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From May 10 edition of 'Investor's Business Daily:' "TV's Blackout on China Spying: Big Three networks bypass blockbuster scandal."---"Communist China plays a central role in three of the most alarming scandals facing the Clinton administration: campaign finance fraud, satellite technology transfers and nuclear weapons espionage. Yet when Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji visited the White House early last month, TV newscasters passed on the story...Earlier in the week the Los Angeles Times dropped a bombshell: "The chief of China's military intelligence secretly directed funds from Beiging to help re-elect President Clinton in 1996." Network coverage of the scoop? Not a peep. The Big Three--ABC, CBS, and NBC--all blacked out the story on both their morning and evening news shows." (end quote) Spidey ruminates..."external crisis (Yugoslav war) to divert attention from President's treason and growing domestic concern, coupled with lots of happy-face pronunciamentos regarding Y2K...hmmmm. Any Clintonistas out there care to run flak?

-- Spidey (in@jam.commie), May 09, 1999


uh excuse me...amid these "allegations", we just bombed a Chinese emabasy and killed four diplomats...but somehow they're the bad guys?

-- a (a@a.a), May 09, 1999.

a, brudder, comhere, listen ya know how we treat our friends in the fedgov fam? You do me a few favors, get caught, leak heat in my life, you die, that's the way we do bustiness. Watch yer pockets and shuddup. Use dat head and see de pattern, follow the votes, follow the anger trail.

-- nero (leero@zero.mob), May 09, 1999.

Methinks the Chinese may have come to rue the day they elected him....


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 09, 1999.

LOL too true Chuck...

-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 09, 1999.

+Maybe not, How about if you get me elected I'll dismantle our military, get the remnants involves in a dozen peacekeeping operations spread out over the entire globe, give you nuclear weapons technology, then create an incident which will justify your taking Taiwan while our military is too strung out to retaliate?

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 09, 1999.

nikoli hit it on the head; he gave them the best excuse possible.

-- sarah (, May 09, 1999.

Clinton just wanted some take out delivered.

-- one order (pork@fried.rice), May 09, 1999.

I fail to see how this furthers the NWO.

If Clinton wanted to do anything he would have put the UN or NATO in a position to court favor with both Russia and China.

That is what makes sense.

Clinton is just a Pawn, if anything other than an Idiot. It discredits the whole Cuddy thesis.


-- Thomas G. Hale (, May 10, 1999.

Routers News Service.....Immediate Release.....May 10, 1999.....

Clinton Moves To Block Iomega Deal With Chinese PC Firm

President Clinton took swift today action to block a proposed deal between Iomega and China Founder Technological Computer Systems Ltd., a Chinese pc manufacturer. Iomega and CFTCS had struck a deal for Iomega to supply CFTCS with Zip drives for their line of personal computers. According to presidential spokesman Joe Lockhart the President has issued the following statement: "The Chinese have stolen missile technology, satellite technology and nuclear technology, all on my watch. Enough is enough. I'll be darned if I'm going to let them steal critical portable storage technology too."

Chinese Deputy Commissioner for International Commerce, Lu Trang Qui, expressed his dismay at Clinton's action. "This is the real reason our people are attacking the U.S. embassy in Beijing. We know the NATO bombing of our embassy in Belgrade was a mistake. Bad things happen in war. But, to deny us Zip drives is unforgivable."

Iomega had no official response to today's actions. However, an unofficial source at Iomega reportedly said not to worry. "If necessary we'll smuggle the Zip drives to China in boxes marked 'Top Secret Nuclear Technology'."

-- mb (, May 10, 1999.

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