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As those who were hanging out at this forum over the weekend know, Ed Yourdon has been asked to appear as a witness, and submit testimony, to the Senate Y2K Committee co-chaired by Senator Bennett and Senator Dodd -- specifically on the subject of Y2K personal preparedness and community preparedness. The tentative date for the hearing is Tuesday morning, May 25th; on the same day, Ed says it appears that there will also be a panel of witnesses offering testimony (suggestions) on the media's role in personal and community preparedness.

Ed has asked for input at the following thread:

However, it might also be helpful if all of us were to contact C-Span and request that cameras be assigned to this hearing. I, for one, would like to see and/or tape it.

If you'd like to send C-Span such a request, you can do so at

Also the URL for C-Span is


P.S. I noticed that neither Drew Parkhill nor Scott Johnson provided input into the "suggestions" thread. Hopefully, they will either do so or email Ed privately. Given how long he's been covering Y2K issues, I think Drew might be able to contribute some significant suggestions. (Wonder if he's been invited to participate in the media panel?)

-- FM (, May 10, 1999


One other item: I assume since the date of the above hearing is tentative, that would explain why the official hearing notice has not yet been posted.

If you want to frequently check on this, one URL is:

There may be others. And--I assume--Yourdon will also keep us posted.


-- FM (, May 10, 1999.

Hotlink to Eds Senate Testimony Help request ... 000o2K

Thanks. Sent an events e request FM.

Also watch ... C-SPAN Guide to Programs ...

Schedule -- Only this weeks listing ...

Programming on C-SPAN


Programming on C-SPAN 2


-- Diane J. Squire (, May 10, 1999.

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