kids brought up in this "information age" will see it as a more efficient method of existance (anything is better than the way mom and dad used to do it....the old, stupid fogies). Other people will accept it out of fear because we won't be able to get a job, have a bank account, get medical help or social services, or buy food from the store if we don't have "The Chip".

Now, that sure does sound like the Mark of the Beast to me, since you wouldn't be able to buy or sell without it. It fits too perfectly with NWO. And the timing is just too right.

I know, I know, unbelievers and pollys will be jumping in my chitterlings about "speculation". Sorry. This has been written for thousands of years. Read Revelations.

Mr. K

-- Mr. Kennedy (, May 11, 1999.

That's an interesting view, mr K. Time to dust off the Bible. :-)
thank you for taking the time to go over the concept and possiblities. Kathy A

-- kathyA (kathy@reading.thebook), May 11, 1999.

Interesting discussion. IMO I don't think we will see a implanted chip becoming mandatory for commerce in the next hundred years, if at all. No matter what the circumstances, getting the majority of Christian people to do this would be well-nigh impossible, and they make up a sizeable fraction of the world's population. While most are pacifist in their beliefs, some are not - Christianity was a never a pacifist religion, anyway, at its core. Look for much blood to flow if such a thing as forced implantation is ever tried.

-- . (.@...), May 11, 1999.

Mr. K. and others. True, it says they will not " able to buy or sell , unless they take the name or the number of the beast. AND THE NUMBER SHALL BE 999 ." While discussing this very topic with a banking officer, whom I was dating in 1981, she was suprised that I had not heard of the giant computer in Brussels (?) that is responsible for moving money throughout the world for governments, banks and business. She said the numbers chosen to preced ALL accounts (and following ?) were 999 ! She also informed me that this computer complex had been nicknamed " THE BEAST ". Pleasant dreams , all ! Eagle

-- H. Walker (, May 11, 1999.

Here is the article about the school teacher. >===================================================================== = >SCAN THIS NEWS >5/9/99 > >-----Original Message----- >From: phillip hudok > > >Elkins Inter-Mountain, Elkins, W.Va. Saturday, May 8, 1999 > >Administrative Judge: >EHS Teacher Must be Reinstated to Position > >By Judith Stutler >Staff Writer > >An Administrative law judge ruled Thursday that Elkins High School teacher >Phil Hudoks civil rights were violated when he was fired for refusing to >enforce a school policy because of religious beliefs. > >The Randolph County Board of Education was also ordered to reinstate and >give full back pay and benefits to Hudok, who was suspended on Jan. 22 and >fired by the board on Feb. 4. > >The board of education will meet Monday to discuss whether to appeal the >case, according ro Randolph County Schools Superintendent Glen Karlen. > >The appeal was filed through the West Virginia State Employees and Education >Grievance Board by Hudok, who was fired for insubordination and willful >neglect of duty. > >Hudok refused to enforce EHS policy requiring students to wear a photo >identification card containing a bar code and claimed the bar code was >likened to the mark of the beast referenced in the book of Revelation in >the Bible. > >In his ruling, Administrative Law Judge Lewis Brewer of Charleston also >ordered the school system to expunge from Hudoks personnel files any record >of the teachers suspension and termination. > >On Friday Hudok said he read the order, it brought a smile to my face. I  >m pleased with his (Brewers ) decision,  Hudok said. I do know this >order, even if it is appealed will stand and they will have to reinstate my >position. > >Hudok, whose case has been supported by the Rutherford Institute, a >Christian-based organization similar to the American Civil Liberties Union, >said he will confer with his attorney, Frank Bush, and the school system to >see what we do next. > >Karlen said although the ruling was in Hudoks favor, we have the right to >appeal it. He said the board, which is scheduled to meet at 5:00 p.m. >Monday for a student hearing, will also discuss in executive session the >administrative law judges ruling. > >We need to find out what the board wants to do, Karlen said. > >Brewer said in his ruling that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 >prohibits an employer from discharging or otherwise discriminating against >an employee on the basis of religion. The statute defines religion to >include all aspects of religious observance and practice, as well as >belief, Brewer said in his ruling. > >The statute places an affirmative duty of employers to reasonably >accommodate the religious observances and practices of its employees, unless >the employer can demonstrate that such an accommodation would cause undue >hardship on the conduct of its business. > >The document said the board of education made no effort to accommodate the >grievants (Hudoks) religious objections to enforcing the identification >badge policy and did not establish that any reasonable accommodation of the >grievants refusal to enforce the policy would create more than a de minimus >hardship on its operation of Elkins High School. > >School system officials said identification cards, recommended by the county >s Safe Schools Coalition and implemented in November 1998, would help with >school security and the bar codes were used for tracking payment for meals >at the school. > >On Jan. 4, Hudok agreed to wear a tag minus a bar code but continued to >maintain that for religious reasons he would not make students wear their >identification tags. > ------------------------------------- ====================================================================== = >Don't believe anything you read on the Net unless: >1) you can confirm it with another source, and/or >2) it is consistent with what you already know to be true. >===================================================================== == >Reply to: >===================================================================== == > To subscribe to the free Scan This News newsletter, send a message to > and type "subscribe scan" in the BODY.

