Y2K or war with China? Preps still the same and so many DGI!

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Y2KNEWSWIRE has an article today about possible war with China. Makes the need for immediate preps much more necessary. And people still DON'T understand!


-- winna (??@??.com), May 11, 1999


Granted the degree of tension between China & US is not desirable. But it seems that y2knewswire is stressing the profit angle....

"Plus, get inside informatin reserved exclusive for our members (such as insight on the new conflict with China)..."

Regardless of the current situation one should have emergency supplies in hand for any possible disaster.

-- jneumann (jneumann@excite.com), May 11, 1999.

And what does Y2KNewswire have to gain from spreading war fears? Y2KNewswire clamps onto every single problem to make money off of it.

Are they still selling those gun locks that they made available just after the Columbine shooting? Coincience that they were offered at that time?

-- Pat (BAMECW@aol.com), May 11, 1999.

Regardless of Y2Knewswire's angle or the profit they make from whatever, the problem is still there and much more imminent than Y2K. IF there is war this year, then even more people will be unprepared. There are too many who are planning to get things done this summer and fall. Even GIs may be too late if they don't have it in their storage already. Nothing like moving the clock up a few months to add to the potential chaos.

-- winna (??@??.com), May 11, 1999.

USA & China are posturing over Taiwan mostly. Also, there is minor posturing over future UN talks related to the NATO attack on Kosovo. As long as the USA can leave China alone over Taiwan, not to worry.

If, however, we pull our "same old shit" (what, me mad?!) and interfere, it may get ugly.

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous99.xxx), May 11, 1999.


Compares China and Taiwan military forces.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 11, 1999.

The US may be posturing over Taiwan, but China most certainly is not. The Chinese consider Taiwan to be a legitimate but wayward province, and have every intention of making it part of the PDR. That they have done nothing overt up to this time proves nothing, except that they are patient.

-- . (.@...), May 11, 1999.

China is just "saber ratteling" to save face with the rest of the world. Nothing to worrie about! We buy more products from China then any other country. No way are they going to bite the hand that feeds them! Most products sold in stores have a "made in China" tag on them!

China and Russia are not going to attack us, because without our handouts they are doomed! They cannot even grow enough food to feed themselves! All their saber ratteling is just what it is...just saber ratteling! Nothing to worrie about!

-- freddie (freddie@thefreeloader.com), May 12, 1999.

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