Executive Order 13010

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Executive order 13010


Just being helpful.

-- no names (ever_ag@in.com), May 09, 1999


Here's another one worth reading:

EO 12938


-- Ray (ray@totacc.com), May 09, 1999.

Surprise... Suprise... !!!

EO 12938 !!! How many Americans actually know that we've been living under a declared state of emergency since 1994 ???

Forget that, we've been under a declared state of emergency since 1939 and such a declaration nullifies our inherent constitutional rights. Too bad Mr. Jefferson, everything you warned us about has come to pass.

The events of the next few years will no doubt obliterate the constitution once and for all. As @@@@ pointed out a few threads ago... the NWO will control our destiny.

Most Americans won't even realize what they have lost !
Give me Liberty... ???

-- WebRNot (webrnot@ncap13k.com), May 09, 1999.

"Give me Liberty... ???"

OR give me Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and "Wellfare" (and keep the Liberty).

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous99.xxx), May 09, 1999.

WebRNot - no, sorry, while a declaration of martial law may suspend some constitutional rights (though not do away with them) *that* is not what is currently going on. There is a declared state of emergency which has *no* functional effect on individual constitutional rights. No martial law, no suspension of rights.

different animal all together.


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), May 09, 1999.

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-- Joseph Almond (sa2000@webtv.net), May 10, 1999.

To get "The Y2K 100 Scarcity List" (Items to Disappear First in the Panic of 1999)

Send $3.20 in postage (Priority Mail Stamp) and you'll be sent FREE, 100 copies to pass out to your circle of influence. This List is vital. Includes powerful quotes on Y2K. Available FREE. You just pay postage! (11X 17)

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Also at that site, read "Y2K IS DEADLY" a speech by the creator of the Scarcity List.

-- Joseph Almond (sa2000@webtv.net), May 10, 1999.

My name is Joseph Almond. Age 45.

Truck Driver for Kuperus Trucking in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Married, father of a boy, Joseph Fielding and five beautiful girls. (They all are 25 (Joey) on down to 16 years old. Great kids, all)Excuse me, but we truckers like to gab about these things... I haven't driven since early February, as I took a leave of absence to do full time Y2K Community Prep meetings and research & "in-our-home" preparations. I drove the Northeast States of America, hauling foods, new office furniture (Meridian) and lots of insulation materials. On my last run before I dove into Y2K, I was sent to New Jersey and due to the awful way the place was run, (union) I was laid overnight till I could be unloaded the next morning. I was told that I could park the tractor-trailer inside a secure compound with high fencing and razorwire, just up the street. "Tell the guard Mike sent ya." The fellow told me NOT to park on the street, as it was unsafe. (As if I didn't know...) I pulled into the place, swung around and was visited by the guard, who was a little agitated that I hadn't stopped, walked to his shack first, then proceeded to park. The reason I didn't was because it was a 53' trailer and a cop was coming up the street a block away. I didn't want to block him. Well, I made peace with the guard easy enough, but he did tell me to walk straight to the street. "You can't go inside. This is a restricted area." (That was the same thing Mike had mentioned.) I didn't think much of it. Walked to a bus stop, headed to Manhattan, as I always do when near the Big Apple. (The Thai food in Greenwich Village is outta this world...) Moseyed about for 5 hours, you know, the Village, the Subway, Times Square, Central Park.) Went back to the truck around 2:AM, to get some sleep before the unload.It was snowing pretty hard, sideways almost. I was a little spooked, walking the dark streets, all those warnings. Got to the place and walked right in, toward the truck, as the fence was open to let cars in and out(shift change or lunch break?) I couldn't see into the guard house, because the windows were snowed over and fogged up. It was quite a storm. Made headlines. I just went to the truck because I was cold and tired and the snow was blowing very cold. In the cab, brrrr...got cozy, read just a little, (NY TIMES) then, for some reason I got curious as I laid there, about to doze off. I began to remember what Mike said. And what the guard said. And that the door the employees went into was locked snug with every entrance. (They swiped a card to get in.) I got up and peeked. STARED for a few minutes. (Truckers are notorious for watching. That's all we do, 12-15 hours a day. Ooops, I mean 10 hours a day, feds may be snooping here. ALL truck drivers obey all regs and hours of service: It's the Law.) Anyway, I decided I could get into the mysterious building just by acting like I belonged there, and following in someone's tail I did. Piece 'o cake. I just said to a guy going in, "You know where the bathroom is? I'm with the truck." He pointed the way. Note: In Martial Law, act totally relaxed, bored, low energy, whenever you're doing what you shouldn't. Once inside, I went to the men's room. Filthy place. Huge operation.