-- Wallflower (, May 11, 1999.

(ummmm....that would be 666). ;-) Mr. K

-- Mr. Kennedy (Mr.K@home.tonigt), May 11, 1999.

H. Walker -- I thought it was "666", not "999". Are you sure didn't read it wrong when you were doing a "69" on that bank officer? :)

-- A (, May 12, 1999.

This is just my opinion ....... but I think that we as "christians" are already so close to a one world goverment, a one world numbering system, a one world trade (money) system, that we dont even know it. If someone that died 100 yrs ago came back today, dont you think they would think we had already gone into a cassless economy? I also agree with Mr K. in the thought that Y2k will bring many changes to the public as "good and needed" that to the christians will not be good or needed. But to refuse this system would be to declare yourself as a non-follower, a right wing nut, a christian. I believe many christians will take the mark. Not knowing what they are doing.... but doesnt the bible say "let them that have understanding count the number of the east; for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore (3x20) and six" Rev13:18. UNDERSTANDING, that says it all. If we truely understood we would not have put ourselves in this situation.

What I am truely most conserened with now is, not not having enough food and water for a 3 day bump in the road, but rather the economy taking a slow/not so slow down turn and Y2k pushing us over the edge making it seem that we need a new world order to "rescue" us. To save us from ourselves. I am trying to plan ahead.... not for 3 days but what do I need in order to be able to survive with out the mark. For Christians that believe the bible is true and that what God said will happen, will happen, then we believe a one world goverment will come to us someday. I think the time is soon. I truely wish it wasnt. I am not one of the people wishing the world as we know it, would come to an end. I want my kids have a fun childhood and grow up, fall in love, marry, have a happy life with thier new family (like I have).

A friend of mine at church said something to me the other day that really made me think. She said,"the bible says that in the end times the christians will be praying 'come quickly Lord Jesus'" She said" We are not praying that now, we are praying for prosperity and health. What is going to happen in the future that so changes how we live and think, what is going to make us say Lord take us out of this situation?" I think it must be pretty bad. As for myself, I am repenting. I am sorry that I have gotten tangled up in this world of making money. We all have needs, food, shelter, clothes.... but I personaly have worked too hard to buy toys..... a bigger home, a nicer car, a faster computer. Took time away from my children, time they need, to make money. I have been a stay at home mother for the last 7 yrs but I also work out of my home, and I am very busy, too busy. I repent of this. Maybe I am "bugging out" maybe not, I dont know, but I know what is right for me and my kids. I think they would be better off with more time with me than the latest computer game.

I know I am WAY off topic, but this is just the ranting of a mother in need of adult conversation.


-- Bulldog (, May 12, 1999.

There have been numerous calls for "iris" identification to prevent credit card fraud. This is patently ridiculous, of course, since anybody and his dog can get a credit card, and just by knowing someone else's social security number, you can get a credit card in their name!

In John's vision, he wrote what he saw, not what someone toldhim. If he were given a glimpse into the future, seeing us using credit cards, and having an ID Machine that pressed against our brow to read our iris would indeed look like "a mark IN the right hand or IN the brow, and without the mark you could neither buy nor sell."

Read more about this at:

-- Alice Richmond (, May 12, 1999.

What I am truely most conserened with now is, not not having enough food and water for a 3 day bump in the road, but rather the economy taking a slow/not so slow down turn and Y2k pushing us over the edge making it seem that we need a new world order to "rescue" us. To save us from ourselves. I am trying to plan ahead.... not for 3 days but what do I need in order to be able to survive with out the mark.

