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Seattle-based NPower debuted March 1 with a mission to help charitable organizations become more computer literate.

The group's first big project is a day of crash-course Y2K preparation, scheduled for May 22. NPower hopes to serve as many as 200 local nonprofits, helping them assess their Y2K readiness and teaching them how to recode any noncompliant systems. The group has gotten three programs donated that volunteers will be working with -- Express from WRQ, VeriDate from ClickNet, and Eon2000 from Double E Computer Systems. *snip* The group offers discounted computer consulting and training, with even lower rates for organizations who become members of NPower. Membership is on a sliding scale, ranging from $50 to $300, based on the size of a group's operating budget. *snip*

The issue of Y2K compliance has apparently been a low priority for many nonprofits, particularly smaller ones with few resources and limited in-house computer expertise. In a recent study of more than 550 nonprofits nationwide conducted by The NonProfit Times and Gifts in Kind International, 225 responded that they had yet to look into the matter. Only two had completed their Y2K system overhaul.

-- Cherri (, May 09, 1999


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Furthermore, BCBS (of) Michigan ( BCBSM )--"non-profit"--completed remediation of their mainframe systems in mid-1998! However, they're in the midst of upgrading nearly 10,000 ( internal ) PC/Laptop "seats" from DOS x.x and Windows 3.1 to NON-COMPLIANT MS Windows NT 4.x! < g >

BCBSM executives hit a face-to-face(!) "brick wall" in mid-1998 getting any ''hopeful'' Y2K info from Detroit Edison ( DTE ); no assurances, whatsoever for post-1999 power grid functionality! ( Ref. DTE SEC 10K Year 2000 statement. )

BCBSM muckity-mucks slammed into another "brick wall" in mid-1998 after realizing that they'll be in their "canoe" on so-called "Y2K river" with no "water" without ~20,000 Y2K-functional ( insurable?! ) participating doctors offices, clinics, hospitals, et al! Duh!! The obvious always seems to hit management like a bolt of lightning!

... My $0.02 ...

Regards, Bob Mangus ( ) * * *

-- Robert Mangus (, May 09, 1999.

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