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Sorry, couldn't cut and paste. Interesting story. Ian Hugo smells something fishy. So do I.

-- regular (zzz@z.z), May 11, 1999



I'm having trouble with copy and paste too. The problem I've had today is that I can't go from the "post a reply" page and box to an article and then return again to the reply box. Anyone else having this problem?

Here's text from the link you posted:


Channel Tunnel to close for Y2K

The Channel Tunnel is to shut on News Year's Eve because of millennium bug fears.

From 8:00pm on 31 December to 4:00am the following morning, no passengers or freight will go down the tunnel. Instead, test trains will be used, with full safety crews standing by.

Eurotunnel told "The problem is to do with the interface between our systems and those of the National Grid and the equivalent in France."

But Ian Hugo, assistant director of Taskforce 2000, was not convinced. "This smells of something to me I think there is something they are not saying," he claimed.

Hugo suggested a possible problem with the safety system could be the real reason for the closure. He added that while research group, Gartner, considers France to be in tier two of a four point readiness scale, he believes the country should be in tier three because "they have been a bit dozy".


-- Kevin (, May 11, 1999.

Maybe they have gotten wind of some terrorist attack. Who know?. Total or partial distruction certainly would screw up a lot of things, BIG TIME!!

Its a good time to stay close to home, out of airports and other public transit, gov't bldgs, high bridges and low tunnels. Those watching the ball drop in Manhatten might find they are on an inaccessible island come midnite. I think the opportunity of terrorism scares me the most. There is no way for me to prepare for it, other than stay home in my forest.


-- Taz (Tassie, May 11, 1999.

This is prudent. The Chunnel is an incredible technological achievement - no sense in taking chances though.

Sure would be nice to have Blair & BJ Clinton down there on New Year's Evil, though. That way, if the Chunnel did flood, some good would come of it!

-- Anonymous99 (, May 11, 1999.

" I can't go from the "post a reply" page and box to an article and then return again to the reply box."

Open the reply box.

Then in MSIE 3.0 click on [File][New Window]. In Netscape 4.5 click on [File][New][Navigator Window]. Use the new browser window to pull up the article you want to refer to. Switch back and forth between the two windows as needed.

-- Tom Carey (, May 11, 1999.


Thank you for the tip.

-- Kevin (, May 11, 1999.

dejager says france is behind the 8-ball on y2k. the british probably believe the same thing. and the french probably think the british will be the ones who are screwed up on new year's eve. a little mutual international suspicion will close down any tunnel. look for more of these kinds of stories.

-- jocelyne slough (, May 11, 1999.

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