This is exactly what I mean also. We are building our resources to become totally self sufficient. If one cannot buy goods or services, bye-bye electricity as well.

Mrs. K commented that she knew exactly how you felt. She too feels guilty about spending so much time and being "busy" when the kids would rather have HER instead of "whatever" toy or game (she also runs her own consulting company from our offices behind our residence).

She has all but cut her client list in half, and is not actively persuing new clients as she used to. She is trying out recipies from scratch and gardening.

Now, I am letting Mrs. K read this before posting, so don't think she doesn't know I'm writing this, but this change over the past year has been a true blessing. I've seen the kids go from being afraid to "interrupt" her to having her accessible most of the time. It has made such a trememdous difference in THEIR lives! God truly does move in mysterious ways. We have become a closer family by far and the children (3 of them age 7, 7, and 9)are more obedient, study the bible with us more, and seem joyous. They feel the love and appreciation that my wife and I woke up to!

It was there all the time, but we too were running the financial rat race. Our focus has been readjusted to where it should have been all the time. On God and doing his work on earth. We volunteer more for church, do more projects, try to help more, and even gave a Y2K presentation in March for the church members.

It's okay to change. God forgives us and lets us move closer to him again with open arms. He is happy that we let go of the trappings and snares laid for us, and come back to Him!!!

Good luck with all you do, and we'll be praying for the well-being of everyone.

Mr. K
***does pray for the coming of Jesus already, and would rejoice!***

PS - Back to the NWO for a second, it is not a coincidence that there are already 19 world organizations in place - such as the World Banking Organzation, IMF (International Monetary Fund), and so on. These world organizations are already functioning, and would be ready to administer world trade and world structure (a collective government) at a moments notice. The "chip" would be the easiest way to track all of us New World Residents, with the integration of every known tracking, financial, and license needed for us to be good New World Citizens imbedded on one, concise, fraud resistant chip.

-- Mr. Kennedy (, May 12, 1999.

Mr. Kennedy,

The Beast is the economy and you cannot buy or sell without a code, a note, or some form of "Legal" transaction.

The Beast via DMV sent me a Parking/Toll Violation supposedly issued in Oakland, Ca, 8/9/98. I do not go to Oakland period. Anyway, point is everyone possible is coded, marked, spindled and mutilated.

Surveilance cameras on Freeways, at the new mall in San Mateo, Traffic cameras, etc, etc.

It is already here. Time to become aware. We are just used to the crap the CONTROLLERS shove down our throats. Time for the Beast to Die.

-- freeman (, May 12, 1999.

Watching TV the other evening some financial institution put on a commercial..."You have a life, we allow you to live it." Well thank you financial buttheads for allowing us to live our lives.

Down with the Beast!

-- freeman (, May 12, 1999.

To the Christians: you might care to ponder whose side God is on in any civil liberties debate.

Because we are born with (at least) two unique IDs: our fingerprints and our retinal patterns. The technology to read these already exists; the technology to do so routinely and reliably won't be long coming. Neither can be removed short of gross mutilation, let alone substituted (something that isn't true of a biochip). So why would big brother need biochips?

-- Nigel Arnot (, May 12, 1999.

Fingerprinting can be erroneous on people with workhardened hands. They are also having some difficulty with Iris identification. The bible states a some type of identification in the hand or the forehead. If one doesn't have a hand or they are blind it could cause some problems. Most everyone I know has a forehead..... is 666

-- Moore Dinty moore (, May 12, 1999.

Dinty, I laughed so hard I almost fell off the chair ;-D

If one doesn't have a hand or they are blind it could cause some problems. Most everyone I know has a forehead.....

-- Nigel, I see your good point. I think that the reason they are going for "the chip" is because it is compatible with scanners already in place in most corporate and business locations. To equip all of the places with optical or fingerprint readers would be "too expensive" for big brother to choke down, not to mention the tremendous database of individual retinal or fingerprint scans that would have to be developed. Chips and numbers could be randomly assigned in seconds after implantation in a more automated system (faster, easier for the administrations-that-be), to follow the people all the days of their lives.

This has been an interesting exchange and is appreciated.

Mr. K

-- Mr. Kennedy (, May 12, 1999.