* * *

(continued tomorrow morning.)

Joseph Ok Big Joey carry on! Whitestone

Joseph Almond Member posted May 11, 1999 06:44 AM

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I have been asked by Dave, the moderator, to cut to the chase, to spit it out. Very well, I will.

I as inside the building for less than 6 minutes. Half of the time was spent dodging as others intermittently came and went.

In the other few minutes, in bits and pieces, I saw that modules, panels were being built. They were interlocking. They were like sophisticated Leggo-type units which could be quickly assembled in various configurations. They had no window openings. They were just wall panels. (8" thick, sandwich of metalskin, insulation, plastic skin.)

Their construction was of a stainless steel type of material, possibly brushed and polished alloy, (it was probably not actually stainless steel) on one side.

The other side was a composite material. A sort of thick plastic, the color, if it could have a name, might be "soul-less wrap." It was about 1/4 inch thick.

It was greyish brown.

I thought as I looked at the stacks of it, that it was probably the outside, (the weather-side) of a wall. The polished metal side seemed to be the inside surface of a containment room or cell.

Prisons are overcrowded here in America.

My thought was that these were probably cubicals (modular) which could very rapidly be assembled, yet would more than suffice to successfully hold people, not allowing any escape.

I marvelled that humans would willingly construct such devices for fellow humans, in exchange for money. It made me feel deeply sad.

That there weren't windows or doors built into any of the stacks I saw was not significant to me, at the time. I figured there were other designed panels elsewhere to serve those added functions.

I do remember that I imagined what it would be like to be in one of those "units" (as I'm sure they must be called), and it made me nearly nauseous.

That is when I remember thinking, "They're probably for solitary confinement or temporary punishment. Torture without torturer."

I got the eebie-jeebs.

The movie "Cool Hand Luke" was on my mind as I left the building.

I would admonish all to again see that movie, and any other film that portays man's ihumanity to man. We must recognize that cruelty is alive and well, though lurking, within nearly all.

We are to overcome it. That was the main message of Christ. To love instead of reacting "naturally" or instinctively, toward our fellowman. To obey Gods will, not man's directive.

It felt good to again be out of doors, to inhale the cold air, to feel the biting wind.

My final thought as I got back into the chilled truck cab was, "I am so thankful that I am free."

So profound was the impression upon me by this purloined visitation, that I committed to writing down all that I could recall, of the startling things I witnessed and the senses I had felt.

I knew that what had occurred was that I'd seen a glimpse of something. I felt that it was mysterious, and of the future. I could not explain it then.

It was as though I were a child again, and that the vast Universe had to be groped patiently, one new detail at a time...

At the time, I did not connect it to Martial Law, Death Camps, etc., for I'd never once yet been exposed to any such things.

I did share it with a friend.

It was only after a visit from others, some conversations in private by men who were privy to other pieces of the puzzle, and the recent waves of postings, UN and "camp" pictures and of the ruthless bombing campaign in Yugoslavia by Bill Clinton and his obedient "units" that I have been forced to revisit that experience.

It was most likely just prison cells for overflow population.

I hope to never find out first-hand what those things really may have been.

Do prisons have temporary holding cells?

These wold appear to be inescapable. And most uncomfortable if not air conditioned. And easy to clean.

Let us pray that this Joseph is crazy.

That Bill Clinton is NOT really an enemy of these United States, That he has no designs to enslave us, with the help of Russia and China.

Let us pray that Mr. Clinton is a spiritual, caring man, who would never intentionally pollute the minds of our yout with sordid behaviour; that he never would purposely turn loving, protecting and nurturing mothers into supporters of evil.

Let us pray that our President is decent and fair, not murderous and devious.

All evidence to the contrary...even so, let us pray.


Please see PREDICTIONS in "Spiritual" which, if allowed, I will share with you later. http://www.michaelhyatt.com/discuss/ubb/Forum22/HTML/000132.html

-- Almond FruitKake (Almond@FruitKakes.com), May 11, 1999.

"It was most likely just prison cells for overflow population. "


It's equally likely that they were modular pieces for walk-in freezers.

-- more crap (@ .), May 11, 1999.

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