Nigel Arnot commented: "Because we are born with (at least) two unique IDs: our fingerprints and our retinal patterns. The technology to read these already exists; the technology to do so routinely and reliably won't be long coming. Neither can be removed short of gross mutilation, let alone substituted (something that isn't true of a biochip). So why would big brother need biochips?"

Very simple. The retinal scans and fingerprinting can identify but they cannot locate, monitor and be programmed.

Oh, I can see the reader's eyes opening very widely now.

-- OR (, May 12, 1999.

I think the marks of the beast are those damned cellular phones. Just as effective as chips, anyway. Think about it: if "wired" was disposed of, leaving only "wireless", you would have the equivalent of collars on everybody over 18 in the country.

I can see the eyes of the reader blink, as they nod off........

-- get (, May 12, 1999.


Really, Really, goood point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!One can't add anymore to it!!!!

-- Moore Dinty moore (, May 12, 1999.

I'd bet that y2kpro/norm will be the first in line for this. Seriously though, I've heard that Clinton has one of these chips, and I REMEMBER MY UNCLE TALKING ABOUT THE TIME THAT MACVEIGH was captured. He was asked why he had bombed the Federal Building. His response? I quote "I HAD TO DO IT, THE GOVERNMENT PUT A CHIP IN MY HEAD!!!!!!! WOW! I didn't see it, but I belive the story!! THESE Chips are already out, but the NWO builders know that the people won't accept it yet. They need a disaster to use as a catalyst for their EVIL PLAN. Y2K fits in nicely with their plans, wouldn't you say?!? *Sigh*

-- Crono (, May 13, 1999.

McVeigh is just insane. He doesn't really have a chip in his forehead. OTOH, Bill Clinton might. Maybe Hillary put it there to track him.

-- Wallflower (, May 13, 1999.


The idea that America (or any country) values individuality as the highest ideal is a myth. Perhaps in simpler times it was true, but no modern industrial society can really afford a population of unpredictables. This is not surprising - the long history of our cult's persecution by the Conspiracy goes back for generations untold, and indeed there are signs of their hoary repression of prehuman SubGenii dating from before "man's" appearance on Earth. All of civilization's painful and misguided climb up from the primeval slime, and its subsequent loss of Slack and of any class at all, has been indelibly marked, nay, entirely motivated, by the aeons-bridging conflict between the Conspiracy's mindlessly chickenshit Witless Principals and the Jehovah-spawned, grandiose depravity of the superior yet ethnically all-encompassing race of latent SubGeniuses. (You should know this - you were/will be there in the Beforelife!) The fact that only in recent years has "our kind" begun to recognize our own sovereignty demonstrates both how vicious have been Their efforts at further denying us Slack and yet how near is our race to TRIUMPH. All this is ULTIMATE PROOF that Jehovah 1 has not only promoted the SubGenius as His Special Tool, but has simultaneously pulled the strings which make Them endarken Themselves with their hereditary ignorancy and us with their cubistic witch-hunt superstitions. His "reason" for this two-faced obedience-school programming, this fissioning of history into binary "war equations," unfortunately, or, perhaps, thankfully, remains a total mystery. no slopeheads alone could build, the miracles of the Old Testament, all these and more are events so inextricably interwoven with the invisible background war between Jehovah and the Xists that all the "Ancient Astronaut" fossils in the world furnish only the barest of clues. (The movie rights ALONE to these gut-splitting tales of reincarnancient history are worth millions!) Yea, it has even been suggested that the Carpenter of Nazareth himself, God Jr., Jesus 'What, Me Worry?' Christ, was in actuality a 'space detective' of the Xists, walking the Earth in human form with the mission of extricating us from the Monster God's grip. The black shadow of the Conspiracy, unfortunately, has seen to it that even His teachings were diluted and distorted until human attempts to follow them were fully as misguided as the carving of the heads of Easter Island or the 'runways' of Nazca. And so the true destiny of the SubGenius has been kept secret from Man. For Jehovah 1 is to the Xists and Us what a hungry fisherman is to a prize fish and his favorite pet worm - the last in the can. How many million other races were used before us in these ghastly galactic water-sports?


-- J.R."BoBDobbs ("bob", May 13, 1999.

Hey, billyBob......speak english. Don't have any idea what you are trying to spew forth. Maybe that's good. karen

-- karen (karen@karen.karen), May 14, 1999.

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